project pen pal

What should I send to my pen pal?

Well I cannot really tell you EVERYTHING on what you should send to your pen pal but hopefully this will give you an idea:

1. CANDY! (make their day)

2. Pictures (whether it’s of you or something you just really like/find pretty)

3. Stickers

4. Post Cards from places you visit

5. Pencils/Erasers/Pens (They don’t have to be expensive or anything. It’s the thought and effort that counts!)

6. Post-its

7. Washi Tape (You can use a popsicle and wrap the washi tape around it. That way your pen pal can use washi tape you own!)

8. If you like to draw, you can draw anything on pretty paper and cut it out (maybe turn them into stickers?!)

9. Make magnets! DIY!

10. Make your own bookmarks with the things your pen pal and you have in common. Or maybe something you find cute

11. You can make pins and send them to your pen pals

12. Send them bracelets or a necklace (You can even make that)

13. Make a CD of your favorite playlist (Burn a CD of your fav. songs)

14. Cute hair pins

15. Souvenirs from where you are from/at

16. You can always get leaves or flowers and use tape that way your pen pals can save and see what your fav. flower or leaf is? lol or maybe you just like being outdoors

I can go on and on… I hope this gave you an idea or maybe you might even try some of the things that were on this list. Whatever you’d like, just remember to have fun with it!

Language Pen Pal project

Hi everyone!

My name is Tas, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. Recently, I was thinking to myself “how cool would a Pen Pal Project be, but with language exchange?” So I decided to launch The Bi-lingual Mingle Project! Basically you just put in your target language (or languages) and your language of fluency- to find someone who has allignent language goals. ie. I am currently studying Spanish but fluent in English so my Pen Pal would be studying English and fluent in Spanish! I have attached the link to the project below and would love to create a space where an international audience can interact!! Please fill the doc. for your new Language Pen Pal!


hebelu  asked:

What about like an AU where they are pen pals for some assignment and then do like school exchange? Sid goes to Russia and stays with Geno and then Geno comes to Canada and stays with Sid

Sidney had a pen pal when he was in elementary school. It’d been for a project, everyone had a pen pal. And approximately three weeks later, he received a very short letter from one Evgeni in Russia, no last name. It was much like his own introductory letter: his name, age, what school he went to, and hoping that his pen pal enjoyed hockey. The letter was written in shaky English and signed with ‘Zhenya,’

The first letter was followed by a third, and then a fourth, until Sidney had taken to writing to Zhenya far past the project end date. It felt nice, tossing his secrets and fears and happiness out to Russia, where as far as he knew, no one would ever know of it besides Zhenya.

Dear Zhenya, I couldn’t go to practice today, Sidney writes, wiping his eyes. One falls anyways and blurs the Z on Zhenya. Mom was scared the other kids would hit me. We’re waiting another week. I wish I could have a friend there.

Sorry, Sid, came the response two weeks later, with a doodle of two people holding hockey sticks, Wish I play hockey with you in Canada.

When he entered Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, the letter-writing became less frequent, but Zhenya’s English has vastly improved. Sometimes, late at night, he imagines what Zhenya would look like–a blur of a handsome face with a prominent nose, very tall and lanky, with a silly grin to match Sidney’s equally silly laugh. He didn’t dare ask Zhenya for a photograph, for fear of ruining his fantasy, and Zhenya never did ask either.

I think about you many times, one final letter comes on Sidney’s 17th birthday, to Sidney’s surprise. His hands are shaking as he reads, You have not write for many months. I know you are busy. I am too,and you maybe forget me already, which is okay. But I have to tell you before I regret forever. I miss your letters. Play good hockey, Sidney. You are the best. Happy birthday. I love you.

Sidney tries to send one back, one that says, I miss you, too. I love you. I love you. I love you. I’m sorry, I didn’t forget you– But it comes back, a few weeks later, with a “Return to Sender, not able to forward to recipient.”

Sidney gets drafted, and he kisses Zhenya’s last letter after rereading it. It’s one of his rituals for every game, and not even Flower knows about it. He wonders if Zhenya can see him playing a game, wherever he is.

Evgeni Malkin escapes from the KHL soon after, and Sidney has a flickering hope of, Can it be him? before he meets Evgeni. He seems exhausted, happy to meet Sidney, but there’s not a single sign of recognition.

And so Sidney’s first love was lost, just like that. Destroyed by the post office, apparently. Sidney doesn’t know if it’s silly or not for falling in love with a man he’s never even met. But he keeps all the letters. And he reads them, and reads them, and reads them.  


The Pens win the Cup, and Geno gets on his knees as Sidney pours champagne in his mouth. It’s a good feeling.

Sidney won this for himself, but also partly for Zhenya, whose constant encouragements kept him going despite the abuse at the rink, from teammates and parents alike. 

He’s in his hotel room early, rereading Zhenya’s last letter, when there’s a knock on the door. 

It’s Geno, loose-limbed from the alcohol and partying. He ends up collapsing on Sidney’s bed after saying a few greetings and bringing him an unopened bottom of champagne over.

“You old man now, have to drink in silence,” Geno says, then starts snoring a few minutes later.

Sidney lets him sleep, and tucks the letter back into the drawer. 


“Good morning,” Sidney says, toothbrush in his mouth as Geno groans. “How do you feel?”

“Like ass,” Geno says. “How you up so early? Sorry for pass out on bed.”

Sidney rolls his eyes. “I got hungry.”

He goes back to the sink to rinse, and when he comes back, he freezes completely at the sight of Geno holding Zhenya’s letters. The one, worn after so many years, saying,  Play good hockey, Sidney. You are the best. Happy birthday. I love you.

“Geno,” he scowls, trying to snatch it from Geno’s hands. “That was–did you open my drawers? Stop snooping.”

Geno backs up. “Where you get this?” his voice barely restrained with emotion. 

“It’s none of your business,” Sidney says. Why is Geno being so defensive? “Stop being a dick, G, give it back.”

“No,” Geno says, his hands trembling. “No.”

“What the fuck? You’ll tear it,” Sidney demands, starting to get angry. “It’s important to me, stop fucking around–”

“Is my letter,” Geno says stubbornly. “I’m write it, is mine.”

“What?” All the fight goes out of Sidney. He feels like a deflated balloon. “Geno, what are you talking about?”

“I write to Sid, when I’m little, not know which Sid,” Geno says thickly. “Sidney in Canada, play good hockey, needs a friend.” 

“These are from Zhenya,” Sidney whispers. But he starts to hope. Oh God, he hopes he’s right.

I’m Zhenya,” Geno says mournfully. “Sid, you not ever write back. I think, maybe he not think same, maybe he hate me after this letter–”

“I didn’t–I tried–” His heart is beating so fast, like a panicked hummingbird. “Geno, I wanted to so badly. I tried. The letters wouldn’t send–the address wasn’t right, the letters kept coming back, I couldn’t find you.” He’s babbling now. “Zhenya. Zhenya, I loved you. I love you.”

It’s quiet for moment that drags on too long. Sidney fears that it’s all over by now, that there’s no fixing either relationships with Geno, his alternate, or his first love, Zhenya. But then he looks up, and Geno looks like he’s in awe, like early-morning bed-head Sidney is the most amazing thing to walk in front of him ever. 

Sidney,” Geno says, low and hopeful. He makes Sidney’s name sound like a prayer, and Sidney can’t stop marveling. “Sidney.”

“Hi,” Sidney says wetly. “Hi, Zhenya.” 

