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Hey there budypalfriendperson I got a favor to ask: I seem to remember that you either posted or reblogged about a website that can take large images and print them to scale on a standard printer by doing so in sections, which would be incredibly handy for random craft projects. I tried looking through your archive, but the gods decided to gift me with the attention span of a squirrel and the impulse control of a kitten finding its first bug. Is there any way you can help a friendperson out?

I suspect you are thinking of Posterizer:

The zodiac signs as anime charatcters

Aries: Guren Ichinose // Owari no Seraph

Taurus: Yuri Katsuki // Yuri on Ice

Gemini: Hinata Shouyou // Haikyuu!!

Cancer: Armin Arlert // Shingeki no Kyojin

Leo: Yukari Mishakuji // K: Missing Kings

Virgo: Yuno Gasai // Mirai Nikki

Libra: Rin Matsuoka // Free!

Scorpio: Ayato Kirishima // Tokyo Ghoul

Sagittarius: Sebastian Michaelis // Kuroshitsuji

Capricorn: Levi Ackerman // Shingeki no Kyojin

Aquarius: Rei Miyamoto // Highschool of the dead

Pisces: Shuu Tsukiyama // Tokyo Ghoul

the fact that Edward used Oswald’s father and not his mother for his little scheme has really stuck out to me and I’m taking it as proove for Edward not really wanting to “destroy” Oswald. Edward knew how important Gertrude was to Oswald and that using her would have affected Oswald even more. Edward clearly wants his  slightly petty revenge but by choosing Elijah over Gertrude he shows a flicker of something that implies that there is a line he won’t cross

I’m going to take a moment to talk about something I don’t on this blog anymore, usually.

Tonight, on the way home from a long and exhausting family Christmas, my little one was having trouble falling asleep in the car. So I pulled out my phone to turn on music, and I had Just Hold On at a low volume, so I turned that on.

My little one fell asleep to me stroking their cheek and lowly singing along to the song. In that moment, I felt such a powerful connection to the lyrics, and to the meaning behind them. It’s a promise. It’s not a promise that all will be fine, its an understanding that when life falls apart on you, because it will, you just have to hang on to what you’ve got and push through.

Louis- I know you didn’t have us in particular in mind, but from one mother/child pair to another, thank you so much for this incredible song. I love you from the bottom of my heart, and I am so proud of you. I know your mum was too. ❤💛


Person A is the type to take up random projects and abandon them half way through. It’s just who they are. They have a very short attention span. Luckily, Person B thinks it’s adorable. They pretend they don’t like the mess, but in reality, they love watching Person A run frantically around the house while they gather materials for a new project. Person B especially loves the way Person A looks when they focus. Biting their lip and narrowing their eyes and muttering to themselves. It inspires Person B to take up their own hobby. Photography.

Person B loves the image of Person A so much that they can’t stop photographing them. These perfect candids quickly fill the house. Person A reading on the bed before they go to sleep, Person A on the swing set in the park outside their house, Person A cooking breakfast in the kitchen, smiling because they just spilled batter all over Person B.

But Person A doesn’t like that there are only pictures of themselves. But Person A can’t take a good photograph for shit, so one day, Person A and Person B go out in a date and Person A shows up with some random guy following them with a camera.

When Person B asks why they’re there, Person A simply replies “I’m sick of your beautiful face hiding behind the camera.”

The next day, Person A bursts into their house with some of the most beautiful photos either of them have ever seen, of both of them, and of Person B individually. The couple spends the day hanging photos together before Person A steps back, planting a kiss on Person B’s cheek.

“There,” they say with a smile. “Now were even.”



I was going through my DS last night and I noticed I have a /ton/ of unfinished projects all over the place… x-x;

This is probably why my microSD card takes forever to load when wirelessly connecting to my computer.. (it took an hour to finally load the SDcard enough to pull these off of it. xD)

First Sight, Daveed Diggs x Reader

Prompt: Rafa sets Daveed and Reader up.

Words: 978

Author’s Note: Day 5! Two more days to go! I might have to wait until 1000 followers to do this again because we’ve already gained 40 followers in the past 5 days! You guys are so amazing!

Warnings: None?

Askbox | Masterlist

Rafa and you were rather unlikely friends, from rather humble beginnings. Partners on a random project in a high school English class turned lunchroom pals. You’d pass notebooks back and forth, ideas thirty years into the future, rhymes that weren’t quite great yet - but you were working on them.

Those midday scribbles in a year old notebook turned into college applications and an apartment rental split between the two of you.

Eventually, you had to go your separate ways - with promises of future support and care packages already planned out.

Your departure to the east coast put a strain on your friendship. There was an occasional get together when you happened to stop by for the holidays. Sometimes he would meet up with you, in town to ‘meet with some colleagues’.

