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off limits

[peter parker x reader]

author’s note: got a very random surge of inspiration lol. i had a lot of fun with the reader’s characterization here because i hardly ever write something like it. so i really do hope you like this!

word count: 1,626

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OH SHITTTT the ra.t shed is finished and up and running!!!!
One of my next projects is upgrading the racks and expanding my breeding colony.
I’m thinking of keeping the rack set up but providing LARGE sterilite tubs with more climbing opportunities and wheels. It’s gonna let me increase enrichment, helping me to keep my ra.ts in peak physical condition.

Ongoing Korrasami fic recs

Every couple days, I still get a like or reblog on that “favorite ongoing fics” post, so I guess it’s time to do a new one! (Plus this way you guys can let me know if I’m missing out on any! I had to skip a bunch for a while.) In no particular order…. or, you know… the order of which was updated last as I scroll through AO3…

RECOVERY by simplykorra. This is absolutely on the top of the list. If you aren’t reading this, then stop what you’re doing and go catch up. 

How To Live With A Ghost by apnsb is way up there too. It’s a little harder to catch up since it’s soooooo long (almost a quarter-million words!), but it’s a cool mix of Avatarverse and modernish stuff and cute nicknames and slow burns and police tension and terrorism and Raiko being a douche. 

Unstable Equilibrium by jtavington is a must-read for Equalist!Asami fans. Raiko’s not a douche in this one. (lol)

Stars Guide Us Home by sniperct Korrasami IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE! Need I say more? 

Book Five: Harmony by silktum- a rewrite of Spirits Within, bigger, better, still sexy. (Of course that could be said for pretty much anything Silk writes. Speaking of…

Ronin Korra by silktum- Samurais and magic weapons and Hiroshi’s head rolling down the stairs. And campfire sexy times, of course. 

They say that true love hurts… by freneticcore I am a sucker for soulmate fics. This one’s… canon divergent, I suppose is the term! 

Seeking Sato by lokgifsandmusings is a cool look at Asami’s life during those three years and somehow makes urban planning sound cool. 

Humanity by Bojangles is still going! Kind of a dark superhero AU. It’s partially responsible for some of Secret…

Come Back To Me by ruminantmonk is already promising with that heartbreaker of a second chapter. Ow, dude. Ow.

On Separate Grounds by awhstiles a summer cap AU and the current Lifetimes project!

Repairs, Retrofits, and Upgrades by progmanx featuring a canon-extension with spirit vine WMDs.

Backdraft which progmanx needs to get to writing is kind of a dark AU spinoff of RRAU. 

In the World by JBK405 is also still rolling along now at 108 chapters. Korrasami in our world and currently kicking ass in pit fights. 

The Blacksmith’s Favor by sy-itha and michellemagly is everyone’s favorite medieval AU. 

Aaaaand… I just realized that there are still more on my “shortlist” (which is apparently not actually short) but my computer screen has run out of space, so I have to stop somewhere! lol 

Giant Accelerator Ready to Restart in Search for Fundamental Laws of Nature

by Michael Keller

The world’s largest and most powerful atom smasher will be firing back up for a new round of experiments as early as this Thursday after being shut down for upgrades two years ago. 

When physicists throw the power switch, the overhauled Large Hadron Collider will send unimaginably tiny particles like protons and the nuclei of lead atoms in opposite directions with significantly more energy than when the experiment’s first run ended in early 2013. 

“We are really excited because we are entering a new phase of the LHC after two years of heavy maintenance and heavy improvement of the whole accelerator chain, of the whole infrastructure,” said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, a German particle physicist who heads CERN, the organization that runs the LHC. “And to restart the LHC now at a new, higher energy, which hopefully opens new windows–depending on the kindness of nature, of course–we are excited.”

See more images and learn more below.