ID #63173

Name: Lily
Age: 15
Country: USA

My name is Lily I’m a 15 year old from Northern California (USA) and am looking for loads of pen pals for a project.
At my school, by the time we graduate we are supposed to compose a project, mine being this: I want to have a few pen pals from each continent, all teenage girls who have a different lives than me. I then want to get to know them via letters or maybe some online communication over the next few years and by the time I graduate from school, have my project centered around all of my pen pals first hand experiences of what it’s like to be a young woman all around the globe.
Want to be a part of it? Hit me up!
1. Be a kickass young woman from anywhere
2. That’s it!
Thanks all!

Preferences: Must be female and under 18!

pen pals [peter parker x reader]

first part! second part! third part!

a/n: this is the very first part of it, prepare for more, mates

summary: the school of reader makes a project about having a pen pal from a different country. reader gets assigned with peter and the two start writing their first emails to each other, getting to know each other a bit more and wondering where this is going to taaake i suck at summaries lmao

words: 1487

6th May, 15:53

Dear Peter,

today’s the day I’m writing you my first letter! Even though the idea of having a pen pal, living far away from you, seems like a great adventure and experience, there is a small dash of anxiety within me, while I don’t know how to even continue writing that letter. Should I tell you about my day at school? Or about my dog? What if you think I’m an odd person and then you don’t even think about writing me back?

There it is again – me, overthinking everything. My worst character trait. Although my best friend keeps saying that my habit of biting my finger nails is even worse. But, whatever.

God, because of all the above, I nearly forgot to tell you some stuff about me! I’m Y/N, as you might know. Still going to school, somewhere in Europe. Loving all kinds of books and movies. Especially the cheesy ones about two people falling in love with each other, then going through an hour of “I can’t do this”, until they realize at the very end that, in fact, they can do it and finally seal their lips with a long-awaited kiss, whilst some overplayed indie rock song is rustling in the background. Love that shit.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, wherever you live, you’re alright.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you a bit more, Peter.

Yours truly,


You hit “Send” and nearly broke your laptop from shutting it so harshly. The bang let you immediately regret every single thing you wrote in that mail. For nearly two hours, you sat there, wondering what you could tell that strange guy, who’s living far away on a completely different continent. With different people around him, to you unknown streets and places. An unavowedly life, of which you were waiting to be a part of.

The school you went to, established a project of getting to know people in foreign countries, creating a partnership with the Midtown School of Science and Technology in New York and agreeing on a project, in which all those students should come together and start writing letters to each other. After filling out a rather ridiculous survey about your interests and other things, with meaningful questions such as “What kind of music do you like?”, to eyebrow-furrowing ones like “If a Hippo falls into a hole how would you get it out?”, you got assigned with another student, who answered the questions in a similar way to yours. What an absurd way of getting to know someone.

You got assigned to a boy named Peter Parker, 15 years old. Not knowing anything about him, than his name and his age, you wondered what kind of person he might be like. If he was popular, if he had many friends. You wondered how close you could get to someone, who lives miles away, the only contact through short letters. Peter Parker. That name echoed in your head.

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🎄 BTS christmas request updates 🎄

Here are the final results for the requests!

key: ✕ = already requested | ✓ = still open

✕ day 1: You and I are sworn enemies, but we’ve been chosen to plan the company school Christmas party together [ requested with Jin in a Hogwarts! au ]

✕ day 2: My best friend rigged the secret Santa so that I could buy your present because they know I have a massive crush on you! [ requested with Jungkook ]

✕ day 3: I work as Santa’s helper at the mall, and you’re visiting with your younger sibling. [requested with Hoseok ]

✕ day 4: I’m desperate to find a particular item as a present, but it’s sold out everywhere. Luckily, I have you to help me out! [ requested with Hoseok ]

✕ day 5: You and I are coworkers, but we barely know each other. Now we have to work through the holidays together, and it’s only us in this office… [ requested with Jungkook ]

✕ day 6: You and I meet in the emergency room on Christmas Eve. [ requested with Jimin ]

✕ day 7: I can’t wrap Christmas presents to save my life, but you’re amazing at it. Please help me! [ requested with Yoongi ]

✕ day 8: My ex will be at the Christmas party, so you agreed to pose as my fiancé to keep them away. [ requested with Taehyung ]

✕ day 9: I vowed to do something nice for a stranger this Christmas. Guess today’s your lucky day… [ requested with Jimin ]

✕ day 10: You and I both sign up for a Christmas Pen Pal project to exchange postcards over the holidays. [ requested with Jin ]

✕ day 11: You and I broke up, but we end up meeting at a Christmas party… [ requested with Taehyung ]

✕ day 12: I’m stuck working in the coffee shop on Christmas Day and you’re the lonely soul spending the whole day here. Do you need a friend? [ requested with Namjoon ]

✕ day 13: My little sibling wants to meet their favourite idol for Christmas. You’re their “present” [ requested with Jimin with a soulmate! au ]

✕ day 14: I can’t travel to see my family on Christmas, so I decided to invite you over to keep me company, even though you’re kind of grumpy and a loner… [ requested with Yoongi with a Hogwarts! au ]

✕ day 15: You and I compete to see who can decorate their house the nicest. [ requested with Jungkook ]

✕ day 16: I baked too many Christmas cookies. Do you want some? [ requested with tsundere! Yoongi with a school au ]

✕ day 17: I have to dress up as Santa for Christmas, and you keep laughing at my costume. But now I’ve taken off my beard, you’re all shy and blushy… [ requested with Namjoon ]

✕ day 18: You and I have to save Christmas?!?! [ requested with Hoseok ]

✕ day 19: It’s my first Christmas after a tragedy… I don’t know if I can do this… [ requested with Yoongi ]

✕ day 20: I returned to my childhood town for the holidays. You’re my estranged childhood friend, and - wow! - you grew up to be hot! [ requested with Jungkook ]

✕ day 21: I’m pretending to be my best friend’s lover for the sake of their family. You’re my best friend’s sibling, and you look kind of disappointed now that you believe I’m taken. [ requested with Namjoon ]

✕ day 22: I lost a bet and have to wear an ugly Christmas sweater every day till Christmas. You work at the clothing shop I keep buying them from and you’re super cute! I swear I don’t have such terrible fashion sense normally! it’s just for a bet, okay! [ requested with Jin with a high school! au ]

✕ day 23: I own a struggling toy store. You come in looking for a Christmas present [ requested with Taehyung ]

✕ day 24: I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit, but you live above me and keep blasting Christmas tunes really loud… [ requested with Jungkook ]

✕ day 25: I overheard your Christmas wish and decided to fulfil it! [ requested with Taehyung ] 

The Scofield Project; Prison pen pal au, part 1

For @likes-to-icicle, @nova-arcania, @youreturningscarletscarlet, @redcharade, @redrraine, @legendsnotheroes, @lisellevelvet, @momomoon, @snowflakesandlightning and @daughterofscotland. Inspired by this prompt, I had to do something with this, so I decided to make it into a Tumblr series thingy. You guys have always been kind to me and taught me that this fandom really watches each others backs. So, this one is for all you. Hope you like it.

He stared at the blank piece of paper in front of him, like he’d been doing for the past hour. He couldn’t believe Iris had talked him into this. The only reason he’d agreed was because of his father. His father had gone to prison for a murder he hadn’t committed. And maybe, there were others like his father. On the other hand, with his luck he might just end up with a psychopathic killer.

