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  • the dghda fandom: omg we're in so much pain, like you cannot believe. our beautiful sunshine boy is so kind and always tries to do the right thing, and what does the asshat universe give him? Human experimentation, torture, and now possibly reconditioning? he doesn't deserve this!
  • also the dghda fandom: dirk fucked thor
Study Date! Park Woojin

masterlist can be found (here) 

a/n: Stop the hate and spread more love. Instead of using this chance to bash any individual (some of the hate doesn’t even make sense tbh) on the site, use this project to spread the message/educate others that it’s not okay to sexualize minors so people are aware that these actions are wrong and won’t do it again in the future. Thanking @pinksausageduo , @perkwoojin & @wannabeone for helping to spread the positivity #Protect Woojin Project 

“Without a single moment to rest, I’m only thinking about you.” 

  • You and Woojin are already dating at this point
  • You two had been classmates in high school for the past 2 years and dating for around 6 months after he confessed to you when he became your dance partner for dance class
  • You always had decent grades but one thing you could never score was MATHS
  • You hated Maths with a burning passion
  • You never understood all the signs or numbers and it was the only thing blocking you from being one of top scorers of your year
  • You somehow managed to pass each time but you just didn’t do well on your last Maths quiz which was about the topics on your upcoming Mid Terms Paper
  • When you got back your maths quiz for that topic, you just died on the inside
  • Woojin came over after seeing how you slumped over your table
  • He sort of already expected it as you had told you did terrible on the day itself but not this bad tbh
  • “How can you only get your name and date right ….”
  • “Stop saying like you did be- ”
  • That’s when you took your words back when you saw how his paper had a ‘100%’ and even had a ‘good job’ along with a smiley face??
  • You totally forgot that he was the highest scorer for Maths in your entire grade  and was also your stern Maths teacher’s favourite student
  • He sighed and told you that he was going to tutor you and asked you to bring all your maths worksheet
  • So the two of you went to the library after school
  • You were going to protest when he told you about it because it was Tuesday and that meant ice cream day
  • But he gently reminded you that if you screwed up your mid terms paper
  • You had to stay back for after school lessons and extra classes on the weekends
  • Which would meant there won’t be dates for a long long time
  • You just immediately shut up lol
  • You guys found a place to sit and he took out his textbook and started explaining to you how each formula worked
  • His voice was soothing when he taught you and you learned each of the basic formulas that you needed for your exam and how to use them
  • He was a really good teacher and you could process it so much easier as he explained to you and answered all your questions when you asked any
  • After that, he gave you a worksheet to work with and told you to do your best
  • You started working on the worksheet, trying your best until you became distracted by all the numbers
  • You were procrastinating tbh by doodling instead of working
  • Doodling Woojin’s profile until he caught you lmao
  • He made you worked on the paper or he you did have to buy him ice cream if you couldn’t finish it in half an hour
  • Woojin will spent more time looking at you than finishing up his homework
  • He did bite the top of pencil and just thought of how cute you were
  • You were unconsciously biting your lips and furrowing your brows as you stare blankly at the question in front of you
  • He justs finds it so hard to concentrate when you were being so incredibly cute
  • Looking at how stress you were, he will ruffle your head and told you he was going to the toilet
  • But actually, he was heading to the bakery next door
  • To get you coffee and a muffin to cheer you up
  • When he came back, he saw you with your earphones on, listening to songs while trying to figure what the heck was log6+logb = log9 (I can’t type a harder equation okay FORGIVE ME)
  • He will take one earbud from you and placed the brown bag in front of you
  • When you saw it, you thanked him and your smile was enough for him to just continue working on his assignments even though he usually took a 2 hour nap at this time  
  • While you two listened to the same music, it was amusing for Woojin to watch as you struggled to remember Maths’ formula yet you had no problem mouthing the lyrics of NCT’s Cherry Bomb (i’m an nct trash sooo)
  • While he wanted to snap a video of you, he decided to just contorted with his work as he didn’t want to disturb you
  • When he noticed you were shivering, he did take out his school’s blazer and drape it over your shoulders without any words
  • Your heart fluttered because it was actions like that made you really like Woojin as he was always so considerate
  • “Are you sure you want me to wear this? I’m pretty sure you are cold as well.”
  • “I don’t want the person I like to fall sick.”
  • Woojin wasn’t very expressive with his words, but when he does, you get a mini heart attack each time
  • You have no idea how he says some of the cheesiet things with such a straight face
  • He still doesn’t understand why your ears are so red as you covered your cheeks
  • When you put on his blazer, he gets so embarrassed because the blazer was a bit big for you and you just looked so cute
  • His heart felt like it was going to explode and he’s just thinking what has he done to deserve dating someone like you
  • You handed him your worksheet once you are done
  • To your surprise, you got full marks on that worksheet
  • Woojin was pretty impressed as well that he gave you a few more to work with  
  • You two spend a few more hours before you guys packed your stuff and prepare to leave
  • You were drained but you finally understood most of the things and you were glad to have such a patient boyfriend
  • You felt that you could do a lot better in your Mid Terms especially when you had scheduled for more study dates with him
  • As you took his jacket off to return it to him, he shyly kissed you on the forehead and told you to keep working hard
  • You were just like !!!
  • That was the best motivation he could give you cause he was always shy to display any affection in public
  • You returned the favour by reaching out to his hand and kissing him on the cheek
  • You two stepped out of the library a blushing mess as he walked you home

