project shoe

We would like to thank for all of the support everyone has shown for our new project, Little Goody Two Shoes!

While searching through the German fairy tales and scenery central to LGTS’s atmosphere, everyone began to feel a longing for sausage.
And then something wacky like: “When we could no longer control our hunger, the group began working toward a project that embodies everything Astral Shift´

Weenella is a new game, taking place before the events of both Pocket Mirror and Little Goody Two Shoes.
Help Weenella make her way to the ball, meet Prince Heinz, and realize the truest treasure is the weens we make along the way. We are proud to share with you some of our work so far! 

As a group we have always found the figure of a hotdog in a bun quite mesmerizing. We hope you will find the beauty in hotdogs, just as we have.Please look forward to Weenella ~and the glass croc~ coming in 2069

Emese Bíró 2016, Liberty bridge Budapest

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