project metalbeast


“Project Metalbeast” aka “Metalbeast”

Starring Kim Delaney, Barry Bostwick and Kane Hodder as the Metalbeast.

One of my all time favorite werewolf movies and a real gem that needs to be rediscovered. It has never been officially released on DVD in North America, though there are plenty of bootlegs made from VHS copies. A French release was made, but it has French only audio and is hard to obtain. Hopefully it will get picked up. I hope to bring some attention to this long neglected movie.

The film is starts with the Army sending two agents into the Carpathian Mountains of Hungary to obtain werewolf blood to create werewolf shock troops with. With the use of silver bullets and the loss of an agent, the blood is secured. The surviving agent, Butler, uses it on himself. He goes on a rampage and is shot with silver bullets. His body is frozen on the orders of Col. Miller.

Twenty years later, Miller is funding a project to create artificial, metal based skin. He give the research team Butler’s “corpse” as a test cadaver. During the operation, the silver bullets are discovered and removed, causing Butler to come out of hibernation and regenerate. Butler’s werewolf ability to regenerate not only allows him to survive the skin graft but also to grow it at an accelerated rate.

Now, a werewolf is on the loose. A werewolf with bulletproof skin, sharp spines on its back, and armor piercing claws and fangs! The ultimate killing machine! An out of control shock trooper with a lust for death and destruction!

“Project Metalbeast” VHS box art from the UK. It was released there simply as “Metalbeast”.

Part of a previous photo set but I thought that it was so cool it deserved its own post.

Awesome werewolf movie about a secret project to create werewolf shock troops. That project is combined with another designed to create a metal based skin and the resulting monster is impervious to harm. Especially to silver bullets.

Desperately needs a DVD release.