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: I saw Civil War two weeks ago and I STILL CAN'TGET OVER THE FEELS. So now I have a request, if that’s okay with you? A oneshot for Bucky and a sweet, shy, nerdy reader. Reader likes Bucky a lot, she tends to be clumsier when he’s around, bumping things and tripping over nothing and stuff, that Buck took it upon himself to be near her so he can catch her everytime she falls..which of course flusters her more. She could be a researcher for Tony. Fluff please..Bucky deserves to be happy!

A/N: Ok, so I had my last piano recital this weekend, so I was a little panicky and unfocused, so I couldn’t really write.  But now I’m gonna try!  I’ve got my last week of film classes this week and then a couple easy weeks of academic classes and then graduation, so I’m gonna try and post once a day!  I didn’t have time to proof read this before posting, so I hope it’s decent!

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“Shit,” you mutter under your breath.

“Sorry, what was that?” Tony smirks.

“Nothing,” you reply, eyes fixed on the file you’re reading.  Tony’s just informed you that your next project is upgrading the mechanical arm of one James Buchanan Barnes.  You’ve heard all about him, but you’d never seen him.  

Up until today when Tony handed you his file, complete with pictures of the unfairly attractive man.

“You mind telling me why you’re using some decidedly Captain-America-unapproved language?” Tony asks, tugging the file out of your hands.  You snatch it back and glare at him.

“This is…a difficult project,” you lie falteringly.  Tony shakes his head.

“(Y/N), we both know you can’t lie to save your life,” Tony admonishes and you sigh.

“How regular are these upgrades going to be?” you ask.

“The upgrades?” Tony says, checking the file.  “Probably every few months.  But he’ll check in with you at least once a week.”

“Great,” you huff.  “Thank you for turning my life into living hell.”

“Living hell?” Tony asks lightly.

“You happen to know he’s just my type,” you groan.  “Tell me you didn’t do this on purpose.”

“I didn’t do this on purpose,” Tony chuckles.

“You suck at lying too, Tony,” you retort, opening one of the cabinets behind you to grab some supplies.

“Hello?”  The two of you both look up to find the man in question standing in the doorway.  You blush a little bit and pray that he didn’t hear any bit of the conversation.

“Hi, my name’s (Y/N),” you stammer, crossing the room to shake his hand.

“Bucky,” he smiles.  His smile scrambles your brain into a pile of mush and you have to turn away from him before you’re able to respond.

“Right,” you say.  “Um, come over here and take a seat.”  You lead him to a stool right next to the counter.  Tony makes mocking kissing faces at you over his shoulder that you decide to ignore.

“So today, I’m just going to do a couple scans of your arm and make some other observations,” you say, grabbing a clipboard.  “Do you have any questions for me?”

“No,” Bucky says and you nod.  

“Great,” you say quietly.  “I’m just going to grab the scanner.”  You turn around to go get it and immediately collide with the cabinet door you had opened prior to Bucky’s arrival.  You’re down on the floor before you can even register what happened.

“Are you okay?” Bucky leaps off the stool and kneels in front of you.  You sit up slowly, rubbing the sore spot on your head.

“I’m great,” you mumble.  He offers you his hand and lifts you up.


“I still can’t believe it,” Tony teases.  “You fell for him.  Literally.”

“Don’t remind me,” you groan, inputting some data into your tablet as the two of you walk down the hall.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Tony grins evilly.  “I’ll never let you forget it.  I already had F.R.I.D.A.Y. save the footage from the cameras and-”

“Hey, (Y/N)!”  You hear Bucky’s voice and your head whips around, searching for him.  By turning around, you miss the three steps in front of you and tumble forward.  But this time, a hand reaches out, grabbing your shoulder and steadying you.  Bucky.  

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” you say, jumping out of his grasp and beginning to pick up all your things that spilled out across the floor.  Tony stands beside you, doubled over, laughing.

Bucky’s instantly on the floor next to you, gathering up a stack of papers that slipped out of your grasp.  You take them gratefully, fighting the embarrassed flush that’s starting to creep onto your face.

