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It’s up! It’s up! \\\ ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و ////
My (late) b-day gift to myself, and the rest of the lovely, lovely Stucky fandom.
This was super-exciting to work on. Frustrating at times, but also very rewarding. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ ˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾✩

You can find this in my S6 store HERE, on a number of cool gadgets. (。•ㅅ•。) ♥

EDIT: you can follow this link for the tumblr post and art for  Captain America: The Mock Poster Project - THE WINTER SOLDIER


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゚・:,。★·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩Captain America: The Mock Poster Project✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙★,。・:・゚
                                 THE WINTER SOLDIER

I don’t think I properly introduced this project, but here’s me, recreating famous (romantic) movie posters with the Captain America characters. The hope is to create one for each movie of the trilogy.   as opposed to 6 billions for the Winter Soldier and none for Civil War because SO MANY CHARACTER
Each poster is gonna feature the most iconic Stucky line of each movie (”Not Without You”, “I’m With You Till The end of The Line”, and possibly “Your Bucky”), and credits as similar as possible to the *actual* Captain America poster.
Today’s choice was Titanic (1997) by James Cameron.
It was my first pick, and I never wavered (even if I *might*, if time allows, work on my second and third pick, too). And the more I think about it, the better it fits. The sinking ship. The lovers separated by catastrophe. 

*Here you can find my tumblr post and art for Captain America: THE FIRST AVENGER based on Gone with the Wind (1939)

You can find the art on my Society6 shop here. I decided to post here a version cropped to look as similar as possible to the Titanic poster I used as base. Buuuuuuuut S6 requires square canvas for several gadgets, so the shop contains both this version and also a second, bigger one showing more of the art (the whole helicarrier, the whole shield and other such details.)

Sneak Peeks :D

I am working on multiple Stony fanarts recently and I am so excited! 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 Just wanna share some sneak peeks with you! Hopefully I will have time finishing them soon :D

Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #2:

Feel free to guess what I am drawing! ;D

But Nick Fury.

The thing is, even though the film arcs toward openness and transparency (which is amazing in itself) Fury is portrayed as intelligent, thoughtful, righteous, and very correct in his beliefs too—-

Steve and Nick Fury have a tense relationship: they argue, Steve gets angry with him, is critical of his style of leadership: they bump heads over Steve’s belief in openness and trust, and Nick’s reliance on compartmentalization and pragmatism.

 True, he is shown to be wrong about his support for preemptive technology and weaponization (in CATWS and in Avengers) but he’s justified in his reasoning for his beliefs; ESPECIALLY his reluctance to place trust in any one person.  

Both he and Steve are right: Natasha having a seperate mission made Steve’s job difficult, but trusting the big picture to any one person is dangerous; and Fury’s pragmatism ends up saving the day when he reveals he had a backup plan all along.  (scanning his bad eye)

Fury’s monologue to a thoughtful Steve in the elevator is a really great moment: it sums up his ethos (a bag filled with money and a gun) and gives background for his beliefs and his outlook.  

People have talked about the racial profiling-esque moment with Nick and the cops, but I thought the subtle mention that Nick Fury’s grandfather was a bellhop who lived in a rough neighborhood and had to get rough back was a really great touch that spoke to his perspective as a black man in America.

We know that Fury is a “grey” character: someone who withholds information, lies, and keeps secrets, but what I think is SO AMAZING is that one little scene where, even after knocking heads with Fury the entire movie, and being totally at odds with him- after storming out in anger after denouncing the insight project: Steve still rejects the idea that Fury would be evil or secretly aligned with evildoers.

It’s when he’s talking to Redford, who’s trying to plant the seed of doubt in his mind about Fury.
I think the line is something like “If you knew Nick Fury, you wouldn’t say that.”

Steve has no idea which way is up at this point in the movie: he’s confused, unsure of his allies and his enemies; Nick himself said not to trust ANYONE, and jfc he just found out his neighbor was an undercover agent.

