project one million

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Where did they disposed Seth's brainless body? Does Felix still take a bath in his bathtub after that Castor brain autopsy shenanigans? Where did they disposed Rudy's body? In the garage next to Leekie? What happened to Dr. Silva? Did he died in the explosion or did Rudy killed him or did he managed to escape? How did Rudy and Virginia escaped with so little damage when the blast seemed to be a huge one even affecting the tunnel that Sarah was in enough to make her passed out for a moment? What happened to the project with the Koreans? How does Mexico feels about the United States running a top secret science project in their country? Does the POTUS approves of Dr. Coady's experiment on civilians which includes sterilizing women? Does he/she approves of Project Castor itself when they took office? Does the director answer directly to POTUS? Does the POTUS know of the existence of Project Leda in Canada? How does the POTUS feels about having a corporate multinational Canadian company controlling Project LEDA, a once American military project? Why was Project Castor and Project Leda headed by British scientists who did their research in a British prison? Why didn't the United States gave the project to American scientists and let them conduct their own research at an American prison? Did the UK government knew of this experiments? How do they feel about the United States using British scientists and conducting research for an illegal military experiment at a British correctional facility? Is there a tension between the US and UK regarding this? Is there a tension between Canada and the United States regarding the Leda clones? Does the Canadian government even know about Project Leda? Does the Queen know about Project Leda's existence as she is the head of state? Does the Vatican know of DYAD's involvement with human cloning, if they do then what is the Pope's opinions on it since DYAD is allowed to have business interest in the Vatican City? Are the POTUS, Pope, Canadian government and the UK government Neolutionist too? How come no one is suspicious that there was no funeral for such a high profile scientist like Dr. Leekie? How come someone in his position did not have any bodyguards at all? How come Rachel did not have any bodyguards aside from Daniel and Paul who were a monitor? How come Delphine didn't have any bodyguards? Where was Delphine staying all this while? Was she given a luxury apartment like Rachel too? Were Topside really told that Rachel had passed away in a plane crash and did they think that Delphine made it happen since Ferdinand mentioned 'Delphine eliminating Rachel' in 3x10? Delphine mentioned Rachel as Topside's favorite pet why didn't they investigate this so called plane crash, why didn't they called NTSB? The jet most likely belonged to DYAD didn't Topside worry if there's a mechanical problem with all their jets that needs to be fixed or something? What is the repercussion of Alison signing the contract with DYAD? Since Neolution controls DYAD does this means Alison is secretly being monitored by Neolution? Are the police not investigating the mass murder of a crime family that controls a large portion of the city's drug trade? Doesn't the vice unit have any undercover officers working in the family that wants to know who did it? Whatever happened to the Obinger murder case, is it still being investigated by Angie? Or is it now considered unsolved and is handed over to Cold Case? If Beth 'died' in her own jurisdictions then why none of the police officers seemed to recognize her body? She was a detective shouldn't someone at the morgue knew her at least? Art mentioned the Feds were investigating the Proletheans for domestic terrorism, aren't the Feds now investigating the fire that burned down the Johanssen ranch? Was Aynsley's death just ruled out as a freak accident? Didn't any of the neighbors mentioned about her very public feud with Alison to the cops? Aren't immigration concerned about Amelia not leaving the country yet assuming she came to Canada on a visitors visa, OK her visa hasn't expired yet but aren't her friends back home concerned about not hearing any news from her? Whatever happened to her body? Whatever happened to Paul and Beth's condo? Has anyone cleaned up all the blood yet? Don't they have neighbors there that would notice their disappearances? What ever happened to officer Tom Bowman's murder case? Didn't the murder weapon had Felix's prints on it thanks to Paul so is Felix still a prime suspect? If Sarah scammed Cal and had his bank codes and passwords how come she's still clueless about how he made his money designing weapons and all? Has Cosima even completed her PhD yet? Do all of DYAD's employees know about the clones? None of them seemed to be bothered by all the clones popping up there. Do they all have an airtight confidentiality agreement clause signed beforehand because no one seemed to be selling their stories to the world? Are they afraid they'll get murdered if they tried to sell the story to Weekly World News or People's Magazine?

PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 2 - “That Leaf Joke”

violence, boys, and bending. oh my!

On Kawara, born on this day in 1933, explored the passage of time in his art. Kawara’s two–volume book project One Million Years includes a listing of the years from 998,031 BC to 1969 AD (Volume One) and 1993 AD to 1,001,992 AD (Volume Two). At the request of the artist, portions of the books have been read aloud in locations around the world, recently at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. 

[On Kawara. One Million Years. 1999. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2015 On Kawara]

Hey guys!

