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Twins in college 

star wars notes
  • Why Han Solo = lady killer? Fanboy projection + inherited cultural opinion + conflation with Indiana Jones? Literally limited in canon to interest in one woman, general awkwardness/aggressiveness in Leia interactions + active emotional constipation throughout (i.e. “Well don’t get all mushy on me, so long, princess”/”I know”)
  • Tatooine blue liquid in Episode IV probably not blue raspberry milk; likely chalky nutrient meal replacement 
  • Episode IV, Luke: “If they traced the robots here”–hapax legomenon? Always otherwise referred to as “droids”
  • Re: droids, entire SW universe, protagonists included, unquestionably accept disgusting slave culture? series lead literally introduced in an auction block scene where he almost inadvertently splits up a family unit. Related: if developed purely for convenience, why droids given the ability to feel pain??? (RotS, screaming R2 oil slick; RotJ, Jabba torture chamber) (cf. Data’s trial, alternate ruling?)