But Steve BELIEVES IN NICK FURY.  He believes in this man whom he trusts enough to argue with and defy candidly.
 This man may make decisions Steve abhors, but ultimately, he knows where Nick stands.  

anonymous asked:

re: steve and fandom - I'm old (41) and in media, and was drawn to the fandom because as a community is SO INCREDIBLE to watch and experience and learn from as a media professional, everything he says in that interview is dead on. It's amazing to see it from an older perspective (like Steve) and it's almost like people who are younger take it for granted or don't respect how unusual it is? But you shouldn't, it's a magical thing.

thank you so much for sending this! i think you’re right and we do kind of take it for granted that when a new song drops, we all band together (pun intended) to promo and stream the crap out of it. 

project no control was really the first time we became one unified force like that and it was truly like lightning in a bottle (project no control will probably always be one of my favourite  - if not my favourite - fandom memories and it makes me so proud to be part of this community.) 

i think that first fan project really showed us ‘holy shit we can do some really incredible things’ and paved the way for project home and of course project just hold on and so we’ve kind of normalized the fan projects/shrug off their broader implications when, in reality, what we’re doing is actually very, very unique.

i think that’s why we’re so bowled over by steve’s comments because (at least for the first two fan projects) we got ZERO support and encouragement from syco or sony or anyone at 1dhq. we had the boys support on twitter (and jay’s of course <3) but instead of capitalizing on the movement we’d started 1d’s actual label and management team just ignored what we were doing completely. 

steve is really the first person outside of the boys themselves/their family members to express gratitude and appreciation and we’re just not used to hearing it.

“Katelyn” was always the name I was ashamed to wear. It was a label. A label for “try-hard,” “prude,” “mean,” “annoying,” “sad,” “lonely,” “ungrateful,” “never good enough.” But I am realizing that is untrue. For some time, I let myself drown in my own sorrows. But that is a waste of life. Many people allow themselves to drown, but very few strive to float. I am not only going to float, I will make it to shore. “Katelyn Long” will be a name I am proud of. Because “Katelyn ” is strong. “Katelyn” contains more power than I ever realized. I am wise beyond my years, for I have suffered…but I have and will conquer. I have touched the lives of people around me. I have inspired. I have put a smile on someone’s face. I am good. I am good. @crewnecksnfolktunes

The History Club

A/N: This is my first installment in the After School Session- Project which was asked to be a part of by the lovely @sincerelysaraahh, thank you again:) It turned out a little longer then I expected but it just sort of happened I suppose. 

Special shout out to @justanotherdeangirl25 because I know how much you love Steve, and to @kittenofdoomage because you’re writing inspired me and helped bring out a smutty side of me that I didn’t know existed really. Hope y’all enjoy this xxx:)

Prompt: Senior Year, I am new here and have no friends. But you and I have a lot in common. Who cares if you’re my teacher? Oh crap, were you always this good looking?

Teacher!Steve x Reader

Warnings: Smut. 18+ guys! Little bit angsty too. Bit of a cliffhanger ending.

You walked in the big red doors and felt an immediate weight on your shoulders. It’s not like it was the first time you had to start all over. With your the line of work your father was in, you were constantly moving around. Every year, around the same time, it seemed like you would pack up your life and start over at another school.

This year was different. It was your Senior year. Your last year of high school. Frankly, you couldn’t wait for it to be over. Despite all the moving around, you always managed to keep your grades up. You had just turned eighteen and if it weren’t for the fact that you had to finish high school, you would have already been out on your own. You had big plans for college in the fall and you weren’t about to screw that up.

After speaking briefly with your new principal you left the office and made your way to your first class. History. It had always been your favorite subject, ever since middle school. You were even planning on majoring in it in the fall. Despite being excited for this class, you couldn’t help but get anxious as you sat down in one of the desks close to the front. Minutes passed by and soon the room was full, people casually glancing over at you every now and then.

