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Cosplays for Sale

So I have a TON of cosplays I need to sell. Pm me for photos, etc. This also doesn’t include shipping.

•Reina Izumi- $70 combined
Comes with wig, white skirt, blazer, blue ribbon. No black undershirt. The wig is from Lucaille

•Rei Ayanami- $35 combined
Comes with wig, white shirt(some eyeliner stain on the collar that can easily be cleaned), blue. Would suggest for someone with smaller bust and waist.

InuxBoku- $20
Originally bought for $25, worn three times. Comes with undershirt, black skirt, neck piece. Would suggest for someone with smaller bust or use own button up.

Ryuko- $65 combined
Comes with wig, the half bra, seifuku top, skirt, suspenders and belt, and gloves. Someone shorter or smaller bust than me as it rides up on my bust

Emilia(green)- $40
Originally bought for $50, green gem broke off the white neck piece. Does not some with flower hairpin or wig

Miku Hatsune wig- $20
Worn maybe 5 times. In great condition and will brush again before shipping

Dia Kurosawa wig- $30
Worn twice

Mari Ohara wig- $25

Rikka Takanashi uniform- $50
Comes with Blazer, skirt, red bow, and wig

Rikka Takanashi “Zero” shirt- $20

Short blonde wig- $10
Originally went to my shoulder blades, cut to be a Rin Kagamine wig

Short brown wig- $5

Satsuki Kiryuin - $75

Nozomi Tojo cheer- $50

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