project verbaldeadwood

Into that little corner we go, you and I. And then we shall continue the journeys that we long to pursue and the stories that we long to unravel. We shall defy time and space and distance and pain and longing. In that little corner where we can share joys and solitudes and the unfurling sojourn in different times and spaces and distances and pains and longings, we shall curl and continue the journeys a page at a time. And in this little corner that is my life, I will wait for your return.

Chuck Palahniuk, in Invisible Monsters, explores the desire of humans to be the center, to be in the limelight. And somehow, this is almost always true. People have a tendency to crave for attention. Just like, in his book, it was said that hysteria is not for oneself but for other people to see, because only then will the performance be valid and worthy, it is by nature that people want other people to look at them and watch. People only find their capabilities useful and people only see the validity of their actions when there is an audience admiring and applauding and praising and worshipping them. Sometimes, it is OK because nobody wants to feel alone and unappreciated, but at times, some people become too desperate for spotlight that they might as well beg for it.