You started to gain traction with your spoken word. Enough to pay the bills, but not enough to feel compromised.

Rafa visited more often as he grew closer to his new ‘colleagues’. He started inviting you out with these people, but you always politely declined. He insisted he could connect you with the people you deserved to be connected with, you insisted you were happy where you were.

“That’s not what I mean.” He told you one day over coffee, “Not professional connections. A personal one. You have a fan.”

“A fan?” You challenged. “Sounds…insane.”

“He’s very cute.” He insisted.

“Then you date him.”

“He’s got his eyes on you.” He sat back in his chair, “But believe me, if there was any inclination he was interested in me-”

“Alright, set it up.” You brushed off, nonchalantly, which was quickly met by a loud cheer of celebration from him.

He went to work quickly, texts at three in the morning on if it was appropriate for him to bring flowers for you, and whether or not you felt a coffee date was just a bit too casual.

Which is how you found yourself in a snooty New York bar, one beer in, wearing a dress Rafa had chosen for you. He had yet to show, and through it was still fifteen minutes until the time you had agreed upon, you were beginning to wonder if he ever would show.

“Y/N?” You heard.

You whipped around, only to be met with exactly the opposite of who you expected. Rafa had restrained himself from describing him - something about the element of surprise, and a poet’s first sight of love and blah blah blah.

He was certainly something. You didn’t know what to focus on, really, there was just so much to take in.

Then he smiled, and there was nothing else to look at. He raised his eyebrow expectantly at you, and you realized he was waiting for something from you.

“Daveed.” You answered, much more breathless than you wished to be.

“What brings you to New York?” You asked, after an extensive background of just how proud he was to be a west coast native.

“Broadway, I’m in rehearsal for a show right now.” He brushed it off, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Ooh, la, la! The lavish life of a Broadway actor!” You mused, ordering a water.

“Right.” He laughed, “Hardly lavish. This is the only solid food I’ve eaten all week.” He pointed to the bowl of assorted nuts, which he had been nervously picking at all night.

“Maybe we should have gotten dinner instead.” You faltered for a moment, realizing just how flirty that came off. He huffed out a laugh at your embarrassment.

“There’s always next time.” He told you, “Although, maybe we should be careful. Rafa might actually have a heart attack if he knows he set this up.”

You felt his hand on your knee - the first intimate moment you shared. You suddenly remember the rant Rafa had gone on that you half-listened to. The poet’s first sight of love.

“I had it with you.” Rafa told you, “When I met you, I knew I loved you. Pure, platonic, creative love.” You cooed out an awe, attempting to pinch his cheek, which he batted away, “I think there could be something there between you. Just give it a chance!”

“Do you have a pen on you?” You asked frantically as Daveed fished one out. You snatched a napkin from the stack near the end of the bar, scribbling away as fast as your hand would allow.

“What’s going on?” Daveed asked after several minutes of your insistent writing. “Did I do something?”

“No.” You mumbled, “You’re fine. Just-” Your pen faltered, you took a breath and met his gaze, “We should go out again.”

“Okay.” He said excitedly. “Whatever you say. When? Where?”

“Tomorrow morning? Breakfast before you go back to your ‘starving actor’ gig?” You stuffed the napkins into your purse, recapping his pen, shoving it in his hands.

“Keep it, it seems like you’re putting it to better use.” He glanced at his watch, checking the time. “We should get going, I have a hot date tomorrow morning that I can’t miss.” He tucked your hair behind your ear, balancing the pen on your ear.

He escorted you to the curb outside, quickly hailing a cab for you.

“Can I ask? What were you writing?”

You paused, wondering if it was too early to share. You took the plunge, fishing in your purse for the first napkin you could find. You pushed it into his hand without second thought and climbed into the taxi before you could second guess yourself.

He watched for a moment as your taxi retreated into the busy street, letting out a breath that was visible in the cold New York air.

He unfolded the napkin, barely able to make out your rushed handwriting.

The poet’s first sight of love - why Rafa may one day be my maid of honor.

Consider this tho

I was “studying” and I was randomly listening to Hooverphonic and I fell asleep but I was kinda awake and for a short second I kinda dreamed about a sportarobbie thing, video, idk what it was but it was so fucking intense bro like what, sportaflop was full on the james bond vibe and the background song was Mad About You and I want it back. Like “ Trouble is your middle name but in the end you’re not too bad. Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you” 

I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

look @ that pre-school banner yo. anyways i’ve never done one of these?? but i thought christmas would be a good reason for one, as a thank you to all these lovely blogs for lighting up my dash ❄️  and also!!! here is a a general thank you to everyone for being on board with all the random procrastination projects i come up with, ily. 

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