Barry picked up the info packet that they’d been given, leafing through it with a sigh. What kind of a name was ‘The Scofield Project’ anyway? Just because some guy had successfully cleared his brother’s name and broken him out of prison, that didn’t make him a good candidate to name a prison pen pall project after him. In fact, he was pretty sure that was a terrible decision. But Barry wasn’t a warden at Iron Heights, and quite frankly he shouldn’t care about such things in the first place.

He groaned and laid his head on the table before him. What the hell was he supposed to write anyway? How do you even start a conversation with an inmate you know nothing about. He was going to kill Iris from dragging him into this.

Barry sighed, picked up the pen and started to write.

There’s no perfect way to learn a language. Different ones work for different people so don’t feel that you have to choose a technique someone else uses and stick with it. Try different techniques and use the one (or more) that are good for you.

Study little and often. Try to set aside about 10- 20 minutes every day to maintain your learning.  

You’re allowed to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes when they’re learning a language (think of children learning a language). It’s a part of the learning process, and people (especially native speakers) are not going to judge you for it.  

Start with common words and then basic sentences and grammar rather than diving in with more difficult concepts.

Explore media:

  • Listen to language learning podcasts during travelling, or other idle times. , such as when travelling to work.
  • Watch TV and films online in the language you’re learning. You might not be able to understand it, but it can help you understand the rhythem of the language, and you might be able to find versions with subtitles so that you can develop your vocabulary as well.  

  • Don’t forget about news outlets and social media! You could follow foreign language accounts on twitter, or read / listen to the news in other languages as well.

Write words on post-it notes and stick them around the house (e.g. you could put the word for mirror on the mirror).

Visit a place where you can use the language you’re learning or find someone that you can talk to in that language. There are lots of pen pal projects so maybe you could find someone who speaks that language that you’re interested in. You could also look for tumblrs who speak that language and talk to them.

Get a pocket dictionary so that you can look up any words you don’t know. You could also build up your own dictionary using the vocab that you know and a notebook. It can help you keep track of your progress as well as being a good language resource.

Figure out pronunciation patterns. Languages with the same roots often share similar pronunciation patterns. For instance, one website I checked said that any word that ends in “-tion” in English will almost always end in “-ción” in Spanish and “-ção” in Portuguese.

“How do you say X?” is probably the sentence that you’ll get the most use out of. Learn it early and use it whenever you need to.

Repetition is key to memory! When you learn new words, try to use them as soon as you can and then once or twice later in the day. 

Hello! Welcome to the 1st EXO-L pen pal project!

hosted by @kaisoothirst & collaborating with @sebaek-scum@sulay-network & @thexonet

We hope you guys are just as excited as we are to join this project :). We hope to create friendships and spread the love of EXO. Writing letters seems to old-fashioned but having something sent in the mail is so nice and sentimental so we hope that you guys feel the same way and join :D. We hope you guys have fun and make friend :) 


- you do not have to be in our network, however, joining is always welcomed 
- you do not have to following any of the admins, but again:) if you want to you can. 
- if you are under 16 years of age, please make sure to get permission from your parents/guardian to share your address. 
- MUST be an EXO stan 
- this is open internationally 
- Please keep in mind to always be respectful towards others. 
- you MUST fill out THIS FORM to be matched with another pen pal.

ID #57038

Name: Katy
Age: 22
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a 22 year old from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have an obsession with Boston terriers and Project Runway. I also enjoy watching New Girl, The Office, Stranger Things and YouTube makeup tutorials. The Adventure Zone is my favorite podcast and I have a deep love and appreciation for Lady Gaga. I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal and would love to make a new friend to write back and forth with. I’m okay with emailing or letter writing but I do think sending snail mail would be fun. Hit me up if you want to write me!

Preferences: 20-30

pen pals, part II [peter parker x reader]

part I / part 2 / part 3

a/n: this is so bad i’m sorry lmao thank u

summary: the school of reader makes a project about having a pen pal from a different country. reader gets assigned with peter and the two start writing with each other. they get pretty close, but just keep reaaading :))

words: 1368

tw: death mention, shameless roasting of an actor, who keeps playing the spider-man card lol

tags: @parkerplease (if u would also like to be tagged, just leave me a message!! xx)

The following day, Peter rushed into school, looking for Ned, who was just putting his stuff in his locker.

“Ned!”, Peter exclaimed, running up to him.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“She called me cute”, he whispered, a trace of nervousness within it.

“Who called you cute? Liz?”

“No! Y/N, my pen pal! From the project.”

“Oh, well…dude, that’s some great news”, Ned said with a smile, while Peter, never being this called by a girl before, was on the brink of a breakdown.

The two boys started walking to their classroom, when Ned noticed how tired and drained Peter looked. His face was drawn by dark bags under his eyes.

“You look bad. Did you even sleep that night?”

“No, not really”, Peter sighed, “I was thinking about how she thinks I’m cute, all the time. Ned, what should I do now?”

“I’d say go for it. Sorta.”

“How do you sorta go for it?”

Ned shrugged his shoulders. “Just keep going and see what happens. Like, don’t mess it up now. Maybe you could tell her you’re Spiderman!”

Peter shushed Ned, as he was nearly screaming the latter part.

“No”, Peter whispered harshly, “I don’t wanna play that card. I mean, it could be helpful, but I’m not that kind of guy! I can’t just casually walk up to someone and be like “Hey, I’m a superhero”. What idiot would even do that?”

Ned chuckled. “Well, I would do it.”

“Yes, you’re the worst at keeping secrets. I also think that she doesn’t even know the Avengers. I mean, she’s from Europe and has probably never heard of them.”

9 May, 17:43

Dear Y/N,

I thought a lot about how I should respond to your mail.

Peter laid back, on the verge of deleting the start of his email for the fifth time now. “No, no, no”, he muttered to himself and continued writing.

It’s nice to hear that you think I’m cute. By the way, have you ever heard of Spider-Man? He’s a friend of mine. A good friend. He’s basically an Avenger, that’s a very big thing here.

“No! Why would…someone even do that?”, he cursed at himself, deleting this part quickly. Peter sighed loudly, staring at the bright screen. He used to be happy about his life, the direction it went. But now, he had this feeling, that he was boring, too uninteresting to keep someone aboard. When he didn’t like the way he was, why should somebody else do?

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ARMY Pen-Pal Project

Edit: this post was made on 11-16-2017 so you can still join I’ll Edit this post again when it’s closed. (Which would be in like febuary of 2018 most likely. )

Hi everyone I decided I’m going to start another project (I’m bad at explaining so I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, I also just came up with it so it might be a little flawed). Before we start I’m a hate free blog so hopefully I don’t come off as mean (tell me if I do I don’t want to offend anyone).We all know that there are ARMYs that don’t get along with each other and are biased towards certain  ARMY groups (e.g. ship stans or one member stans) and something I noticed in this fandom is that we all complain about not getting along or just making text post about it but never actually come up with ways to try and stop the hate and negativity in the fandom (we usually say stuff like “Hey stay with your people and I’ll stay with mine”) . The main problem for some ARMYs is that they don’t try and understand each other, which causes a bias. For example, how many times have you heard a ship stan say they hated another ship stan group without actually knowing anyone personally in the group they hate. Knowing at least one person can change your entire view on something. Because every group has good and bad you shouldn’t focus on the bad ones, but on the good. So the main point of this project is to help ARMYs who want to understand other groups, do that. And what I mean by that is is if your a taekook/jikook shipper who dislikes taekook/jikook I’ll pair you up with someone that loves what you dislike,so you can get to know someone personally (I just used those 2 because they’re the biggest ships). I am in no way trying to make you stop what you love, but i’m trying to promote understanding and appreciation between each other, Also the project is not going to focus on what you dislike but rather just getting to know another ARMY. It’s not even about ships if your like “hey I don’t really show that much attention to suga” I’ll pair you up with a suga stan (because they will point out positive things about him). Or if your just like hey I want a new internet friend that’s an ARMY that’s super cool too.Don’t join this if your just going to hate on a ARMY! I do NOT tolerate hate!