Given Dirk’s history, which is clearly full of trauma and loneliness, and some of the interactions we’ve seen so far, it seems obvious that Dirk struggles with emotional object permanence 

Object permanence is the ability to understand that things still exist when you can’t see/hear/feel them. In terms of emotions and relationships, object permanence is understanding that emotions you aren’t currently feeling were real, that relationships still exist when the other person isn’t around, and crucially that people still care about you when they aren’t there or aren’t showing it

So a lack of emotional permanence means that when Dirk was in hospital and Todd wasn’t there, he assumed that he had left and was never coming back. When he did see Todd he genuinely couldn’t process that he was still his friend. And he was visibly shocked that Farah wanted to meet up, even though they’d only been apart for however long he’d been in hospital

He can still remember the time they spent together. But it doesn’t feel real. No matter how hard he tries to reason with himself, reminding himself of all the times Todd and Amanda and Farah told him they were still his friends, trying to convince himself that they meant it and they still care, it doesn’t feel real. 

Without them there to prove it, it’s like they were never there at all. They never really cared about him at all. Maybe they were lying, maybe they were just tolerating him and he misinterpreted it. Or maybe they did care, but they will have moved on by now, he was never that important to them. They’re probably happier now he’s gone… 

On and on and on until someone reminds him that they’re still here, they do care about him, and they aren’t going anywhere. Which is fine when his friends are there to reassure him

But when Dirk is trapped in Blackwing with no way to contact anyone.. Well, he can dream about Farah and Todd rescuing him, but when he wakes up he’s alone. He has always been alone, and always will be. They’re not coming they never were they don’t care they never did they’re not they’re not they’renottheyrenottheryrenot…

A Look into Amanda’s Vision, The Princess Advert and IDW Comic Canon: Mona Wilder revealed? (Theory Post)


“Mona Wilder” is the seventh Black Wing subject alias MOLOCH, trapped within the squeaky ‘stress toy’, and currently communicating through dreams and commercials.

She is “The Princess” in both the commercial seen in the main series, and possibly the insane ‘Princess’ child in the IDW Comic Series.

She is who persuaded Bart to get to (and possibly to kill) Dirk Gently.  


Amanda’s “vision” in S1 E3.

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2016: The Return To Anime

I used to watch a lot of anime before, but when I moved away from my friends whom were fellow fans of Japanese animation, I became really bad at taking any initiative to sit down and watch anything new. So my New Years resolution was to simply watch more anime during 2016 (for inspiration and entertainment)! ;D And in order to prove to said friends that I am indeed keeping my promise, as well as to take the opportunity to recommend good shows to others, I will be sharing my progress list and general opinions.

OBS: Some of these shows are not appropriate for an younger audience!! Before viewing, please check out  the recommended age restrictions, genre and potential trigger warnings!  

END OF YEAR UPDATE: 25 shows in total! Not bad at all considering that I maybe watched 2-3 shows the year before. But I still have a lot of series that I want to see, so don´t be surprised if I make a new post for 2017. ;) 

My personal top 3? I would say Death Parade, Re:Zero and Madoka Magica. 


Mushishi (S1) - Not a single cliffhanger in the whole show, so it makes for  perfect bedtime stories for teens/adults. The english dub was really good and the landscape art is 10/10.

Kino No Tabi/Kino´s Journey (S1) - Do not let the simple and cute style fool you! This show contains murder, cannibalism, suicide and war!! And it asks the hard questions in life!! RUN if you do not want to contemplate the meaning of existence!!

