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// Before I sleep, gonna make an effort to clear out drafts on here (and possibly on my other blogs). Weeks of work really made me stay off a bunch and just feel like shit so hopefully writing and blasting some touhou (and other vgm) remixes will help me do things. 

kevlng  asked:

Wow, I love your art so much! Do you have any advice on keeping poses dynamic? I feel like my characters are so stiff a lot of the time and I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. Also, do you have any practice advice/tips for a college freshman going into animation? Thanks so much! :)

I didn’t major in animation unfortunately, I majored in illustration but just happened to enjoy making backgrounds.  I’m not sure about how to make figures well, I’m still uncomfortable and feel most of my characters tend to be stiff or awkward.  But I think just drawing with your whole arm and keeping strokes long and fluid helps making figures feel like they have more movement.  Griz and Norm had many fundamental tips that are useful and I recommend checking them out because they have really helpful advice on figure drawing.  Studying artists who have fluid drawing styles can help, some examples are Shiyoon Kim, nargyle, Lesean Thomas, and Mari just to name a few.  Honestly, it just comes with a lot of practice, observational studies, anatomical drawings and the like.  Drawing is a muscle that gains strength the more you use it, you’ll understand it eventually, just keep studying and sketching.

As for what advice I have, it’s to keep drawing what you like to draw and improve on the things you want to get better at.  Make time for personal projects and stay positive, sometimes thing don’t turn out the way you want them to at the beginning, but it will eventually pan out if you keep working and believe that you can do great things.  

Friendly reminder that Wash in canon was at no point referred to as the group’s rookie, that’s just fanon that was taken because he tends to act a bit childish