 Press keep reading for more info. 

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The Scofield Project; part two

“Snart. You got a letter.” One of the guards held a letter through the bars.

He looked up towards the cell bars and got up from his bed to take the letter from the guard.

“Who’s that from?” Mick sat up. Scooting over a little so Len could rejoin him on the small bunk they tended to share. It was simply the best way to keep warm at night.

“Some kid from The Scofield Project.” Len opened the letter and skimmed through its contents. “A Barry Allen, from Central City’s Washington High.”

“So what’s this kid want? To know what you did? Tips and tricks, like that last kid, Axel?” Mick chuckled, laying his chin on Len’s shoulder as he took a seat next to his partner.

“He wants to chat. Makes no mention of my criminal history.” He couldn’t help but wonder why, though.

Mick hummed. “That’s odd, it’s the first thing they usually ask. You think he’s got family in prison.”

“Not sure.” He tilted his head slightly to the left. “But it seems plausible. Care to help me answer this?”

The aronist smirked. “Sure, let’s spook the hell out of this kid.”

“Yes…” Len paused, staring back at the letter. “Let’s.”

Things were about to get rather interesting.

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge

Anonymous said to @alloftheprompts:
Do you have any Christmas Prompts that could be used for romance? I was hoping for like a 25 days of Christmas writing type thing but I can’t find prompts that could be used for mini romances

I hope these help! ♥

  1. Character A and Character B, sworn enemies, are chosen to prepare the company Christmas Party.
  2. Character A’s best friend rigs the Secret Santa, because they know Character A has a crush on Character B.
  3. Character A works as a Santa’s helper. Character B has a small sibling/child.
  4. Character A is desperate to find a particular item (book/toy/etc.) as a present for someone, but it’s been sold out everywhere. Character B helps.
  5. Character A and Character B are co-workers, but they barely know each other. But they both have to work through the holidays.
  6. Character A and Character B meet in the ER on Christmas Eve.
  7. Character A can’t wrap gifts to save their life. Character B is thir neighbor and can help.
  8. Character A’s ex will be at the Christmas Party A is attending. Character B poses as A’s fiance.
  9. Character A vows to do something nice for a stranger during the Christmas time. Character B is that stranger.
  10. Character A and Character B both sign up for a Christmas Pen Pal project to exchange postcards.
  11. Character A and Character B broke up, but now they meet at a Christmas party.
  12. Character A is stuck working in coffee shop on Christmas Day and Character B is the lonely soul spending their whole day there.
  13. Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”.
  14. Character A can’t travel to see their family on Christmas, so they invite their grumpy loner neighbor Character B.
  15. Character A and Character B compete in Christmas house decoration.
  16. Character A bakes too many Christmas cookies so they share it with Character B.
  17. Character A has to dress up as Santa for Christmas.
  18. Character A and Character B have to save Christmas.
  19. It’s Character A’s first Christmas since a tragedy.
  20. Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend.
  21. Character A is pretending to be their friend’s lover for the sake of the friend’s family. Character B is said friend’s sibling.
  22. Character A loses a bet and has to wear a different ugly Christmas sweater every day till Christmas. Character B works at a clothes store.
  23. Character owns a struggling toy store. Character B is looking for a Christmas present.
  24. Character A doesn’t feel the Christmas spirit but Character B, who lives above them, keeps playing Christmas carols really loud.
  25. Character A overhears Character B’s Christmas wish and decides to fulfill it,
Letters Sent (P.1) - Connor Murphy x Reader

As far as (y/n) (l/n) was concerned, Thursdays were the worst day of the week. It was so close to the weekend, but you still had one more day after that before you got to stay home. Besides, Thursday was the day most teachers decide to assign projects or essays. Much like today. (Y/n) was staring out the window of her English classroom, drowning out Mrs. O’Leary’s voice. (Y/n) was usually a very attentive student, but sometimes she tended to zone out during fourth period. She was staring at a blue jay perched on the tree next to the window when Mrs. O’Leary called her name.

“Ms. (l/n), did you hear anything I just said?” she asked, looking at her questioningly. “Uh,” (y/n) began, “no, I didn’t. I was just… spacing out for a second.” She felt her face begin to heat up, and looked down at her hands to avoid the looks from the other students. Mrs. O’Leary sighed and shook her head. “It’s fine, (y/n), but please pay attention this time?” (Y/n) nodded. Mrs. O’Leary wasn’t a mean teacher, and she and (y/n) got along well, She was glad that she didn’t lecture her in front of the whole class.

“Anyways, as I was saying,” started Mrs. O’Leary, “we will be starting a new project this month.” The class groaned. “I know, I know, but trust me, this project will be fun!” More groans. “Will you at least let me explain before you all start shooting your mouths off?” Silence. “Good. This project will be a month long endeavor, and it involves partners.” At that, students starting looking for their friends in hopes that they can work together. (Y/n) saw Evan Hansen and Jared Kleinman whispering in the back of the class, saying that they should partner up. Mrs. O’Leary cleared her throat, and everyone turned their attention back to her.

“As much as I like the enthusiasm for working together, I’m afraid you don’t get to choose your partners.” All of the friends who had previously paired up slouched in their chairs. Jared rolled his eyes and Evan laid his head on the desk in disappointment. “Sorry about that, but this project involves working with someone you don’t know.” said Mrs. O’Leary. “What even is the project?” asked Zoe Murphy, one of Jared’s acquaintances. “Well I’m glad you asked, Zoe! This project is called the Pen Pal Project.”

“What’s a pen pal?” asked another student in the front. “A pen pal is a person that you send letters to and receive letters from. I thought it’d be a great way for you all to get out of your comfort zones and make new friends.” (Y/n) sighed and stared out the window yet again.

What’s the point of having a comfort zone if you’re forced to leave it? she thought. Why can’t I just be paired with Alana or Evan or someone I know?

Mrs. O’Leary started walking around the classroom, going on about how the students had to pull a name out of a hat to choose a partner. (Y/n) watched in anticipation as Mrs. O’Leary walked closer to her area of the room. She looked at Evan as he anxiously pulled a paper out of the hat and handed it to Mrs. O’Leary. “Evan, you’re going to be with Zoe Murphy.” Evan’s face darkened as Zoe sent him a small smile. “Oh great…” she heard him whisper as the teacher walked over to Jared. Jared ended up getting paired with the boy next to him. A few more people chose, and then it was her turn.

(Y/n) was extremely nervous as she reached into the hat, swirling her hand around before grabbing a slip of paper. She passed it to Mrs. O’Leary who read it aloud. “(Y/n), you’ll be paired with Connor Murphy.” (Y/n) panicked slightly as she scanned the room for her partner. She found him sitting in the back corner of the room with his head down. “Connor, did you hear that?” asked Mrs. O’Leary. Connor nodded, still staring at his desk. “Yeah, I heard you.” he said, finally looking up from the desk and at (y/n). She sent a small wave towards Connor, but he just scoffed and looked away again.