Just as the bell rang, the teacher walked in and hurried over to his desk, placing his papers and a mug of coffee down on it,

“Sorry I’m late everyone.” Steve let out before looking up at the class. His eyes immediately landed on the unfamiliar face in front of him. You. Your eyes were glued to the book on your desk and he could tell you were deep into a piece of history. Never the less, you were absolutely breath taking and he couldn’t help but smile as he watched you concentrate deeply on your reading.

“I see we have a new face in the crowd.” the teacher spoke up, grabbing you attention. “Who seems to be a bit of a history buff. Reading ahead are we Miss…?” he trailed off. You raised your eyebrows slightly and flashed him a smile. 

“Y/N. And I’ve actually read this book three times already.” you exclaimed, hearing some light snickers from the back of the room which didn’t bother you. You had done this enough times that making friends or impressing people wasn’t on your list of things to do. Steve was a little taken back by this but his smile never faltered. 

“Right. Well Miss Y/N. I’m Mr. Rogers. My friends call me Steve though. I consider all these lovely young people to be my friends. Let’s hope you will be too.” he said, a smirk plastered on his face. You smiled back and returned to your reading. 

The hour went by rather slowly, as did any History class in the history of school. Steve caught himself a few times staring a little longer than he should have been. It was difficult for him to keep his eyes off of you, let alone focus on teaching a class, It was like he was caught in a trance. But what was he thinking? You were a student. He was your teacher. He couldn’t be thinking this way.

The bell rang, snapping you out of your world in which you had been lost in. You gathered your things up, taking your time so you didn’t have to deal with the crowded hallways. The whole time Steve’s eyes were burning into you and you wondered if the smart-ass comment from before was a little to much.

“Y/N?” Steve called to you as the last few students left the room. It was just you and him now and for some reason the air felt thicker. 

“Yes sir?” you said, making your way to his desk. Steve nearly cringed at the way you called him ‘sir’, sending nothing but dirty and unimaginable thoughts through his mind.

“Just Steve is fine.” he swallowed hard, feeling a little nervous now that he was alone with you. You nodded, watching as he avoided eye contact with you, “Anyways. We have a History club. It’s after school today and every Tuesday. I know it sounds nerdy but-” you stopped him before he could go on any further.

“I’d love to come.” you smiled. “It sounds like fun. Plus, it would look pretty good on my college application.” 

“You plan on majoring in History?” Steve asked and you nodded, nervously biting at your bottom lip. It was enough to drive Steve mad. “Well I’ll see you this afternoon.” he let out and you gave him a big smile before slipping out of the classroom, feeling nervous butterflies in your stomach though you didn’t quite no why.


It had been a few weeks since your first History class. You went to History club every Tuesday. There was only a few of you and you didn’t really talk much outside of the club meetings. But you enjoyed the time spent with Steve. 

You got to know him a little better. He was fresh out of college and started working at the school in the fall. Steve was a history major and had a passion for teaching which was exactly what you wanted to do. You found yourself lost in his stories from the war that his grandfather told him. 

“See you later Steve.” one of the students from History club said before making his way out the door with the others. You had lost track of time and quickly closed your books when you realized there was no one left in the room but Steve.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t realize how late it was.” you let out, getting up from your seat. Steve kept his gaze on you, admiring how good you looked in the skirt you had chose to wear today.

“It’s no problem.” Steve smiled. You looked out the window and sighed when you noticed the rain. Steve noticed your slight change in attitude and looked out the window as well. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“Well my dad took my car to work today. Looks like I’m walking in the rain now.” you sighed. You gave Steve a soft smile and went to leave the classroom when his hand slid around your wrist.

“I can’t let you walk home in this. If you can wait ten minutes, I’ll give you ride. I just got to finish correcting these papers.” Steve said, looking down at his hand on your wrist and hating himself for wanting to pull you in closer. You didn’t want to say yes but you found yourself nodding anyways. 

“Thank you.” you let out as you sat up on one of the desks. Steve watched you like a hawk, admiring every inch of you. He wanted you badly and you were completely oblivious to it which only made it all the more frustrating. 

