project no.8


Birthday Projects List:

1) Soomilk: Advertisement on Instagram

2) Jackson fans from the Philippines: Advertisement in Mall of Asia, Manila

3) Jackson fans from India: Jackson is the first K-Pop idol to have a birthday advertisement there

4) Jackson Wang Bar: Advertisement in HK / Shenzen MTR Line / Video in Shanghai / Video in Changsha / Video at Hongdae Station

5) Shmily Jackson: Bus Stop Board in HK / APPCoffee Ringing in 101 cafesBus Stop board in Moog Kok, HKLEDs in Beijing and Shanghai / Public Benefit ActivityPre mapping Ad in Seoul Broadway Cinema

6) Honey Jackson: Birthday Advertisement on Youtube

7) King of King Jackson: Bus Advertisement in Seoul / 79 Adverts / LED at Hongdae / Welfare Project 

8) Jackson Track: Youtube Advertisement / Advertisements in Shanghai / Donation / Donation to HK Institute / Bus Advertisement in HK / Advertisements at Hongdae Station

9) I Am Your Jacky: Advertisement at Prima Hotel Bus Station

10) Stereomood & Sunkissed: Jackson’s Birthday Exhibition in Seoul

11) Jackson W. Thailand

12) Wangga: HK MTR, Prince Edward Station Advertisement

13) Sunshine: Advertisement in Seoul

14) LIMIT: Advertisement

15) Wonder Struck: Advertisement in Cheongdam

16) WannaWithW: Advertisements in Seoul

17) Topstarnews: Birthday Video

18) My Jackson China: Donation / Subway Support 1 2 / Cafes Ringing Support 

19) Fans from LA: Advertisement

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??