(Y/n) glared at Connor and slouched back in her seat. What was his problem? She was just trying to be friendly. She had seen Connor before, mainly just briefly when walking down the hall. She’s never had an actual conversation with him before. But she guessed that would have to change. (Y/n)’s phone buzzed, indicating she’d received a message. She looked down at her phone, seeing that the message was from Evan in the group chat.

Evan: Hey, I’m sorry you got paired up with Connor

(Y/n): Why’re you apologizing?

Jared: Cuz, Connor’s not a good kid. Like, he’s pretty messed up

(Y/n): What do you mean?

Evan: Rumors

Jared: Rumors that are backed with facts. He’s a druggie

Evan: He just smokes pot!

(Y/n): You can’t base your opinions on someone based on rumors! He may be a good kid, just…

Evan: Misunderstood?

(Y/n): Exactly! He can’t be that bad

Jared: Just be careful, okay, (Y/n)? I don’t trust him more than I can throw him

Evan: And Jared can’t throw very far

Jared: Hey!

(Y/n): I’m gonna prove to you guys that he’s not a bad person

Evan: You can try

Just as (Y/n) was about to respond, the bell signaling the end of fourth period. Almost everyone grabbed their bags and rushed out, leaving only Evan, Connor, and (Y/n) behind. Evan gave her a hug and whispered a quick good luck, before following after Jared. (Y/n) turned to Connor, who was taking his time in picking up. “Hey, so, uh, I was wondering if maybe we could…” Connor raised his eyebrow. “You gonna continue, or?” (Y/n)’s face heated up yet again. “Yeah, of course, uh. I was wondering if we could exchange information so we can send letters- for the project, I mean.” Connor sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “And why would I want to do that?” he asked. “Well,” she stuttered, “I just thought-”  

“Yea, you thought.” He muttered, and pushed past her, heading for the door. In a moment of panic, she grabbed his arm, rolled up his sleeve, and began writing her information down. Conner held still until she was done, but the moment the last letter was on his skin, he tore his arm away, and left without another word.

With a sigh, she made her way to the cafeteria. After getting her food, she sat down at her regular table, consisting of Evan, Jared, Alana, and a few other people scattered around. “Hey, (Y/n)! How’d it go?” asked Evan. (Y/n) shrugged as she bit into her apple. “I asked if he wanted to exchange information. He just sorta walked away.” Jared tilted his head. “Couldn’t he have just written his address down on a piece of paper? What’s so hard about that?” Yet again, (Y/n) shrugged. “He could have. But he didn’t.”

“So he was being a complete dick about it.” Jared said, more as a statement than a question. She nodded. “See, I told you he was a bad kid!” exclaimed Jared. (Y/n) punched him in the shoulder lightly. “That doesn’t mean he’s a bad kid! He’s probably just going through some stuff.” Jared looked at her, unconvinced. “You can keep trying to tell yourself that.” (Y/n) glared. “I will keep telling myself that, because I believe it’s true.” she said, finishing the rest of her lunch and dumping her tray. When she came back to the table, she saw Evan and Jared whispering to each other.

“Any juicy gossip, boys?” she said, jokingly. The boys shook their heads. “We were just talking about our partners for the project.” stated Evan. “Jared got paired with that Clancy kid from our Chemistry class, and I got stuck with Zoe.” Jared wiggled his eyebrows and Evan groaned. “Stop it, Jared. This is torture.” (Y/n) giggled. “You finally have a reason to talk to her, Evan. This is great!” Evan glared. “I could say the same for you and Connor.” Now it was her turn to glare. Evan looked past (Y/n) and smiled. “Speaking of which, there’s Connor. Walking over here, to be exact.” (Y/n) panicked and went to turn around, but Jared grabbed her shoulder. “Don’t make it obvious!” he hissed.

So (Y/n) casually (did you mean: obviously?) turned to look back. Evan was right. Connor was walking across the room, headed right towards their table. Well. Shit. Eye contact has been established.

Connor glared the whole way over. When he got to the table, he made a point to avoid looking at any of the other people.

“I’m here to return the favor.” he said quietly, and then, with a gentleness that (y/n) didn’t expect him to possess, he took her arm and began writing. Everyone at the table just stared at the two of them in confusion. Connor finished up and let go of her arm, standing back to admire his own handwriting. With a satisfied nod and no words, he walked back to his table. (Y/n) stared as he walked away, completely and utterly confused. “What,” began Jared, “was that?” (Y/n) didn’t respond, just looked down at the table with a frown. “What did he mean by ‘returning the favor’?” asked Evan. (Y/n) finally looked up. “I, uh, maybe kind of wrote my information on his arm?” she said, smiling nervously. Evan sighed, but Jared started laughing. “You- you wrote on his arm? You said he just walked away!”

“He did just walk away.” she said. “But then I decided I wasn’t going to fail this project just because he was being grumpy.” Evan nodded in understanding. “Makes sense. Speaking of which, I should probably ask Zoe for her information.” (Y/n) started giggling at this. “What?” Evan asked, blushing. “If I just got Connor’s address, and Zoe is Connor’s sister, then that means…?” (Y/n) asked. Evan blushed even more at the realization. “Then I could just ask you for the address Connor gave you.” Jared started laughing once again. Today was turning out to be a lot better than (y/n) thought.

ID #39544

Name: Verna
Age: 32
Country: New Zealand

Heya, I really enjoy the art of writing letters. I get a cramp in my hand sometimes but when I take a break for a day or two it’s nice to have this written work that I can share with someone else. I like the idea of hearing about people in other countries. I’m attempting to get more creative with my letter form but currently, all I can master is a border…….. therefore, it’s pretty basic but it’s the content that counts right?! I live in New Zealand. I’m excited by project life, photography, food - eating in general.

Preferences: Preference in age is around the 20 + mark. Gender and Sexuality are open. I would prefer someone who is into snailmail.

pen pals, part III [peter parker x reader]

part I / part II

a/n: this isn’t proofread lmao

summary: reader and peter are pen pals and will meet each other very soon, but then something :/ happens :/

words: 1597

warnings: none actually lol

tags: @parkerplease @spiderooes (nearly forgot to do tags lmao ❤)

Minutes after reading your last mail, Peter sat down and wrote his response.

28 June, 14:38


this is the best thing I’ve ever heard! We’ll meet each other! I’m already nervous, even though it’s still a month away.

I’m so looking forward to it, oh god!

Yours sincerely,


That’s it. He’s gonna see you in real life – the girl, he’s sort of has a crush on.

The next day, one of Peter’s teachers, who is responsible for the project at his school, told the students about the upcoming visit of the other pen pals.

“So, I hope everyone’s getting along with their pal.”

The class stayed quiet, some nodded their head.

“Anyway, they’re going to arrive in New York on 24 July and are staying here for a week. Long enough to do some sight-seeing, getting to know you all better. We’ve thought about putting them all in a hotel, but then we thought they could actually stay at your houses, would that be okay?”

Again, silence.

“Alright, to be quite honest, we’ve already discussed this and they will all sleep and eat at your houses. That’s cheaper, you know?”

Somehow, a trace of fear and excitement aroused within Peter. He was happy, that you would be staying with him and he could spend all the time with you. He thought about endless movie nights, having deep talks about something, wondering if you snored or not.

“Dude”, Ned whispered, ripping Peter out of his thoughts, “you have a bunk bed, what will you do now?”

Peter just gave him an annoyed look, trying to ignore the cheeky smile on the face of his friend.