It was quiet. Almost to quiet. Steve tried to focus on the papers as you found your eyes drifting over to him every now and then. You never really paid attention to how attractive the man was. The way his blonde hair sort of flopped over to one side. He had an almost perfect jawline that was clenched as he concentrated on his work. 

Your gaze wondered over the outline of his muscular arms that were clearly visible through his dress shirt. Once your eyes started to wander down a little further you had to stop yourself. What were you thinking? He was your teacher, you couldn’t possibly… It was to late though. He noticed your stare lingering on him and his gaze shot up to meet yours.

It was like time had frozen for a minute. Neither of you broke eye contact, your hearts both racing. There were no words as Steve got up from his desk and walked toward you. You finally looked away, feeling a blush creep up on your cheeks. But his glare stayed hot on you and all of a sudden he was right in front of you.

“Steve-” you gasped as his hands landed on your thighs, his eyes never leaving your face and you had no other choice but to look up at him. His face was inches from yours and you could feel his warm breath wash over you. 

“Is this okay?” he asked and you couldn’t stop yourself from nodding. With that, his lips crashed to yours and it was like you were drowning and he was the only air you had. Your hands wrapped around the back of his neck and tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to you. Soon his hands were running up under your shirt which you were happy that you wore now.

“Wait.” you let out, pushing Steve back at the realization of what you were doing. Were you really going to sleep with your teacher? You stared into his eyes, wide eyed and completely dazed. That only drew you back in. “Fuck it.” you breathed out and your lips pressed back to his.

His hands traveled further and further up until they were toying with the edge of the lace fabric of your under wear. Steve stopped and got down on his knees in front of you. He pushed your skirt up and hauled down on your panties, exposing everything. He immediately licked his lips, looking up at you once again. 

“I’m going to make you scream.” he let out making you shiver with pleasure from just those few simple words. 

“What if some hears?” you whispered. Steve got up for a second and walked over to the door, shutting it completely. 

“There’s no one here. Everyone is gone home for the day. Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s just us.” he exclaimed before closing the curtains so you knew you were completely alone. He got back down on his knees and spread your legs before burying his face between them. He licked your slit from top to bottom, the scruff on his face rubbing against you and only adding to the bliss you were feeling.

You gasped at the pure sensation you felt as his lips pressed a kiss to you. Moans escaped you as his tongue dipped into you and every inch of you shuddered as Steve worked his magic, his tongue warm inside you. You found your hands tangled in his hair as you dropped your head back. 

“Fuck Steve- I-I’m.” you cried out, feeling a buzz from the satisfaction of having his tongue trace around your entrance before lunging back inside you. You were drenched by now and about to let yourself go when Steve’s tongue was replaced by his fingers. 

Your breathing deepened as he pumped faster and faster into you with two fingers. He wasn’t lying when he said he was going to make you scream. You felt a spasm course through you as you hit your climax. 

“Steve.” you screamed out, forgetting all about the worry you felt earlier about someone hearing you. Steve smirked, bringing his fingers to his mouth and licking them clean of your juices. He stood up and his lips immediately pressed to yours. You could taste yourself on his tongue as it dove into your mouth. 

Without any hesitation, you worked your hands around his belt buckle. You slowly dropped his pants down along with his boxers. Steve moaned into your mouth as your fingers wrapped around his already pulsing shaft. 

You traced the veins all the way to the tip and ran your thumb over his slit, now dripping with pre cum. After pumping him a few times into your hand his breathing became more shoal and he pulled away from your lips.

“Fuck sweetheart, I can’t do this much longer. I’m going to lose it.” Steve exclaimed, his eyes hot on you. You pressed your lips back to his and pulled away again just as quick.

“I want you.” you panted out. “Steve- I- I need to feel you inside me.” your voice shaking with every word that fell from your lips. Steve nodded, hearing the neediness in your words and pulled you closer to him, his dick hard as it pressed against your entrance.

