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Do you guys think that Yuu and Mika could be some kind of angels, and polar opposites, yet coming from the same place/origin? The mangaka also likes to draw them together amidst blank space, and I wonder if it suggests some heavenly connection and the essential difference in their personalities?

ariaxvespid  asked:

I've never met someone that knows anything about pigeons, but hey here's my chance! I did a school project on Seraphim Pigeons because I saw a picture of one and thought it looked neat and I think maybe some day I may really want one or two. So questions are - what do you know about Seraphim pigeons? Would one make a good pet? How difficult is it to breed them (or any other pigeon for that matter)? What kind of housing would you recommend for Seraphim pigeons (or even just pigeons in general)?

The Seraphim is a relatively new breed derived from my beloved favorite, the Classic Old Frill.

I adore the Classic Old Frill so much mostly for it’s sweet temper and hardiness in and of itself, but am so adamant about spreading them for being the Retro Mop to the literally beakless avian pug that is the Oriental or Modern Frill.

The COF was brought into being in the US to breed the beak back into the frill and return it to the the original Hunkari, the Tukish Bird of the Sultans.

Seraphim are not hatched white! 

They are actually a fascinating mix of recessive Red sattinet (marked on the tail and wing shield) and the white wing and white tail genes that erase the color on those specific places, leaving a pure white adult.

They stand a little more upright than the Classic, but care and temperament are the same.

Will reblog momentarily with general care and diet, as I have to leave the house and continue on mobile!

Felice Fawn blog playlist

This isn’t very up to date, since Felice now has several different playlists on her blog (I’ve previously submitted this somewhere else with no response due to little activity on that blog), but here’s a list of the songs I know were in the very first playlist she put on her blog. I hope it helps anyway since some of these songs should be in the new playlists as well.

  1. “My Life On Four Pages” – Raffael Francis x Unused Word
  2. “Blue Skies (Unquote Mix)” – Blu Mar Ten
  3. ?
  4. “Hollow” – Vacant
  5. “Strings & Attractors (Darj Remix)” – How To Destroy Angels
  6. ?
  7. “Our Contemplation” – Dicvatmo
  8. Jayeem - Insane Love
  9. “Lost” – Kodak Shores
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. “Sombre” – Reign
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. ?
  17. ?
  18. “To Be Heard” – Affecting Noise
  19. “Slow eMotion” – Unclown Despair
  20. “Atrium (Phaeleh Remix)” – Vaccine
  21. “Seraphim” – Project Maldonado
  22. “Afterlife” – Lung
  23. ?
  24. “Manna” – Audialist
  25. CraSET - Love You
  26. “Her Sanctuary” – Dysposium
  27. Elo Method & Subranger - Make Believe
  28. ?
  29. “Gabba Ghoul” – ARAPAIMA
  30. (This is some remix of “I Gave You Everything” by Swarms, I don’t know which one, though)
  31. Ghosts -Affinity
  32. ?
  33. “Voice” – Kerogen
  34. “Я не могу тебя вернуть” – KOSIKK
  35. “Night Train” – KOSIKK
  36. “Cenacle” – Known Rebel
  37. “Losing You” – Late
  38. “Low Pressure Zone” – Clubroot
  39. ?
  40. ?
  41. ?
  42. “Flikr Of Ur Eyes” – Swarms
  43. ?
  44. “Dive” – Village
  45. ?
  46. ?
  47. ?
  48. ?
  49. “Aspire” – Crypt
  50. “Faith” – blΔnc
  51. “Based Life” – Cashmere
  52. “Samsara” – Fobee
  53. ?
  54. ?
  55. ?
  56. “Jordan” – Nolan House
  57. ?
  58. “Chain Of Thought” – Koto
  59. “Haze” – mémoire
  60. “Fog” – MATHBONUS
  61. ?
  62. “Find You” – My Nu Leng
  63. “Changing Colours” – Eleven8 & Clarity
  64. “Say My Name (Synthetic Epiphany Remix)” – Destiny’s Child
  65. ?
  66. ?
  67. ?
  68. ?
  69. “Meltdown (Blossom Remix)” – Ghostpoet
  70. ?
  71. ?
  72. ?
  73. ?
  74. ?
  75. ?
  76. ?
  77. ?
  78. “Andreea Dava” – Liar
  79. “Back To The Future” – ENiGMA Dubz ft NR
  80. ?
  81. “T♂ ♀HE Mღღn, Fly Me Sღღn” – RIVKA
  82. “Fallin” – Winona Hyper
  83. ?
  84. LVL UP - Mahxie
  85. ?
  86. ?
  87. ?
  88. Sorrow - Mourner

Thanks for the submission!  I know a lot of people are really into the music she shares so this will definitely be appreciated.

- S


Well he took the whole long weekend to make but here is Sans Seraphim! This was probably my favorite projects to do so far, mainly because I love to make wings. This design belongs to @tratserenoyreve from their absolutely amazing comic The Thought (if you haven’t read it yet go read it now!)


And here’s Ink!Sans!

So I have completely fallen in love with both Ink’s design and story so of course I had to make a clay version of him. 

This is probably my most detailed project (sans seraphim is a close second but this had so many more small, individual pieces) and I really enjoyed making this. though will i ever make the original sans? 

  All credit for this design goes to @comyet, the amazing person who came up with this wonderful AU Sans!