project no. 8


So speaking of the 8 projects mentioned in the last ask, ill show one of them xD

This is a project for Software Engineering subject we have.
So they told us to make a “Sellable Website Concept” So I had an idea to make something similar with Patreon. This is the mockup for it, Me in a group of 4 are going to try to make something like this xD so far the HTML is going well since im still learning how to code it

but yeah, this is what i’ve been up to if im not drawing x)

in other words, its patreon combined with ko-fe with added benefits and a private livestreaming area :D

and no we are not gonna make this a real website, we’re just gonna do a local host website xD (idk how to explain it in english lmao)

March 16th, 1966 - Gemini VIII launches Astronauts David Scott and Neil Armstrong for a three-day mission with the intention of rendezvous with an Agena target vehicle launched earlier. A 2-hour EVA was also planned for Scott, but was scrubbed after the first docking of the Gemini with Agena, following an emergency that cut short Gemini 8′s flight.

After a successful docking procedure, and being out of range of ground communications, Scott noted the combined Gemini and Agena began to yaw. After corrections made by Armstrong using the OAMS thrusters, the yawing would begin again. Following orders given to them before the communications blackout by the ground team at Mission Control, Gemini 8 undocked from the Agena to prevent damage to either spacecraft. This led to Gemini 8 tumbling uncontrollably, and Armstrong resorting to using the reentry thruster in an attempt to control the craft. 

After steadying the craft and testing each maneuvering thruster, it was discovered that thruster 8 had been stuck. As per mission rules, any time the reentry thrusters are used for anything but reentry is an automatic mission abort. No direct cause was found, but an electrical malfunction is attributed to the failure of the on/off switch on for the number 8 thruster, flowing electricity though even in the off-position. 

Originally meant to land in the Atlantic Ocean, Scott and Armstrong stayed on board Gemini for one more orbit to allow for easier recovery in the Pacific by the secondary recovery team. The recovery of Scott and Armstrong was routine, with the exception of having to land on the other side of the Earth.

Gemini 8 is on display at the Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum in  Wapakoneta, Ohio, Neil Armstrong’s birthplace.

on a lonely night,

was a blinding light.

a hundred leaders would be borne of you.

it’s been a while since i last drew kagepro, i miss my daughter aND NOW SHE FINALLY GETS A BOOK I AM SO HAPPY

plus jin coming up with a new song while writing her pov can’t just be a coincidence, maybe she’ll get an actual song now??? with a pv?!??