project high heels

danseusesarabande  asked:

How would fem! Mikoto, Yata, Munakata, Saru, (+ Shiro and Kuro if ya still like) be able to carry themselves well when walking in high heels ~ like who would rock at stilettos/wedges etc? ;)

Fem!Mikoto - She would easily walk in them and look super sexy when doing so since she wears high-heeled boots daily. She has the body and height of a model (the average height for a model is between 5′8″ and 5′11″) so she can make almost anything look sexy.

Fem!Misaki - She’s actually really good at walking in heels, she prefers wedges over anything else. They’re easier to walk in and she looks super cute in them (especially if she wears a spring/summer dress with them). She really likes wearing them actually since they make her feel taller, though she hates how they make her feet hurt after.

Fem!Reisi - She also wears heels daily so she’s perfectly fine. Besides the usual boots she wears to work, she occasionally wears pumps or ankle strap heels. She looks like a business woman 24/7 rather than a super sexy chick.

Fem!Saru - Surprisingly, she fricking sucks at walking with heels, one of the reason is that she very rarely walks in them. The only heels she’s able to wear are kitten heels and French heels and even then she still wobbles a bit.


Project: Get High Heels to 2MIL views before Brave Girls comeback!

Right now, on the CJENMMusic Youtube Account, High Heels is currently at  1,914,869 views and it would be GREAT to see it hit 2,000,000 before their comeback in March! 

Yes, I know, it’s technically past 2mil between the two accounts it is uploaded on (CJENMMusic & Brave Entertainment), but wouldn’t it be nice to see that number all together on one and show our support for our girls? 

So if you have a few minutes, please give it a quick stream!