My friend and I decided to create a campaign much like the No Control campaign, instead we are aiming to get the boy’s fifth album to ONE MILLION copies sold within the first week of its release. 

This is a complete fan based campaign, and it’s one hundred percent non-profit. 

With the success of Drag Me Down, it’s possible. If the album sold as much as Drag Me Down did within the first 24 hours, everyday for a week straight, they’d sell 2.1M copies, double what we’re aiming for. 

The No Control project is proof that we’re capable of doing this! Please help out with this and spread the word. 

There’s more information about this campaign here.


Project One Million - You CAN Make A Difference

congrats on the milestone, shamrock shake!

here we are: 7 million and strong as ever!

here, the accomplishment isn’t really reaching a certain number. it’s the fact that you’ve managed to draw in such a spectacular bunch of individuals. it’s that (and maybe i’m stealing this from an earlier post) we’ve all managed, for the most part, to keep that small-channel sense of community and camaraderie through millions and millions worth of growth. it’s that the person who’s number 6,754,876 and found us 3 days ago, is just as welcomed and important as 23,560 who’s been here for 2 years.

it’s that, while maybe the commentary style has evolved as you’ve figured out what you’re doing, you’re still recognizable as the same man i found throwing mr. dismount off a giant cliff last spring.

the small channel feel has a lot to do with how big of a presence you have in your community. you’re one of us. that’s honestly my favorite part of being here. you’re afraid of losing the human element in the channel, what’s made it stand out and drawn so many people in (what inspired me to make my own connections here, if i’m honest). there’s nothing to be afraid of; once we start feeling like you’ve left us behind, when you stop talking to us directly, and i understand that with the growth it’s harder and harder, but the effort alone is showing us you’re the same. i don’t think that was grammatically correct but it gets the point across.

the accomplishment in the milestone is gathering a group of welcoming, friendly people who believe in each other as much as they believe in you and the channel as an entity. willing to answer questions, responding to cries for help, sharing in triumphs and in sorrows. to have inadvertently founded a place where we could make a family.

i guess, though i’m writing like i’m addressing jack personally, this is really a post for everyone. the accomplishment is on all of us, too. we’ve managed to keep ourselves humble and welcoming, we’ve spread it around, shared it because we enjoy it and we believe in it so much. you all are a huge part of what’s made this ride so fun, and worthwhile and made me want to get myself in here, be a real part of it, something i’ve never done with any other group.

here’s to the old friends, the new friends, the future friends (since we’re 7 million strong and growing (10 jse points to who gets that reference though maybe that’s unfair, did we export that)). i love you all, and i’m ready for whatever the future holds for us


Project One Million.  Coming Soon.  PLEASE SHARE, for Isaac…

I just had to tell you about this great new item we will be raffling off soon!!

We call it the “Secret Fortune” Paracord Bracelet, and it was invented by our street team member Chanda P.  She tries to give me credit but all I did was throw out one teensy tiny idea… she did all the rest. 

These things are already creating a buzz within our team.  Inside the bracelet, there is a ribbon woven through the center that has secret JM lyrics on it!!  You never know what those lyrics are, unless someday you unravel the bracelet!

Those of you who are familiar with paracord bracelets know that they are meant to be unraveled in case of emergency… in this case, it would be a JM-related emergency that only John’s words of wisdom can fix!

We know that these are going to be very popular with you folks!  Chanda is currently making a few prototypes that we will be raffling off in February, and after that we will probably take some special orders.  You can ask for one in your favorite color, and with your favorite JM lyrics inside.

These are NOT available for “sale."  They are only available in exchange for set donations to The Isaac Foundation.  We’ve already had people asking if they could buy one… but sorry folks, this is a fundraising item!! 

Copyright Chanda 2013

Disclaimer:  We are only fans of JM and Isaac, and not formally affiliated with either.  We are not John Mayer’s official street team, and he does not participate in our raffles in any way.  He does not donate merchandise for our raffles.  All merchandise is donated by generous JM fans. 

Year-end report

As 2012 draws to a close, we are happy to report that we have brought in a bit more money for #ProjectOneMillion since our last “concerted” effort. 

The total we have raised since POM was launched has just reached $1,800, as of yesterday.

Once again, thank you to all who helped us raise this money for The Isaac Foundation.  Whether you contributed a lot or a little, it all counted and it all helped us achieve this final tally.

Please be reminded that we NEED you to save all your holiday cards, and donate them to us after the season’s over, instead of just throwing them away.  We will recycle them and put them to good use in 2013!!

Have a beautiful holiday season and a safe New Year, everyone!