Luckily, Aunt May knew about the pen pals project and has heard nearly every story about you. She was proud to see how happy you made Peter. He would always smile, when he texted you back. Or laugh, while telling her another stupid thing you’ve experienced. She knew Peter had a crush on you. He’s never told her, but she just knew it.

10 July, 18:29

Dear Peter,

I’m so excited! Only two weeks until we finally meet! I’m so nervous. First of all, because of the flight. We’re going to be stuck in a plane for nine hours or so! To be honest, I’ve never flown before, so it’s my first time. That sounds wrong, but I still hope you know what I mean.

Do I even have to bring something special? I know, towels, a toothbrush, my own clothes, etc. But should I like take some DVD’s with me? A cheesy, romantic movie, that you love so much? How about that, Peter?

No, just kidding. (Except you want me to really do this, I wouldn’t think it’s a bad idea, lol).

But, aahhh!! I’m so excited, I can’t stop talking about you. I’m literally annoying everybody with it, but I can’t help it! Cause, who cares about New York, when you finally meet your best friend?

You stared at the “best friend”. Is it too much? Honestly, you would rather want to write “the cutest boy in this world”. Peter and you grew so close to each other. And all you did, was asking yourself if he also felt the same way about you. He made you laugh, he made you smile, he made you feel special in a way, nobody else could do. Peter didn’t care about the way you looked, if you had acne scars on your face or not, if your eyebrows were symmetrical – the only thing that was important for him, was that you were feeling fine. That was all that mattered to him.

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The Scofield Project: part three

For @youreturningscarletscarlet, @likes-to-icicle, @snowflakesandlightning and @octaviaablakee. You guys are amazing, hope you like it. <3

“So Barry, how’s your pen pal project going?” Iris gently turned the potato in her hand as she peeled it. How was she so good at that? He kept cutting himself on the damn peeler and Iris just used the thing as if it was an extension of her body. It had to be unnatural.

He didn’t answer her at first and looked down at the potato he was attempting to peel. Maybe if he didn’t say anything, she’d never figure it out.

Iris grinned. “Oh my gosh, you’re blushing. You totally have a crush on the guy you’re writing.” Giggles followed her statement. Barry glared at her.

“NO!” He wasn’t gonna admit it to her. “I do not have a crush.” He could feel his cheeks heating up. So he’d send some letters back and forth with Len, and they had gotten to know one another quite intimately, that didn’t mean he was suddenly head over heels with Leonard.

“You totally do, I can see it in your eyes.” She smirked, laid the potato and peeler down in front of her. “Barry has a cru-ush.”

“Shut up.” He shook his head and focused back on the wretched vegetable in his hand. “Ah! Shit.” He dropped the peeler and potato and sucked the blood that welled up from the cut in his thumb. Crap not again. “By time this is over my hand will be covered in band aids.”

“Here.” Iris handed him a clean towel. “Keep it clean and dry it, I’ll go get you a band aid. Oh and Barry, you better show me those letters. Or I’m telling dad you’re writing to a criminal.”

“That’s blackmail!”

“I’m not above that, I want to know who’s making you smile like that. You’ve exchanged ten letters Barry. In one month. Ten.” She got a band aid from the first aid kit.

“So?” He shrugged and allowed her to put the band aid on his thumb. “I’m sure more students achieved that.”

“Uh no. Most of us got two, you got five. Five Barry. That’s almost worrying. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing you smile like that, but this guy is probably twice your age. Don’t let yourself fall too hard, that’s all I’m saying.”

“I’m not.” He laughed nervously and looked down at his hands. “We’re just pen pals, that’s all Iris.”

“Alright, but I still want to see those letters.” She gathered the peeled potatoes and went to wash them in the sink.

She was never gonna let him live this down. This was going to be one hell of a Thanksgiving..

Pen-Pal Project Partners! <3

 Ok, so first off I’ve had so much fun reading all your answers to my questions and getting to know you all. I can say you don’t need to worry about your partner being mean or rude you are all wonderful! <3 I’m going to post your partners and what I think of everyone so the people that get anxious or nervous will hopefully not be as stressed when it comes to messaging. Read under my cut for an update on the project and the first questions. 

20+  ARMY

@xmousounikkix + @always-inmyheartx@savingprivatechoi (All 3 of you will be a group, since you all just wanted new friends) 

xmousounikkix- They are such a fun person to talk to and are really nice! 

always-inmyheartx- They are so friendly and wonderful, I’ve had so much fun talking to them! 

savingprivatechoi- A literal meme that can make you smile with one sentence. (super cool)

Older teen ARMYs

@saturnsof  + @secretshadowfriend (ok I won’t lie you 2 might not have a lot of basic things in common but your both great people and when it comes down to it you have the same values. I still think you guys will become good friends.)

saturnsof- They are such an amazing person and I really respect them so much from some of their answers! 

secretshadowfriend- A wonderful person that I’ve had so much fun talking to! They are super sweet and literally thanks for changing my life with your recommendations. 

@yoosung-chips + @fallenangelbvb55 (We haven’t talked much personally but you guys seem like a really good pair for each other)

yoosungchips- A really nice person just really shy! 

fallenangelbvb55- A really sweet person! 

@strawberrymochu + @definethestars(I think you guys would be amazing for each other since one of you are a new ARMY and one is a older one. The older can give recommendations and relive what made them fall in love with bts if you guys constantly talk to each other, while the younger gets to learn more about the fandom.) 


definethestars- They are such a wonderful person and are very kind! 

@blossom-rainnight + @jesmeraldo (You guys have somethings in common and I think you’ll make good friends!) 

blossom-rainnight- They are such a wonderful person and I have had so much fun talking to them! 

jesmeraldo- They are really nice just kind of shy! 

Younger teen ARMYs

@getthataugustd + @panbangtan (If you two do not become friends I have failed at life I swear you guys answered pretty much the same) 

getthataugustd & panbangtan- you both are such wonderful and amazing people! 

@obiwankememe + @mundy24 (I highly believe that you two will become friends) 

obiwankememe- They are such a wonderful person just very shy!

mundy24- They are really nice and seem very interesting. 

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Jily X Wolfstar

@alohcmoras request with a twist 🎉✨

sorry it took so long😭😭

ok so what if the Marauders studied in Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts?

