project get zuviosgemini the hell outta dodge

LISTEN UP! Project 'Get ZuviosGemini the hell outta dodge'

I am flying ZuviosGemini out to live with my family, in Vancouver, Canada, because his home life has gotten too toxic. Now, the only issue is plane tickets. I need to do an auction online, and i have no idea how to go about it, or where to begin, but it needs to happen fast. I Have to earn enough through it to buy a round trip, and a one way ticket, in the next six weeks (four if I rush it)

This needs to happen. I know a lot of people follow Riley’s blogs, and a lot of you care for him, and I really need a signal boost, people. Pass it along, turn it over in your tumblr brains, and get back to me because somewhere along the line someone in this community has gotta know a good way to go about this. This is on the sly, I really need to stress that.

Riley is my dearest friend, and while he was planning on moving up next year, circumstances have changed and the time line has to change with it. His parents don’t know, his parents won’t know because they are the problem and everyone has a right to exist, and to be loved, and to be accepted. Riley is part of my family, and I take damn good care of my family. But I can’t do that on my disability check! I need help! Is there anyone out there who can help me?

Project 'Get ZuviosGemini the hell outta dodge' part 2

Ah! Okay, hopefully this isn’t a double send! Ookay, me=technologically inept. But this is a wonderful idea, a paypal, how do I set one up, and what on earth do I do with it when it’s done? Me and Riley were thinking doing a community auction too, on top of donations so those who can’t contribute money, but might be artists/artisans who could put something in, so we can raise more? I’ll be selling stuff, ink work of mine and jewellery, IE, “Johnlock on thick paper, acrylic ink” and then you can bid on it or whatever, and highest wins, and I ship it off when it’s finished. All this is very, very much last minute, we’re rushing like whoah!

Is there anyone who would take part in a auction/raffle/draw/whateverthefuckthey'recalled to help raise money for the plane tickets? Also, donations of clothes are welcome. Riley isn’t bringing a lot, and I’m rather fucking girly. He’ll be wearing my stuff or my sister’s until he gets more clothes up here because it’s precious mementos/keepsakes and valuables, or clothing.

so, anyone interested?