project of the future

earth day 2017 was powerful, we marched for our scientists, for our planet, for our health, against the disgusting lies and feigned ignorance of our government and media. Today Bernie Sanders rallied here in Nevada for clean solar energy (an absolutely abundant resource in this desert state) I’d like to do more now than ever before for this cause with my power as an individual to be active. Future projects, out side of supporting my self, will be charitable to the cause of a state on solar energy. 

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Fan of your blog since Together Breakfast! I know you're in the middle of FMA:B and the Magical Madoka movie. But, when you have time, would you like to liveblog Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries)? It's great anime with tons of plot twists. I total recommendation, if you'd like!

Well, I was very intrigued by the basic premise of Mirai Nikki (thanks google), so I added it to my “future liveblogs” pile!

Unfortunately, the next nine projects of mine have already been determined… Though, the order I’ll watch those nine will be up to voting by readers like you! So at minimum, it would be about a full year before I ever liveblog Mirai Nikki. Sorry!


LQ pics of Kagerou Daze 9′s afterwords

Basically… they congratulated on the release of vol 9 and thanked for everyone’s support.

Satou Mahiro suffered from a lot of health issues this winter… Sidu was sad everyone didn’t get along with each other, and Jin will try his best to lead his characters to a bright future.