Slowly, Steve pushed his length inside of you. You clenched around him, feeling him fill you up completely. His eyes flickered up to yours and there was a certain darkness in them as he pulled back out. You let out a gasp just as he slammed right back into you again.

“Oh my fuck.” you cried out. Nobody had ever made you feel so good in your entire life and you wondered if anybody ever would. You felt a rush come over you as he worked himself in and out of you over and over again. 

“Fuck. You feel amazing Y/N.” he breathed out. His fingers ran down your thighs, pressing to your sensitive skin, only added to the eminence pleasure you were feeling. With every trashing movement of his hard cock inside you, you cried out. Your fingers dug into his shoulders as he hit your g-spot over and over again and again. 

Steve couldn’t focus on anything but the way you screamed out his name as he forced himself into you, his cock swelling inside your pussy. His chest heaved and his heart was racing, adrenaline coursing through him as your walls tightened around him.

You were so close, your body aching from every pounding motion as Steve repeatedly slammed into you faster and faster. With one final push, you felt yourself explode around him. Your whole body rattled as Steve kept going, working you through your orgasm.

“Oh my god.” you panted. Your fingers tangled in Steve’s hair, tugging and pulling his face down closer to you. He was about to pull out when you stopped him. “I want to feel you cum in me.” you said, your breathing deep and your voice demanding.

“But what about-” Steve replied but you stopped him, knowing exactly why he was worried.

“I’m on the pill.” you let out. Steve looked relieved by this news and he picked up his pace again. It wasn’t to long before he was letting himself go inside you, his juices dripping out of you as he pushed himself through his high. You felt a warm sensation run through you as he slowed down, his chest rising and falling heavily as he finally pulled out of you completely.

“Wow.” he sighed out. You closed your eyes and tried to catch your breath. Steve traced your cheek softly with his fingers, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You opened your eyes and swallowed back any fear you had. 

“We could get in a lot of trouble.” you laughed, flashing him a nervous smile. Steve let out a chuckle, picking up his boxers and pants and hauling them back up around his hips. 

“I know. But I don’t care. This definitely can’t be a one time thing.” he said, handing you your panties that had been discarded to the floor. He smirked and you quickly snatched them, pulling them back on and hopping down of the desk. You didn’t want it to be a one time thing either. You pulled out your phone noticing the time first and then the calls from your mother.

“Shit.” you let out. “I have to get home.”

“Alright. Just let me grab my things.” Steve said, making his way behind his desk and collecting papers. All of a sudden his phone lit up on the desk top and you glanced down at it. On the screen was a picture of him and a very pretty girl. The name “Peggy” accompanied the phone call and your heart sank.

Steve noticed the phone vibrating on the table and you watching it with wide eyes. He swallowed hard and snatched it up, quickly answering.

“Hi.” he answered. You stared at the empty space where the phone had sat for a few more seconds before your eyes shot up to meet his. “Yeah I’m on the way home now.” he said, his stare on you and filled with worry. “Alright, I’ll see you soon.” Your stomach churned and you almost felt like crying. “I love you too.” he finally let out and that’s when you really could believe what you knew all along.

Steve hung up the phone and stayed silent, almost waiting for you to ring him out. You stood there speechless. What were you supposed to say. You knew how you felt. Dirty and used. But when it came to getting words out of your mouth you just couldn’t.

“Looks like this just became a one time thing.” was all you could come up with as anger coursed through you.

“Y/N. I’m sorry.” Steve replied softly. Of course he would say that.

“I don’t think I’m the one you need to apologize to.” you muttered. You quickly grabbed your books and stormed over to the door.

“Wait.” Steve called to you and you stopped for a second. “Where are you going?” he asked. You didn’t bother turning and facing him. You couldn’t look at him right now.

“I think I’d rather walk.” you hissed. Your hand fell on the door knob and you swung the door open, storming out as fast as you could. As you crashed through the big double doors of the school, you felt the air lighten as rain fell down around you. And you walked all the home, trying to let the rain wash away how horrible you felt. But it didn’t work.