project manhigh

On 2 June 1957, 28-year-old Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger ascended in a balloon to a height of 96,874 feet (18.3 miles) above St. Paul, MN. It was the highest man had ever ascended, and Kittinger stayed aloft for more than 7 hours.

As part of Project Manhigh, Kittinger’s record stood for a little more than 2 months, when David Simons ascended higher in the second phase of Manhigh.

Before it was fashionable.

Colonel Joseph Kittinger raced speedboats, became a pilot for the USAF, actually shot down an enemy aircraft, was shot down himself, interred as a prisoner of war for almost a year, flew aircraft for rocket research programs and set records for high-altitude research related parachute jumps.  He was the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon and the first person to personally see the curvature of the planet Earth.  

Felix Baumgartner didn’t serve three combat tours, or perform 483 combat missions and he doesn’t have two Purple Hearts.

Masters of Sex - Timeline

Earlier today we (finally) got some small spoilers for the upcoming season of Masters of Sex. The third season of the series (spoilers ahead, obviously) begins with a time jump to the mid-60′s and features 17 year old Henry Johnson and 11 year old Johnny Masters. Henry was actually 8 or 9 when Johnny was born, so they are playing with time a bit.

This made me think of the many times they have warped time during the first two seasons, and so I decided to make a timeline for clarification.

Exactly, it makes no sense whatsoever.

Under the cut, a long-ass post that nobody will read in its entirety, detailing every episode’s time.

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