“Thanks,” you say.  “I don’t know why I’ve been so clumsy lately.”

“I do,” Tony offers.  You turn to glare at him, which shuts him up right away.


You have a couple more falls before your next check-up with Bucky.  Tony witnesses all of them, and he makes sure to bring it up at every possible opportunity.  

After that, you stay in your lab as much as you can, avoiding any possible meetings with Bucky that could result in further mortification.

Which brings you to the day of his appointment, you standing on a ladder, reaching for some chemicals on a very high shelf.  They’re just out of your reach, and you’re on your tiptoes, fingers just brushing the bottles.

“Can I help you?”

The voice comes from right below you and startles you so much that you lose your footing.  Your hand bats the bottles, knocking a dozen of them over so that they break and mix with a hiss.  

You’re falling backward through empty space, your hands swinging wildly, trying to grab onto something but coming up with empty air.  

But then, you feel strong arms breaking your fall, wrapping themselves under your back and knees, catching you.  You look up to find yourself staring into Bucky’s concerned eyes.  You hear your breath hitch and you mentally curse yourself.

“Hi,” you say breathlessly.

“Hi,” he replies.  “This seems to be a habit of yours.  Falling.”  A dozen cheesy one-liners flash through your head, but you bite them back with a smile.

“Let’s get out of here,” you say quickly.  Bucky raises and eyebrow and you flush, realizing how that sounded.  “No, I…I just spilled a bunch of chemicals.  I don’t even know which ones.”  As if to prove your point, the mixture fizzles on the shelves above you.  

“Oh,” Bucky says and he makes a beeline for the exit.  You’re already out of the door before you realize he’s still carrying you.

“Bucky,” you say quietly.  “You can put me down now.”  You could almost swear you see a momentary flash of disappointment in his eyes before it’s replaced by a self-assured smile.

“That might be dangerous,” he smiles.  “Seeing as you have a tendency to trip at inopportune moments.  And we’re currently fleeing for our lives.”  You meet his eyes again and your mind goes blank.  All you can do is nod in response.

You hear what sounds dangerously close to an explosion behind you and your eyes widen.  

“Tony is going to kill me.”


“(Y/N), it’s clear that this has become a safety issue now.”

“Tony, I think that’s being a little melodramatic.”

“Is it?” Tony says, gesturing to the melted ruin of the lab.  “It seems to me that the only logical conclusion is that you need to tell Barnes about your little crush and this problem will go away.”

“I mean, I think the stronger logic would be to transfer another scientist onto this project,” you reply.  

“Barnes trusts you,” Tony says simply, a fact that you know you can’t argue with.  “And as your boss, I’m asking you to tell him you have feelings for him.”

“I’m gonna take that one up with HR,” you respond drily.  “I don’t think you can do that.”  You turn away from Tony and collide with someone’s chest.  All you can think as you fall down is NOT AGAIN.

An arm snakes out, wrapping itself around your waist and you find yourself pulled up against Bucky.  

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this, doll,” he says with that charming grin of his and you shake your head.

“It’s not my fault,” you retort.

“What does that mean?”

“You’re decreasing my productivity.”  He cocks an eyebrow.

“How so?”

“Every time you come in here, all brooding and handsome and shit, I lose my train of thought and apparently I lose any sense of balance, because then I trip and fall and you have to come rescue me.  And occasionally destroy science labs in the process.”  You can feel the blush rising in your cheeks, again, and fight it off.  You definitely said more than you meant to, but you will not give him the satisfaction of flustering you.

“It’s not my fault you keep throwing yourself at me.”  You shake your head.

“I do not throw myself at you,” you deny.

“Well what do you call this then?” Bucky says, gesturing to your arrangement, you still wrapped in his arms.

“I call it another catastrophe averted,” you say, nimbly maneuvering yourself out of his arms.  “Thank you.”

You return to your work, fighting the urge to look up at Bucky.  Unbeknownst to you, Bucky and Tony are having a gesturing battle behind you, consisting of a lot of confused shrugging from Bucky and aggressive kissing faces from Tony.

