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Ƭαrαѕ Sтυɗισ ~ ƲισƖιη Ɓσx 🎶 ༺ღ༻ ♪ ♫ ~ “ǀ fσυηɗ тнє fαcє σf тнιѕ νισ­Ɩιη ιη тнє Ƥαz­zƖєѕ Ƈrαfт Rσσм Ɩιвrαrу αηɗ ɗєcιɗєɗ тσ мαкє ιт ιηтσ α 3-ɗιмєηѕισηαƖ вσx”…♡


Work I have done on Procreate I really like the iPad Pro and the pencil is definitely worth buying.

1. Dream project Lilibeth
2. Dream project jasper
3. Dream project jasper
4. Dream project eclipse
5&6. Redraw of pearl 2013 versus 2017
7&8. Sanjay and Agni
9. Agni
10. Edward Elric

(August 2015)

You may have seen a crop of this before - if you frequent the page of my blog or see me on picarto. I had planned a lot more into this, but never got past the base shadows… still pretty darn cute though. 


Sinners - Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire.

(follow the pictures to the song)

Thanks for watching!

This project took 3 months to produce in the end (I had some problems in the middle lmao), and I am so happy that it’s finally out there. I worked insanely hard on this project, and I’m genuinely proud of it. I hope you all enjoy it too!

Please don’t repost. All reblogs are appreciated!!! Thanks again!

The Beach City Witch Project is still looking for voice actors, musicians, and background artists. This is a fan-made animatic project that was based on a scrapped episode draft on display at Cartoon Network’s art exhibition celebrating their 25th anniversary. (Link to main post with more info.

I’m feel absolutely blessed to be be able to work alongside many talented and lovely fans of the show. The people that I have met from this project are all amazing and fun to be around. Even if you don’t want to apply for a position, you can always join in our discord chat. They are supportive and a bit silly at times, but I genuinely enjoy chatting with them and I hope that you will too. :)


Volunteering for Project Pearl at Helping Land, Tondo, MNL for a great cause. It was so cool! I even feel like a celebrity because a lot of children there wanted to hold my hand or give me a hug hahaha but that’s not my favorite part of being a volunteer because seeing them smile for your little effort is the best part. Although sometimes they were a pain in my ass (hahaha jk), I still love them.


Pearlmethyst + RP Generator Part 1 | Part 2