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Some older anime themed valentine cards for you to share digitally or print out! I had so much fun making ones last year, I decided to do it again. (And this year I even remembered to post them BEFORE Valentine’s day! lol). Click on each image to view them full size to save, or download the full sheet to print them out all at once! Enjoy! 😘


So…I may have to rescan the Zeta article. Looking at them again, they weren’t flat as I was hoping, which is making some awkward looking scans as a result.

In the meantime, please accept these - an early article regarding Legend of the Galactic Heroes and an old reader-voted character poll. The result of which…actually kind of surprised me (good surprised, but I digress.)

ロケット団 団歌 [Team Rocket's Team Song]
ロケット団 団歌 [Team Rocket's Team Song]

Today, we are only defeated by chance
Tomorrow, the goddess of victory shall smile upon us
Look up, even those tears have dried
We’re not crying anymore, right?

Team Rocket, we’re all friends
It’s no good when we’re alone