“Um, (Y/N)?” Bucky asks and you look up.


“Do you maybe…”  Suddenly, all of Bucky’s funny one-liners fly out the window and he’s the flustered one, his cheeks reddening and him fumbling for words.  Something about that makes you feel bolder, more sure of yourself, and you reach for the words he’s searching for.


“Yes.”  You turn to Tony and roll your eyes.


“Happy doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

Sunday week summary 🤗

Interesting and fun stuff

Food days

Recipe lists

Top recipes

Purple Ombre Messy Ruffle Cake

Chicken Florentine Pasta

Melon bread

Teriyaki Meatballs Recipe


Geode cake pops crystal formations

Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse



Baked Brunch Omelet

Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Pesto Pasta with Shrimp and Asparagus


Blueprint For A Whole New World: Actuating A Resource Based Economy.

I consider this one of my most important posts to date, some of this may be boring and even uncomfortable but I implore you walk with me and explore a whole new concept of society.

-What Is A Resource Based Economy?: In a currency based economy goods and services are provided to the highest bidder. The main concerns of economic growth put profits first and well being of its consumers and the environment second. A resource based economy is really something we’ve never tried before, and puts the well being of the people and the concerns of the world before all else. There are many ideas as to how a resource based economy would be ran but the general premise is that technology and resources are distributed where they are most needed and beneficial as opposed to the most financially profitable buyer.

There are some concepts central to a resource based economy that may be difficult for some of us to swallow. The first of these is a world with no money. Some believe in a hypothetical society absent of currency, apathy would abound, and no one would have incentive to do their jobs grinding civilization to a halt. I say the apathy stems from a disdain of one’s job rather than inherent laziness. imagine if you could have any job you wanted, doing something that mattered to you and impacted the world.. What if you didn’t have to worry about money to get there? Would you still be working your dead end job? Imagine if all restaurants were ran by those who love cooking food, who didn’t have to struggle to get there. In a world with no financial boundaries would you sit on your ass all the time dreading each day or would you want to explore and follow your dreams? We are all capable of performing the tasks that push society forward without money, the interests of every human being are so diverse we would naturally allocate ourselves to where we were happiest and able to perform our best. If you have a problem that needs to be addressed our natural inclination would be to solve it both for our well being and that of the community.

Concept two, the end of ownership. This is not to say we cannot have personal possessions, but we must completely redesign our view of consuming products. There are two aspects we need to look at, since a resource based economy is focused on sustainability it’s logical to assume products should be made to be as durable as possible, needing to be replaced as little as possible. Our current economy manufactures products with “built in obsolescence”, because though it is inefficient and detrimental, a currency based economy’s main concerns are profits. We have all the technology and resources at our disposal to feed, clothe, educate, and create abundance for all the people on earth. In this new society if you had a need for anything you would go to what you could think of as a store and simply request whatever it was you needed. When you were done you would simply return these things to the “store”(much like how a library operates). In this way we give up our idea of “ownership” in exchange for free access to whatever we need. Things like theft would become a thing of the past because nothing is withheld from the people in this new economy eliminating a vast swath of crime and hostility.

-The Rough Blueprint: This is by no means a perfect plan, but I think it’s time for us to start throwing out ideas even if they are rough. We need to stop acting like helpless children and do something for ourselves. We can’t rely on our governments to implement something so monumental but we can do it without them if we do it together.

What we can do is use our current economy to our advantage and change it from the inside out. With tools like the Internet and kick-starter we can fund localized community based projects, aimed both at lessening financial strains and laying the foundation for a resource based economy. This can manifest in many ways such as funding community vegetable gardens. Initially run on donations, the soul focus of these gardens would be providing members of the community with food. Focusing first on helping the low-socioeconomic population, people would be able to withdraw a specified amount of food, lessening their financial burden and the general poverty of the community.