One Punch Man (S1+3OVA) - OK, now I know why this is in 4th place on IMDB´s “Best TV-series” list. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen in an action anime! It is simply stunning to look at and it is fun ride all the way to the out of this world (literally) finale. 

Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (S1) - Pretty much like an anime version of the TV-show Bones. I love mysteries where you have to follow clues in order to solve a murder so a second season is strongly desired.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End (S1+S2+10OVA) - Pretty predictable, but the the bloody fight scenes are fabulous. Needs even more angst thou (…she said even though a bunch of children are butchered in the very first episode….). >:3 

Death Parade (S1) - And there is all the angst!!! Do not watch if you do not like pain in your soul!! Heart cannot be repaired!! AHRUM!! Excuse me. The show is really well written and the artists really knew how to create the perfect atmosphere to tell this dark story.  

Free! (S1+S2+4OVA) - It feels like everyone and their grandmother has seen this show, so of course I fell on the bandwagon. For the first 11 episodes thou I was very neutral to it… But goddammit the first season finale had me sheering, squealing and tearing up!! (Let Rin be happy!!) Sadly only the S2 OVA had me laughing; apart from that episode, the humor was not at all up my alley.

Zankyou No Terror/Terror In Resonance (S1) - I really like the style and the smooth animation in this one. And DANG, THAT ENDING! If you like thrillers that are completely based on reality and science (like Beautiful Bones) then this could be perfect for you.

Wolf’s Rain (S1+4OVA) - I remember trying to watch this when I was like 15, but I never got past episode 3 for some reason. Which is a real shame because I think that I would really, really liked it then. Perfectly angsty and tragic for little wannabe-emo-teen-me. Do you like dark fantasies with pretty people/wolves? Then do not miss out on this one! 

Mahon Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica (S1+1 movie) - Oh shit. Oh holy shit. I would never have guessed that this show, this thing that looks so darn innocent and cute in design and summary, would have me in so much emotional turmoil (very much like Steven Universe in that way). But seriously; amoungst all of the animes on this list, this is in my opinion the one with the most captivating story-line, plot development and characters (I simply had to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting). Some people hate the ending, but I think it worked really well (even though all the tears could have clouded my judgement). And if you liked the show, then you MUST watch the movie Rebellion! Also: One of the the best English dubs I have ever heard in my life!! UPDATE: I have now seen everything twice… I cry every times I see Homura on screen. (O_Q)

Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (S1) - I watched this before when it first came out but I had a hard time remembering anything from it apart from the characters. Glad I gave it a re-watch because it´s super cute and silly; perfect for when you just want to give your feels a break from all the angst and suffering other shows come with (*stares at the one above*). I also highly recommend the live-action movie based on this! :D 

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased (S1) - This show is both intriguing and stunning! I love how modern animation uses lightning and this show is a good example of that (same goes for Death Parade). Downside: Stress, stress and even more stress!! Please, just let the small children live!!! My heart cannot take this torture!! D,,X But the stress aside, it was all worth it at the end. 

Jigoku Shojo/Hell Girl (S1) - My Golb, the young girls in this look exactly like the characters I would draw at 14-16. X,D The animation is just okay, and it takes a long time before we learn anything worthwhile about the main characters. But what made me watch a whole season (26 ep) was because of the interesting stories in each episode. It was fascinating to see how little/much it was required for people to give up their souls for eternal damnation in return for the death of a person they hated. 

Steins;Gate (S1+1OVA) - It took me a while to get into the story, but by the half way point, when shit got really intense, I was waaay hooked. I usually do not like stories that involve time-traveling because it makes my head hurt, but this (Like Madoka Magica) was really well written. I have very little to fault the show on ((apart from how the harassment of a trans girl is used for comedy in at least 2 episodes…)) and would recommend!

Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+S2+1 movie) - Decided to watch something really cute with sis again and this is what we ended up with. And oh darn it, it is cute alright! Everything is so sugary sweet and lovely, and good music too that you will hum on for weeks. Apart form the occasional funky looking CGI (which actually looks really good in the movie), the animation is top notch. A simple story about a bunch of girls and their lives and friendships when guys are not in the picture.