  • I mean, James, Sirius, Peter and Remus are far away from obedient students, so their first priority will still be Hogwarts
  • But when Remus’ parents had to move to France because his father’s boss decided to transfer him to the French Ministry of Magic during their 3rd year, Remus has to leave Hogwarts to attend Beauxbatons
  • Sirius would yell,”WE’RE COMING WITH YOU MOONY!” and James would agree and Peter would clap
  • Eventually Remus gave in to his friends’ begging, and it became his turn to beg his father
  • When the news of the Marauders leaving spread throughout the school, not many expressed it but they all know that they would miss them terribly
  • The boys saw that James was spending more and more time with Lily, being much less of a show-off during the last month before the holidays
  • Remus knew that his best friend would miss Lily Evans badly and needless to say, the kind werewolf felt extremely guilty
  • So he straight up told James one day that he could stay if he wanted to, but he merely replied with, “I’d be lost without my fellow Marauders”
  • The four mischief makers eventually found themselves in the Pyrenees in the middle of August
  • “Ugh!! Look at the uniforms Moony! They make us look like some kind of goodie-goodie two shoes!” “I happen to like the design, Sirius.” “Thank Godric I brought my leather jackets, at least I can be myself on weekends!”
  • Never mind the uniforms, the boys couldn’t believe that they had to take flying carriages led by pathetic white horses you find in fairy tales (Sirius’ words) to get into the castle, leaving Wormtail into a fit of nerves
  • But neither can deny that behind the fog, the creamy white castle looked absolutely magnificent
  • And they were absolutely stunned by the dining hall
  • It looked like a friggin ballroom
  • And it was huge
  • A grand staircase dominated the back of the room, with corridors stretching to unknown hallways on the stairway’s either side
  • The wall behind it bore blue wallpaper imprinted with flowers that looked like they were really blooming (MAGIC!), the Beauxbatons sign hanging proudly on the wall
  • There was a small golden stage in front of the staircase, and their were three long tables in front of it, not unlike the one at Hogwarts, except they have these elegant carvings on those soothingly—not blaring, mind you— white wood. Remus was practically bouncing at the artwork so he didn’t catch Sirius staring
  • The school was quite thoughtful, there were seats at the side of the hall so the newcomers didn’t have to stand at the side while they wait for their sorting
  • The ceiling was not disappointing either
  • It was way higher up than the one at Hogwarts
  • It was built flat, but with a few charms, the ceiling took the shape of caving upwards, much like a temple’s
  • The night sky that was twinkling with stars became more and more visible as the turrent like ceiling stretched further upwards
  • It was as if the students were having an Astronomy lesson and using a gigantic telescope
  • So it was no surprise that the boys were practically gaping at the ceiling, forgetting their too-tight new robes and staring all the way as they reached their seats in the front row
  • To their disgust, the house they were sorted into by shooting a silver arrow across the room burst into the colour green, and they only breathed a great sigh of relief when their peers told them that Bellefeuille was, in fact, the house of bravery
  • In the following week, the Marauders found that everything in Beauxbatons was better than expected
  • The school was big, there were Wood Nymphs dancing around, singing sweetly every time they had meals at the dining hall, and the girls were unsurprisingly, very pretty, according to a bashful Peter Pettigrew, who timidly admitted such a thought. There was even an extra Quidditch match within each house in November, which made Sirius and James squeal like babies
  • The only two things that weren’t as good was that there were no risky places that could kill you (unless you count the Quidditch stadium that was only about 15% smaller than the World Cup Stadium, in which you would totally break your neck if you fell off from your broom during a Quidditch match) and the headmistress
  • For some stupid reason, she despised boys
  • And to make matters worse, Headmistress Dochar (A/N: that means biased in some for had to teach the subject the boys hated and sucked at the most—Potions
  • Potions was the most important subject apart from DADA in Beauxbatons, so lessons were frequent and the recipes were complicated
  • After two weeks of continuous bullying by the Head, Sirus and James finally leapt up from their seats one lesson and openly yelled at the prejudiced woman, ignoring the pleading looks from Wormtail and Moony and the startled faces of the Beauxbatons boys
  • That earned them 3 weeks’ worth of detention from insulting the one with the largest power within the school
  • However, the Beauxbatons boys couldn’t help but shoot the Marauders admiring looks every time they passed by since they were the first to stand up to the harsh Headmistress and they soon became the newest celebrities of the school
  • To double their luck, a young Ms Bellerose replaced the originally dull teacher in DADA in about December
  • She was the playful type that always got students out from the claws of the Headmistress
  • And needless to say, she immediately grew fond of the boys’ mischievous personalities 
  • She told them that she would like to start a project on a magical device that could show the location of everyone in Beauxbatons during the Christmas holidays when all four of the boys stayed on the school campus
  • Remus immediately came up with the idea of a map, and offered to make the map to show the location of people in different magical schools
  • Sirius had never been prouder
  • Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs and Vulpis (A/N: Vulpis is fox in Latin), are proud to present to you, the Marauders Map
  • From then on, their DADA professor became more of their fellow adventurer than a teacher. And by March, they had discovered two secret passageways—one towards the highest tower in Beauxbatons, which had a very nice balcony for them to smoke and chill, the other was towards a little street that sold delicious food at the foot of the mountain. Messrs Vulpis seldomly hung out with them since she was still a professor no matter what, but they had great fun every time they did  
  •  It was during their fifth year, before the winter hols, after they lit the librarian’s chair on fire, when things started to get even more interesting
  • The school decided to open up to other wizarding schools by implanting a pen pal project
  • “YASSSSS THIS WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!” The boys literally threw a party when they learned that they were assigned with Hogwarts students so that they could catch up on everything that was now happening in their old school
  • And because of sheer, dumb luck, James was assigned to none other than Lily bloody Evans
  • Prongs was basically sweating all over when he received the news, afraid that things had changed between them because he had tried contacting her tons of times and she hadn’t responded at all
  • She claimed that she was busy with schoolwork while Peter bluntly informed it was probably because she was upset with Prongs leaving school or finding another guy to pay attention to
  • When James arrived back at school from the hols, he received Lily’s reply and was fuming more than ever when he saw that most of the content was about Severus Snape
  • Turns out Peter got it right
  • Prongs spent a whole day ranting on and on about how slimy Snivellus Snape was to touch his precious little redhead when he was 
  • The letter he sent afterwards was too aggressive and it made matters worse 
  • He didn’t talk to the Marauders for a whole day after he received Lily’s rant about how he would never be better than Severus Snape
  • His friends understood him more than anyone else, and knew that he wouldn’t shut them out no matter what, so when James returned from the Black Lake that night with bloodshot eyes, he found his fellow Marauders sitting there waiting
  • His tears soaked Peter’s jacket as he sobbed and sobbed and sobbed that night
  • Moony, Wormtail and Padfoot had never seen their friend so vulnerable 
  • The following Sunday, Sirius and Remus spent their whole day in the common room thinking up plans for their friend and the boy in question didn’t show it, but he couldn’t be more grateful
  • The loudest high-five in history was created by Moony and Padfoot when James received a reply the next week, the Marauders could basically see Lily smile when they read the letter replying to James’ overly-enthusiastic description of Quidditch matches, Professor Bellerose and the Marauders Map
  • Sirius and Remus’ plans got better and better in every letter
  • They witnessed their friend falling hard and fast over again, unaware that they were also falling deep deep deep when they plotted and planned
  • Peter was having the time of his life watching James using every trick in the book to woo Lily Evans and hearing Moony and Padfoot ramble on and on about each other whenever the other wasn’t there
  • Everything was going along the flow. Apart from having a professor just as mischievous as them, it was just like old times, only better
  • Things, unfortunately, went downhill when the calendars flipped to the month of April
