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Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.


We’ve been given the green light to post our @hqseijouzine​ pieces and I’m excited to be able to finally show yall what I’ve been working on the past few months!

The first piece I did was honestly one of the most detailed fanarts I’ve ever done and I’m really really glad to be able to participate in this wonderful project and meet so many amazing artist who got online and drew together as well as inspire each other ;w; It was an amazing experience and the end products were all A+++ quality as well!!!! Of course, anyone is interested in getting a copy of the zine I think it will be open for orders again soon so keep a look out!

And once again, thank you everyone for the support!




I think it’s sad how people dislike Honoka because she’s a “bad leader”. Especially when they compare her to Chika. They’re both good leaders with different leadership styles - Honoka is the inspirational leader-type and Chika is the traditional leader-type. Why so much hate for Honoka?

so i finally got my hands on the eng version of the sixth novel and. i’ve literally seen no one mention this lmao so

this basically confirms that haruka reciprocates takane’s feelings but feels he’s unable to really acknowledge or act on the fact because he knows he’s going to die

harutaka is not one-sided


I wanna escape
Running away with you, dancing!
You’re my invisible accomplice, right?
Let’s keep this a secret forever, darling!
I won’t ask for too much.

I wanna escape,
So take me along with you, dancing!
It’ll be like we’re in a fairy tale.
Let’s stay side-by-side as long as we can, darling!
It’ll be a happy end if we’re together.