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(Project) Icarus is flying too close to the sun

Gentle reminder that while Geralt and Jaskier may be of the same height RIP all size kink sluts out there, Geralt can lift/carry the entirety of Jas’ weight with one hand💦

Astral/Dream Sachets

  • Jasmine : Prophetic Dreaming
  • Motherwort: Astral Projection, Protection (Safe Astral Travels)
  • Mugwort : Dreams, Astral Projection, Psychic Powers
  • Lemongrass : Psychic Powers
  • Bourage : Psychic Powers
  • Peppermint : Clarity, Focus
  • Lavender : Peace, Sleep
  • 1 Bay leaf (optional)

Enchant herbs as necessary and place in sachet. Then, embedding your final intent, repeat the following incantation 3 times: 

“Great Powers unknown,

Reveal to me what must be shown.

Bring me dreams of a different kind,

So that I may open up my mind.”

Want to make this Sachet More Powerful?

  • Write a dream sigil on a bay leaf. Charge and then burn, adding the ashes/left overs with herbs in the sachet! 
  • Tie with blue string/ribbon for help with healing sleep. Dark blue especially helps with dreams!

[image description: Gru excitedly presents the first three slides of his plan, “find a cool new character”, “headcanon them as aro”, and “realize that they’re part of the biggest ship(s) of the fandom”. Then Gru looks sadly back at “realize that they’re part of the biggest ship(s) of the fandom”, until he perks back up and gleefully presents the last panel, “create lots of content focused solely on the character’s aromanticism”. End image description.]

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dachshund1998  asked:

i just saw that post about disassociation and meditation, i disassociate regularly and now i know why i hate traditional meditation! do you have any ideas or suggestions for more touch/sensation based mindfulness practices?

Totally, I have a ton of resources! I have a dissociative disorder, so dissociation is like very very common for me. These types of grounding mindful practices are all I do. I’ll list some of my favorites, though basically anything that engages your bodily senses can work!

Dissociation-friendly mindfulness practices:

Yoga/Tai Chi/Qi Gong/etc: Any meditative and body-based exercise is a great way to stay in tune with your body, remain present and mindful, and not dissociated as well. Even just mindful stretching works. 

Conscious eating: Essentially, using the taste/smell/texture/etc of food to stay present! Great for healing body-based self esteem issues too. I have a blog on how to do this right here!

Walking meditation: If you walk slowly and presently, it can be a great way to stay mindful by in tune with your body (and therefore grounded) as well. You can also adapt this if you use a wheelchair and pay attention to the motions of moving in that, or the sensations of the breeze and sensory feelings. 

Grounding exercise: Go through each of your senses and list five things you sense with it! Like 5 things you taste, 5 you smell, etc. This is a short practice and great for quick grounding. 

Self massage: Whether gentle caressing, typical self-massage, or with a tennis ball (my fav!), if you stay present with the feeling of the massage this is a great way to stay grounded. I do this every night with two tennis balls side by side in a sock I tied off. Then I roll them up and down next to my spine against a wall. You can google lots of self massage techniques! 

Music meditation: This one is only using the sense of hearing, but it can be effective too. Play music (whatever you like) and listen to the highest pitch tone, then the lowest, then background rhythm, etc. Essentially, paying attention to the intricacies that you wouldn’t normally notice if you were just listening. This is a great distraction coping mechanism too. 

Body scans: You can google guided meditations of this! I’d recommend listening to one instead of just focusing on your own (it will help you stay concentrated). This can be intense if you have survived physical abuse or have body image issues, though. So proceed with caution! 

I also talk about some additional coping mechanisms in this video here (as well as how to design the perfect coping strategies for you)! 

Also, here are some mindfulness practices you’ll most likely want to stay away from if you experience a lot of dissociation:

Stillness meditation: Sitting still and meditating on your thoughts/clearing your mind. Too present and too intense, especially if dissociation is caused from past trauma. 

Astral projection: You need to be super super good at grounding to safely project. It’s super dissociating even for people who don’t chronically experience dissociation, so it’s a big thing to stay away from for those of us who do. 

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