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some more eizouken sketches! they’re all just vibing playing DS games

throwback to that time i tried to write the briarwood arc into a shakespearean esque play:


“percy, darling,” the only acceptable opening line


dumb ‘wit’ jokes playing with high and low language




the song they’re critiquing is a scanlan parody of Bring Me To Life, which is the only acceptable song to heal vampire-bitten vax i dont care that it didnt actually happen im taking artistic liberties


voice of the tempest more like the voice of reason

Rhythm game fanbases in a nutshell

Dynamix: This game has left me so many artists that I continue to listen to :))) *wholesome vibes* What a fun game

Cytus: *boomer voice* kids these days and their carpets of magma, they don’t know REAL difficulty like the time I dislocated my thumbs playing L or cried over REAL lesbians like…….. Irene and Flower

Cytus II: Guys look!!!! For only the cheap price of $19.00, I got these three thirty second songs!!!!!! Bless u Rayark!!!!!! Also lesbians

Phigros: losers. imagine paying we have nothing to lose but our chains

Deemo: if its not deemo music 🎺🎷🎸❌🎤🎧🎹❌🎵🎶❌🎹🎹 it’s not QUALITY music 😳😤🙄 *Insert comment about how they cried for a month over the story here* *Is basically an angsty toned down version of Geometry Dash*

Arcaea: hi this chart broke into my house, killed my entire family in front of me and stole my firstborns legs

Lyrica: china, nice

School Idol Festival/Tapsonic Grand Prix: weebs

Lanota: hrhehehhrhgghhgwh circle go spin hagqqnwndofosnanqla TAKE ME HIGH

Voez: ew its voez lmao

Project Muse: *Insert gay headcanon here* :-)

Tone Sphere: ah, new sustenance delivered to the ever expanding universe of our Lord and saviour, S t a. TONIGHT, WE FEAST, for we are a superior breed in comparison to the other excuses of pitiful entertainment that mere humans call “games”. i sacrificed my children to you sta

Project Diva: *comment about miku’s outfit here* *bashes the 3DS games there* oh i get it, it’s a metaphor for depression *comment about how x miku voicebank is superior to y voicebank because the mv doesn’t match*

Lethe: dicks out for fantasy, whores

Geometry Dash: *Busts down door like Kool-Aid man on steroids* *Fires several rounds into the air* G̶̡͚͍̘̔͒̚É̸̦͉̊̐́O̴̥̪̩͒̍͠M̵̗̃̑E̸̛͙̠̲T̷̨̜͖̒̓̍Ȓ̷͈͘Y̵͍͙͉̋̎̿͌ ̶̮̙͇̟́͐͑D̴̳̓A̶̯̜̤͐̋̏S̸̼̙̱̀̃ͅH̸̲̙̩̜͠,̷̢̩̱͖̈́̐̂͛ ̴͒̂ͅÀ̷̫̻N̷͍̹̖̪͌̉̿Y̸̠̙͇͆͛̃̊O̸͓͖̜͑̒͜N̶̺͛̓E̵̢̦̩̱͌!̷͙͖͆̀ͅ?̶̜͈͎̈̒̔!̶̧̧̥̫̿͠?̷̻̠̬̦̉̌̈́́!̴̫̝͚̣̍͘?̷̼̣̹̈!̶̳̑͛?̸̧̧͇͓̆̈́̕͝

Osu: ^^^^^^^ but with every song you’ve ever heard

October 21st is little Eli’s birtdhay !

To fight her lack of confidence, the other kids all agreed to challenge her through dancing games, dance battles and even singing showdowns if the kids are brave enough, only to purposely lose to let her win.

It has been a tough process to tell the proudest children to let their ego on the side, but they agreed to lose in exchange of a favor in return. Nico is notorious for not giving in until this morning. However… we are still unsure whether or not Maki and Leah have accepted.

Get the music on and let’s see how far she’ll go !!!

note : This is probably the event which will have the least amount of asks answered i’m sorry, i have to take a plane at 6 AM tomorrow and the Halloween event starts on the 23rd. I can’t delay further or i won’t be able to show all the costumes (and i still have to ask the five remaining people if they’re still in, or i’ll have to do it myself *sobs uncontrollably* but uh basically hooray happy birthday Eli

I love how 50% of the KH fandom is like “Uh oh” with the reveal of Melody of Memory and than there is the other half of us who has probably played Project Diva or some other Rhythm game who are like “Its our time to shine”.

You’re either good in combat in KH and sucked in Antlantica or you’re really good at Antlantica / Rhythm games and suck at combat.

If you’re good at both?  Congrats you’re a literal god.


Forthington’s Family (A Rhythm Heaven Megamix comic)
Holidays are a time for giving, celebrating, and awkward family gathering.

(I may have worked way too hard on a joke that ~10 people will get. Oh well! I adore how this turned out- certainly much better than what the sketches suggested. Not bad for a year-end project.)

anonymous asked:

Who are P. Muse and Kayla?

P. Muse, aka, Project Muse, is a rhythm game! I don’t think it’s available anywhere but on mobile, but I could be wrong.

Kayla’s one of the characters in it…