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Signs as Reailty Tv Shows

Aries: Big Brother

Taurus: The Bachelor

Gemini: Dancing With The Stars

Cancer: Americas Next Top Model

Leo: Project Runway

Virgo: The Voice

Libra: Face Off

Scorpio: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sagittarius: RuPauls Drag Race

Capricorn: Dance Moms

Aquarius: The Amazing Race

Pisces: Survivor

All in all this has been one of my favorite seasons. Yes there were people I wasn’t a fan of but as a whole this really was the most diverse and unique cast project runway has had and it was truly beautiful and special to see so many individuals with different backgrounds, races, and beliefs come together and form such a strong bond. They all celebrate each other for who they are and what they design and it was wonderful to watch. 

Dream Come True

Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 1101 

 Warnings: none 

A/N:  “One of us thinks this is a date but the other thinks it’s an informal job interview” with Kirk requested by anon for my 300 Follower AU Celebration! I had fun with this one, so hopefully you guys do too! :D Also there’s pics at the end of the dress and suit style I had in mind if anyone’s curious.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” you said as your roommate zipped up the back of your floor length dress.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. if he doesn’t give you the job, I guarantee he’ll give you his number.”

“I don’t want his number. I want the job.”

“Oh please, like you’d really say no to sleeping with the infamous Jim Kirk.” You glared at your roommate in the mirror before sighing, defeated.

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