  • Girls had actually started fawning over Sirius, some flirted and some went as far as stalking or throwing themselves at him
  • It was no surprise, the disowned Black had naturally gorgeous looks
  • But that didn’t stop anger and jealousy bubbling inside Remus’ chest whenever he saw anyone, let alone a girl (well, aside from James and Peter) touch his darling Sirius Black, although he was in denial of such emotions
  • The change in their relationship was abrupt and obvious
  • They still huddled together to plan, for the sake of Prongs, but Remus always disagreed with Sirius on purpose, even if the idea was wonderful
  • Padfoot himself didn’t know what went wrong with the boy he loved so much, (but he didn’t know it at the time, did he?) and was actually hurt every time Remus started a war with him and never stayed to cuddle with him in the common room anymore
  • Remus could only stare when Marsha Earl, the most eager of Sirius’ “admirers”, asked Padfoot out openly in the dining hall, both blushing furiously
  • He lost his appetite immediately when he felt like he was being stabbed in the heart
  • He left the hall abruptly, terrified that Sirius had such an effect on him, too caught up in his emotions to notice his friends staring after him, with Sirius boring the deepest holes into his back
  • He didn’t care when he learned that Sirius didn’t agree to the French beauty’s invitation the next day. He stayed as far away from Padfoot as possible, not wanting to get hurt again.
  • James and Peter both felt really bad whenever Remus joked playfully around them but stayed completely silent around Sirius
  • James secretly told Lily about the situation in his letters to her, and she replied that she would bet anything that they were in love
  • He called her bollocks, but Lily’s little challenge was far from the most of his worries
  • Peter reported quietly to Prongs one day that the girl population were trying harder than ever to get Sirius to like them, and the poor black-haired boy was now having to deal with their constant fawning 24/7
  • Remus’ behaviour towards Sirius had escalated from ignorance to yelling at each other, calling each other names and sometimes even fighting like they were born enemies
  • Padfoot had erupted in Potions class once about how pathetic Remus was when he started an argument with Sirius over some stupid herbs that lasted 15 minutes
  • Peter swore he could hear Remus sniffling in his sleep that night
  • “Hey Moony, you ok?” “Y…yes, I’m totally fine” “I don’t think so mate, wanna talk about it?” No response
  • At the end of the month, Remus, panicking as he did every time he was soon to reach the full moon, trembled even more as he approached James and Peter and told them not to tag Sirius along when he transformed this time
  • The two were shocked as hell, and yelled at him to spill what in the name of Merlin was going on between Sirius and him, a question they had been dying to ask for months
  • Remus merely shook his head and looked at them with sorrowful and pleading eyes, begging them to listen to him in his own ways
  • James would have jumped back hollering and rushing towards Sirius if it weren’t for his self-control—he had never seen Remus so broken 
  • Prongs and Wormtail couldn’t bear the thought of their best friend undergoing his transformation alone, so they gave in and everything went according to Remus’ plans
  • Only it didn’t, the pain the werewolf went through this time was doubled, dare I say, tripled without Sirius’ soothing wet nose of his Animagus form and forehead kisses after the tormenting morphing
  • Matters became worse when Remus learned that James had spilt the beans that he drugged Sirius that night so he could stay in his dormitory and not follow them to the Whomping Willow 
  • The pain on the werewolf’s body grew more painful when he saw Marsha Earl skipping joyfully into the hospital wing to visit her friend and squealed that Sirius had finally agreed on going out with her the day after
  • “Sirius!” “Yes, Peter?” “You sure you wanna go out with that Earl girl?” “Of course, she’s gorgeous enough!” “You’re gonna ignore the fact that Remus’ hospital stay had lengthened into 2 weeks after your date today blurted the new out in the hospital wing?”
  • Padfoot ignored Wormtail and sauntered out the Bellefeuille common room with Marsha, though his heart was aching all over when his friend told him the truth that he had been avoiding with all his might
  • Marsha was extremely sweet and they could’ve great fun in the Three Broomsticks if Peter words weren’t ringing in Sirius’ head the whole time
  • So while Marsha was busy partying at said bar, Sirius slipped away at 5 pm, desperate to visit his old best friend
  • Moony was asleep in the hospital wing when he visited
  • But he was definitely not sound asleep since he was trembling madly
  • At the sight before him, Sirius shakenly walked towards the bed and got down on one knee
  • “Remus, Remus, Moons…please don’t shut me out again…” the voice that came out was hoarse
  • Remus’ eyes flew open, for he could recognize Sirius’ voice anywhere
  • “So,” The werewolf’s mouth pulled into a tight smile despite the pain his heart was going through, “enjoyed your date?”
  • “I mean, I just want you to be happy Pads, you don’t have to care for me, I love you, you know..” “Shut up.”
  • The two pairs of lips that have been aching to connect crashed together, stronger than a hurricane and firmer than an earthquake shaking the Earth
  • “He loves me…” was all that was on Sirius’ mind when he pulled at Remus’ bottom lip, coaxing a groan out of both of them
  • The kiss was an energy-drainer, and the two had no choice but to pull away to gasp for air
  • “I’m,” kiss “so,” kiss “so sorry Sirius,” long kiss “me too Moony,” they dived back into their own sea
  • “Can anyone, anyone at all, PLEASE explain to me what the fuckity fuck is happening!?” James bellowed loud enough for the whole dining hall to hear after Remus somehow miraculously healed all at once yesterday, earning himself lots of shushing from the forever graceful girls and professors. (except for Bellerose, of course)
  • However, the boys were staring at the pair that had just entered the hall, too alarmed to curse
  • In walked Remus and Sirius, in all their glory, whispering into each other’s ears like they had made up and went a level higher than best friends over a sodding day, which both James and Peter were sure they didn’t meet, like they haven’t for two weeks
  • The girls, noticing the expressions of the boys, turned towards the couple. Some of Sirius admirers, especially Marsha, went beet red
  • “Too bad for you mate,” Sirius smirked as he plopped down next to James, pulling Remus down with him, “Evans’ too smart for your own good, she won her little bet fair and square.”
  • One kiss to the werewolf’s forehead was all it took to confirm the black-haired boy’s statement, and all the boys who had, like Lily, betted with their friends that the pair was bound to get together soon, erupted into cheers 
  • The two Bellefeuilles in question merely tolled their eyes and shook their heads
  • The school soon accepted the gay couple like any other couple, Professor Bellerose being the largest supporter of them all
  • During the hols, James sneaked Lily into the Beauxbatons school grounds, chilling on the balcony that the boys loved so much, their long-distance relationship firmer than ever
  • Messrs Vulpis tagged along once, and she and Lily immediately became the best of friends 
  • Peter blushed as red as a tomato when Lily, ever the accurate match-maker whispered to all the Marauders in the dining hall during the Christmas hols that Peter had a crush on the pretty Marsha Earl, which was quite ironic since he always taunted her for getting in the way of Sirius and Remus’ relationship
  • The Marauders all persuaded him to ask her out, and he made the excuse of not knowing how to kiss
  • The consequences after such a statement was disastrous—Moony and Padfoot snogged in both public and private more than ever, saying that they were teaching their ol’ pal Peter how to display affection
  • In the end, Peter’s single status was also thrown out of the window, and Marsha, now officially Peter’s girlfriend, joined their little balcony gang
  • And because of the blonde, Wormtail didn’t turn to the Dark Arts, remaining a loyal friend after graduation
  • Padfoot practically squealing like a baby was an understatement, he was clinging on his husband and sobbing joyful tears
  • When Harry turned 11 and it was time to choose which school he should go to, Mr and Mrs Pettigrew merely smiled at each other while Marsha bounced their baby daughter Aquila on her lap, smiles which spoke volumes
  • Sirius and Remus started arguing, an alarming contrast to the Pettigrew family. Padfoot kept hollering that Harry should go to Hogwarts and Remus trying to glare daggers at his husband (but to no avail) and repeating his statement that Beauxbatons was the best choice
  • The rest of the people in the room, including Harry and a 2-year-old Aquila, could only watch the two quarrel like 5-year-olds
  • Harry found himself on the platform 9 ¾ though, despite his Uncle Moony, Uncle Wormtail and Aunt Marsha’s protests
  • “Of course I’d like to study in the place where Uncle Moony and Padfoot fell in love,” he had said, grinning mischievously, “but Hogwarts is the place it all started, ain’t it?”

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