project snaff


I churned these our because, despite having the model, I didn’t give myself any decent references! So, for anyone looking, this is as good a ref as you can get.

Deets for the nitpicky:

  • The model/wireframe is 100% GW2
  • The textures are 100% GW2
  • The alpha channel (transparency) is not, I made a rough guess (Hence the jagged hair)
  • The normal/bump map is 100% GW2, but does not apply as it would in GW2 and is not 100% GEN-U-AINE (again most noticeable in the hair)
  • Pose is 95% GW2, I moved the eye pointer so he doesn’t seem as creepy. Otherwise A-pose from GW2.DAT
  • Materials are not accurate, as I do not know precisely how it works it-game and translating it to Maya. Eyes are notably way more reflective than they ought to be, but color is correct.
  • Lighting is Maya using Mental Ray, and it washes out colors to a degree
  • This model was buried in the .DAT file of GW2, where there are many MANY outdated models and plain unused stuff. This was pulled from the .DAT over a year ago, and it is not new. From what I can tell, this is the model that was seen briefly in the story-mode cutscene of Sorrow’s Embrace, albeit posed and painted over in places. You can note his wrinkles are more pronounced there.

I’m sad to say, while his face is a modification of one we can get in-game, you cannot get his exact smile in just the same way you can’t get his exact armor. Best of luck to other Snaff cosplayers out there!

(Also renders of the BODY)