project tardis

Make a Tardis and a Dalek keyring!

You’ll need rectangular acrylic keyrings with a space that measures 30mm by 50mm. I used Framecraft brand ones (UK).

Use 20 count white Aida and stitch with 1 strand for whole cross stitches and back stitches. DMC colours.

Some time later…

Iron flat and cut out the designs so that the size of the Aida exactly matches the size of the charts square for square.

Leave the backing paper in the keyring (or select some pretty paper or card of your choice). Make sure it is not too thick or the keyring won’t fit together. Happy stitching!

Big versions coming soon…

In an effort to cheer Clara up on Christmas Day, her TARDIS projects a hologrammatic image of the Doctor wearing antlers, yelling after a group of carollers to “get a real job”.

Caught completely off-guard by the spectacle, Clara laughs until tears form at the corner of her eyes. But then the real tears start, and they don’t stop for the longest time.


Oh! The TARDIS has been through a lot. There was a slime attacks, a space storm, snow storm, and when I say a snow I mean ice crystals as hard as diamonds, and when I say storm I mean …well a storm really. …The time track jumped couple of times, or four times, actually. Depends how you look at it. Well, it all is a long and not very boring story. Not very at all. Anyway this timelord needs to run now, like always, these folks here don’t seem that friendly. Or happy.

Merry Christmas!