project red dress

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you still want requests or not so you don't have to draw this, but the random thought of Yata Misaki in a dress popped into my head and I thought it would be cute

Yata-chan in a dress~! Never be afraid to give me a drawing request! It may not be done right away, that is mostly because i don’t have the skills yet to get that drawing done, it will happen!! 


art by @shy-canadian-snowflake

So the Mausoleum/Wishing outfit is basically done. The cloak lacks a hood, and I may have to make a better bustle. But that’s about it.

Ideally I would redo the whole thing if I had the time. Velvet for the backdrape makes it way too heavy in the back, and the bodice is clunky. I would also change the pompon trim. But for this project it works well enough. The red scarf is something I made yesterday. It’s not as tomato red as depicted here, it has a deeper shade in real life. And it needs ironing. But overall it turned out well. I love the fringe used!