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Hello friends. So if you have been wondering why I haven’t been posting very much. Here is the story. Well aside from dealing with normal life worries, on top of that if you missed it, I did move to a new country. And in the meantime I am trying to restart a business… Currently everything is a work in progress. But today was a great day and I am full of creative energy and I feel so good. I hope you do as well. Wishing you all well, and thank you for being such awesome and inspiring people :) -Gracie


I’m having my Spring Break so I have more time to work on orders! If you’re planning to buy something now’s a great time to do so! Spring bonuses apply for this week only. There will also be a couple of new keychain/sticker sets releasing this week so stick around for those! Have a great Spring!

7/15/13: Art Theft Overseas

I’ve been recently brought to attention by a Singaporean Baby claiming that my work has been seen in a Comic Connection shop. She was kind enough to take a photo here:

This is from my B.A.P One Shot set, in the form of a badge. I realized the only way that could have happened was that they took my photo of the physical items and photoshopped it there. I’m honestly more surprised at the news rather than angry. Normally these shops that illegally claim others artwork like to take better looking stuff. But I guess they’ll take anything if it resembles what its supposed to, even at low quality. I really didn’t think my items would spread across that much. It’s still very upsetting. And this isn’t the first I’ve seen this with B.A.P fanart. A Baby I follow on deviantart has had her artwork illegally plastered on folders and sold at shops like this. 

As much as the artwork theft is very frustrating to deal with, I have to take responsibility for not taking enough precautions. I’d like to cover my photos with more watermarks, but I believe everyone has the right to see what the products at my shop look like in good quality. I’ll keep the photos at a file smaller size hoping it will discourage any future events like this. There’s not much else I and other Babys, or even other K-pop artists can do in these situations since it is overseas and we don’t have much else information on the matter. I’m just thankful that people have recognized my work and have warned others to avoid shopping in such areas. I hope you guys can do the same if you see anything being sold anywhere that seems suspicious. Thanks for looking out for me, you all have been such great support. I’ll continue to work hard as well as keep cautious from now on.