Makura No Danshi/Pillow Boys (S1) - Finally met up with my anime loving friends and this was one of the things we saw. The episodes in this are very short, all of which are about different types of guys talking to YOU before you go to sleep. It´s… different to say the least. Who was my favourites? Hmmm… I guess the guy from Ep 2, since I recall him the clearest. He also felt like someone who had known me for a while and I appreciated that. WARNING: Ep 10 did give me some extreme rapist vibes! BAD TOUCH!! (O_O)

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (S1) - If you like bloody action of high quality with humans fighting against superhuman enemies then this is most surely something for you. Many parallels can be pulled to Attack on Titian, but I would never call this a rip-off. All the animation is in the A+ class and there is this wonderful colouring/lighting effect they sometimes use for close ups which makes the characters look absolutely stunning. The level of details on the character designs also stuck out to me (A+ there too).

Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (S1+S2+1OVA) - Also known as food porn. I had never heard of this until Dan and Phil mentioned it in a video and when I understood that it was about food I had to check it out. I love shows/stories that are centered around cooking (Hell´s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Princess, etc) so I really got hooked on this. Not only is the food animated beautifully, but you learn a lot at the same time. And the absurd (dirty) humor is so redicoulus that I cannot help but laugh.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World (S1) - When I first saw posters for this show they never caught my interest. It looked so much like the generic fantasy harem anime that I just ignored it. But then a friend forced me to actually see it and BOY was I wrong. Let me put it this way: Imagine Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but with a higher budget and set in a fantasy land. So if you enjoy blood, gore and mind games, check this baby out!

Ghost Hunt (S1) - I know that I had seen this anime when it was new, but apparently I never saw the final episodes of the season since I had no idea what was going to happen. But glad that I saw this again! Not the scariest or goriest show out there, but it is fun and entertaining. My favorite part is how all the characters get along even though they have different beliefs and ways of dealing with the unknown. 

Psycho-Pass (S1 + S2 + 1 movie) - Everybody were recommending this show to me and I understand why. There is detective work, blood/gore, and some kick-ass action; just right for me. However, I am not into all the tech porn (you know - when the put so much time and focus on weapons and other technology when they open up, charge, fire, etc. Not my thing!), but it was still a good anime. The only downside was that I felt very little when characters died, which was strange since I usually get attached very easily and morn fictional characters on a regular basis.  

Mayoiga / The Lost Village (S1) - Oh maaan. I was expecting something along the lines of Battle Royale, but this was nothing but a big disappointment. There was so much potential in the first episodes for this to become the next Another or Corpse Party, but nooo. Lack of death aside, I guess it had it´s creepy moments, but the finale was not worth the wait in my opinion. I was actually so upset by the final twist that I sat down and basically created an alternative version of the story. Same basic structure, characters, feel and pitch, but with a more classic psychological horror plot. I would also have put the focus on other characters over the two basic cardboard cutouts (I vote for Valkana and Nanko!).

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii No Jukyou (5OVA) - I had seen this before when it first came out, but since I am still in a Halloween mood I decided to give it a re-watch. Totally one of those shows that I cannot look away from (not only because I need the subs, but you know what I mean). Spooky details all over the place blended with intestines and body horror. I may not be a big fan of the Elfen Lied-wannabe character designs, but I would totally watch it a third time when I once again forget the ending. I was so shocked that all I could do was to stare at the screen while the credits passed by. 

Mira Nikki / The Future Diary (S1) - That moment you like the premise and concept of a show, but dislike the main characters. Damn that moment. It could be that the English dub makes the protagonists seem more douchey than what they actually are in the oringal Japanese version, or it´s just that they are both written poorly (IMO). But I like the background characters and there is some genuine tension throughout the show, so I watched it all.

Yuri!!! On ICE (S1) - I had been looking forward to this since the first trailer, so it was really really hard for me to wait until all episodes had aired before I had a marathon. But gah! It was worth it! There are no cliffhangers no, but the show just makes you feel so warm and fluffy that you want to see more right away. It is a sports anime, but the characters and relationships are so well developed that I would say to give it a chance even if sports isn’t for you. You will still fall in love with everybody and you just want them all to win gold and be happy!!

PS: Oh dear brother of mine, if you are reading this, be prepared for an anime night next time we meet. You and Jorge will love this! ;D


Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name (movie) - Hands down one of the best MOVIES I have seen this year. Well made, a story that pulls you in, heart-wrenching and beautiful music. This is totally up there amongst Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I will definitely be showing this to all my friends, no matter if they are into anime or not. 

Okay, so about those S2 E1 spoilers

Notice: I did not watch the episode. The lovely thats-entirely-to-much-tuna in the DGHDA discord chat did. So these spoilers are secondhand.

(And under the cut)

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