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post-2x12 lena will save the day

that look on lena’s face when kara left definitely meant she’s up to something. but she’s not evil. for the first time in her life since lex, she has someone who cares about her. she has kara’s unconditional support and friendship, and supergirl risked her life to save her. lillian luthor on the other hand fucked off via her helicopter and left lena there, knowing damn well she was about to die - lena already knew her mother didn’t love her, but after this she must be 1000% sure. it would make no sense if she turned evil after all of this. no, she is up to something, but that something is to completely destroy her mother and her cause. lillian has lex’s toys, but lena is smarter than lex. she beat him at chess when she was four and she’s gonna beat him, his inventions, now. that look on lena’s face was the look of determination. we know where her loyalties lie.

i’m calling my final poetry project for this term “lex•i•con” in an attempt to subtly reference crj’s masterpiece of an album and i’m angry that only i’ll know it

WONDERCON IN A NUTSHELL (and a thank you to everyone)

dedicated to all who are suffering from some of the earlier shit at the con. Heart goes to everyone who is suffering right now. Your pain is real it is legitimate. Your emotions are real.  We are who we are and we feel what we feel. We are an amazing weird angry, salty, thirsty, loving family and we are in this together. Thank you to everyone. I don’t know if I could have made it through this without everyone. It has been hell these last few weeks, so coming online and seeing other people who are unfortunately in the same boat but are still floating along posting crazy things from Elyza Lex to Fine Stud Lexa and from the protests to the Trevor Project, it brightens my day. So thank you. It means the world to me and don’t worry I got your back <3

I don’t even know why they created a best fandom category. After all we’ve done (LGBTfans, 130+k for the Trevor project, Elyza Lex, winning all the polls, the fan art book, ClexaCon etc.) they should just hand over the prize to be honest. Clexa is the best. You can’t even argue about that. Peace out.


Artwork by @akima-11 | Story by @hopelesslehane

“Lexa and Alicia merge, and while she still feels Lexa’s essence, Lexa’s soul inside this girl, she also senses Alicia’s own persona, and Elyza is as drawn to her just as Clarke was to the Commander.”

Read do you believe in soulmates (because I’m yours and you’re mine) here

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I think it’s time to share something we’ve being working on: the Elyza Lex Project. This is our first poster, just to start and to… you know, let everybody know that this is happening. I’M EXCITED

You are the one that made clexa so complex and important. You are the one that made me come here - first as a fan, just being happy with you all. Now as part of this group fighting for better representation.

I’m just tired of depending on white straight men.

And the truth is, right now we don’t.

Click here and join us: What is the Elyza Lex Project?

Artwork by @cruek​ | Story by @minnimodi

“‘This is my jacket now. I have to go, and you’re gonna stay in here until I get back.’

Alicia pushed Elyza lightly to the side before stepping out of the door and hurrying after Ofelia down the hall. Elyza just smiled to herself and shook her head amused.”

Read Just For A While, Okay? here

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What’s the Elyza Lex project?  

My soul has started a rebellion, against all the things I know.  

- Bianca Reyes


I’ve done some research, and it turns out he has a fan mail adress.

I’ve decided, what with his birthday right around the corner at October 5, we should all collab to send him one big (not PHYSICALLY huge, just important) package of love.

There are no 100% guarantees he’ll get it (all fan mail goes through his publicist first) but I think it’d be lovely if an accumulation of his fans were to send something heartfelt.


IF you have something to say, message me with your message to him and I will print it out plus your name (or username if not specified)

IF you have something physical to give, hmu and I’ll send you my mailing address. That way I can put it in the package.

Please keep it above a sentence and below an essay golly gee.

Whatever I have by September 25 will be accepted.

I’ll take care of the expenses of sending the whole thing to the address, and I’ll post a picture of the main letter I’ll write explaining what the package is and why we sent it so you all are on the same page as I.

Any questions, suggestions, or ANYTHING? Message me! ;)

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Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. This is the first week of our Elyza Lex Season, and for the next month we’ll have a new art + fanfic for you every Monday and Thursday.

Take this opportunity to meet the artists, and find new fics to read. You can help following us here, on twitter and reblogging every art!

And remember: Always send love to the artists and writers. They deserve it.