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Voltron: Legendary Sweater Weather Defender!

I hc that Lance easily gets cold on the castle and that he somehow ends up having a huge stash of big sweaters…no one knows from where though

I also hc that Keith secretly loves seeing fluffy Lance in too big sweaters

Lance is totally the kind of guy to teach his boyfriends how to skateboard in a Toys R Us and 11:30 at night

Hunk is the boyfriend who is very much not okay with that and does not want to be escorted out of a toy store

And Keith is the boyfriend who has never ridden a skateboard, but he’ll be damned if he isn’t fast enough to outride the Toys R Us employees


Sorry for the crappy text, I usually write out the dialogue but my wrist has been hurting a lot lately because of work. Just like everything else, it was funnier in my head.

With the season 2 trailer of Voltron out, this scenario popped into my head with the “WHY ARE THEY SHIRTLESS?” thing going on with the fandom. Makes no sense, I know. A washing machine in space? You bet. Read tags on who built it.

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keith as shiro’s adopted lil bro is my favorite thing and i will take it to the grave with me

the hero pose shit is somethin i did as a kid while my sister filmed me cause she knew it would age like fine freaking wine and i am projecting my embarrassment into keith

Domestic Klance Headcanons?

- Lance fuckin encases Keith with his legs, like, they could be on opposite ends of a king sized bed and Keith could still wake up with a leg slung over his body in some way shape or form

- Keith gets really giddy when Lance just casually tells him he loves him, and always gives his boyfriend the biggest frickin smile in return

- Lance sleeps with 4 pillows, Keith used to sleep with 2, but one of them was stolen™

- Keith can crack every joint in his body and Lance is horrified and refuses to be in the same room as Keith when it’s going down

- Lance takes every opportunity to call Keith his fiancé and bring up how they’re going to elope

- They don’t tho, instead they have a traditional ceremony complete with aspects from both Ojibwa and Vietnamese culture

- They have that signature look™ that best friends give each other when someone’s being petty

- They play I-spy and 20Q on long car rides

- Keith isn’t the best with PDA but he still likes being able to have some sort of contact with Lance so they always do subtle things in public; link fingers for a second, nudge the other in the heel, put their chin on the others shoulder, etc

- Lance hates diet soda, Keith prefers it, but even so, whenever Lance runs out of drink or w/e he’ll reach across the table and steal Keith’s even when he knows it’s diet

not to be rude™ but adding to the pining keith hc, do u think that once he finally had lance and was loved by someone he pined after for so long, he’d be terrified to lose him?
bc okay, he was orphaned at a young age, and he lost shiro, who was probably his closest thing to family, for a year, and he was kicked out of the garrison which may have been one of the first times he felt like he belonged somewhere and we saw how he reacted when team voltron almost disbanded
so can you imagine how scared he would be of losing something he wanted for so long? like he will just be laying next to lance and despite being in his arms, he still can’t fall asleep bc he can’t get rid of this awful feeling that he’s going to lose him, so he feels overly protective during missions and he’ll question himself and his relationship and whether or not lance actually cares for him
OR you can look at the other side of it where maybe he just accepts that lance will leave him and so he cherishes every single moment he has with him and is adamant about recording what they do together by writing it down and taking pictures and he feels like he can’t ever get too attached, but then realizes how much he loves lance and starts to panic bc he cares too much and he loves him too much for this to go away and the second that lance seems a bit distant from him, keith will start acting a but more reckless and physically exhausting himself through training to keep his mind off of the imminent breakup that never actually happens
and in either scenario, when lance finds keith back in his own bed and asks why he doesn’t want to sleep with him (lance just assumes he doesn’t feel well or maybe he just needs some alone time), he’s a bit surprised by the look of shock and relief that washes over keith’s face and if those were really just tears that keith was wiping off of his cheeks, well then lance will bring it up in the morning

Time is a River: Chapter 01 


 When history professor Lance McClain stumbles across a mysterious object, he has no idea it will lead him and his friends to a time ship crashed in the year 2016.  But with this amazing discovery comes a dire message from the two future refugees onboard: Lance and his friends must become paladins, protectors of time itself.  Now, they must struggle to preserve history all while preventing the rise of an immortal despot, bent on destroying everything in his path to conquer the future, including the paladins themselves.


The stranger’s hand shot out, grabbing Lance’s shoulder.  It didn’t seem like much force was being exerted, but the man’s grip on his shoulder was unnaturally strong.  Lance tried to wiggle out of its grasp, to no avail.

“Give. Me. The bayard.”

The hold on Lance’s shoulder tightened briefly and he let out a yelp of pain.  Lance felt fairly certain he was bruised down to the bone now.  He looked up and stiffened in fear, because, yep, the man’s eyes had definitely turned gold.  

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A lot of us talk about Klance on Ice (or Voltron Crossover with Yuri on Ice)

But Let me bring to you Yuri: Legendary Defender (YoI crossover with Voltron)

You may repost as you want, just give me credit somehow (can be in the tags as #Oya if you want. IDC just some way that people know it’s my art).