The first of these local projects should be concentrated on providing necessities such as food, clothes, and water. Relieving those first couple financial drains would give communities the foothold they need to start pooling more of their money into funding additional projects and upgrade the ones they already have running. These projects could then progress towards providing utilities and energy, and in the eventual future things such as healthcare and technology. The thing is once we initiate something like this we create a new force in our economy that is much less susceptible to financial corruption. The mere presence of any/all institutions of this nature will force our current corporate and economic structures to change and evolve.

-This Goes Beyond Charity: We aren’t funding some government program here for relief work, this isn’t donating to a foundation that gives some of its proceeds to famished children and fraudulent campaigns to end a disease. Instead of focusing on global, foreign, or national issues we begin at the local level and build outward, slowly alleviating our own economic burdens. If even a few towns can pioneer new projects like this it creates the inspiration and foundations need for others to do so. In this way we also reduce the need for big government. Gravitating from the inefficient method of a singular figurehead managing the actions and resources of large diverse providences towards empowering local regions to manage and sustain themselves. As these newfound resource based communities stabilize their abundance, they can begin to collaborate and direct their resources to aiding the rest of the world around them spreading as a global movement.

-Closing statements: Nothing changes over night. We can’t instantly free ourselves from this economic slavery, but that doesn’t mean we are stuck. There are many avenues we can pursue and this is just one idea I’ve been mulling over in my head. I plan to do more research on the concept of a resource based economy and produce more posts on the subject. In the meantime I’d love to hear any feedback and ideas you have! We can do this together!

Project Audio/Video play

“Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people.” Her heart ached to take that final step, to reach out and stop Clarke from leaving. To hold her close in the safety of her arms, but they both knew their people would always come first and this was more than just a momentary farewell.
“I hope so.”

What if their circumstances of meeting were different, what if they didn’t have to lead? What if Becca succeeded in having kept her undertaking a secret and the Natblida experiment was still ongoing, carried out in some of the most hidden parts of the Ark?

Not only will this project feature a different Clexa story, but it will let you experience Clexa in a way you haven’t had the chance to before. Heavily relying on audio sounds and voice actors to relay the story as if you’re walking right alongside with them.

This story isn’t just a rewrite, it’s reenvisioning the entire series.

Our vision

The heroes spearheading this project are @nightblida and @hailhedaleksa, who are attempting to use the new medium to bring forth clexa stories. The writing required for this type of medium differs from that of novels in that the story needs to be told through mainly sound. Voice actors will read the lines as though they were acting themselves. For example, there won’t be a narrative voice describing how Peter stepped outside in the searing sun. Instead, you’ll hear doors opening, some steps, a change in the footfall as they step onto a different terrain, a heavy sigh and his mother calling after him: “Take water with you if you go to the park, it’s too hot outside as it is.”

Aside from writers and voice actors, this project requires music & sound effects. Video editors will most definitely be needed, artists too for illustrations of scenes or even animations to upgrade the project to a video play. A captioner may put the final touches and add dialogue directly to the video.

The exact story for this project will be determined by the writers. The illustration of the questions at the start of this post is merely a preferable route by the organizers of this project.


Fill in a form to become part of the Audio/Video play project here.
Click for a sample of an Audioplay project here.
Click for a sample of a Videoplay project here.

Requirements to join the crew

You need to be interested and you need to be able to work in a team. That means a willingness to resolve any arising conflicts, be they story related or otherwise, in a reasonable manner.

You need to have enough time on your hands to participate and not be too busy already. We would like to deliver content to the fandom in a timely manner. We understand that situations may arise where you might be more busy one week than the other. We certainly are not asking you to sacrifice important professional or personal commitments. All we ask is that you be willing to commit to this as an ongoing project for the duration your part takes, the details and schedules of which would be discussed once you officially sign up.

Obviously individual circumstances will be taken into account and we will try our best to accommodate everybody. This is meant to be a fun experience, not a dictatorship.