project rock n roll


Summary: You were running late to your unknowingly cancelled class and you meet a new face who shares his past with you.

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, death mention

Word Count: 1,022

A/N: Prompt #3 | I didn’t expect this to be kind of sad at the end, but here is another one!

You hated your Fall semester class schedule because all the courses you had to take only had one class available so you had to take it at whatever time it was. You hated that your Intermediate Chemistry class was at 7:35 AM. You couldn’t even process any material at that time. You didn’t know anyone who can.

You had a late night last night because you were working on a project for your Rock ‘N’ Roll class that was due today. You made sure to set an alarm for 6 AM before you went to bed. However, it was a different story when your alarm didn’t go off or you didn’t hear it. You frantically searched for your phone and saw that your clock said 7 AM. You quickly jumped out of bed, grabbed your toothbrush and toothpaste and headed straight into the communal bathroom to brush your teeth. You looked like a mess and it was going to stay like that.

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Showing himself — or at least his Father John Misty self — warts and all is central to Tillman’s satirical approach, and the shock of these frankly misogynistic lines give the songwriting’s lighter elements teeth. At the same time, they expose the limits of Tillman’s Misty project so far. His ugly imagery exposes the limits of rock ‘n’ roll romanticism and indict the skinnily macho character he’s created. But Father John Misty walks away from these encounters unscathed and able to redeem himself through the love of the “right” woman. Created in collaboration with Emma, I Love You, Honeybear does reflect the dialogue with a community that allows artists to keep refining their outrageousness. But it’s a hothouse community of two, and Tillman’s ultimate faith in his own sincerity as a lover provides a redemption that his Misty character simply doesn’t earn.