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Things I want in Red Vs Blue Season 15

• Junior
• 479er
• Locus pretending to be a woman named Lola
• More Kimball
• More Grey
• 479er
• Grey and Kimball. Together.
• The Triplets
• 479er
• All the Sister (Okay maybe not ALL)
• Chris Sabat to voice some purple armoured robo floozy.
• Jen Taylor to voice an AI. (Twist: It’s a male AI)
• and oh! DID I NOT MENTION 479ER???

One of the things I love about red vs blue is its ability to humanize even the most vicious of soldiers.

The Reds and Blues? Strong fighters who are, at the same time, just as dorky and awkward as the viewers.

The Freelancers? Top notch soldiers who can survive getting shot in the throat 9 times but simultaneously make dick jokes and are just trying to work through years of trauma and war.

The Mercenaries? Assholes for sure. But they’ve got a history. You can understand why they did what they did.

The Federal Army of Chorus and the New Republic? They’re a special case. At first they just seem like dumb civilians who can’t fight for shit and have no capacity for war. But then they surprise you. And at the same time they so openly show their emotion.

The show is real. They aren’t your typical GI Joe fighters made of steel. They are real. They have feelings. It’s important.

Freelancer Christmas

Carolina - “I mean I’m Jewish but sure?? Go holidays I guess.”

Washington - Refuses to admit he believed in Santa until he was 15

North - Dresses up as Santa, picked out the perf gifts for everyone

York - “I’m not Santa but you can sit on my lap ;)”

Wyoming - Loves the “traditional” Christmas

Florida - Same as Wyo, and always drinks a lil too much egg nog

South - “Why have egg nog when we could just go straight to alcohol.”

Tex - thinks Christmas is a bullcrap holiday and a waste of everyone’s time

Maine - Has no idea what to get people so he usually just gets them gift cards

More of my shit RvB Headcanons

• Nobody in the group (Blood Gulch and Wash) has ever heard Carolina swear (she does ONCE in season 10 but nobody hears it). One day she’s helping in the armory and stubs her toe and a single sharp “fuck!” Bursts from her mouth. The entire room freezes. Donut starts to have a panic attack. Simmons definitely didn’t pee a little. Grif is dazed. Wash is stricken but has to help Caboose stop crying.
• When Caboose was a lil baby boy he wore overalls every day. He loved those things. His mother tried to put him in a nice outfit for their family portraits but he refused and wore the overalls.
• Caboose’s Grandma was his best friend growing up. They’d make cookies together and watch old movies and cool shows with dinosaurs and she made him sweaters and mittens and little beanies. He didn’t speak for nearly three months after she passed away.
• Tucker joined up after his fiancée was killed by a Covenant bombing run.
• Simmons is amazing at math and science and spelling but when asked to analyze literature in school he flopped.
• Grif used to do open mic poetry.
• Grif used to have a lot of piercings but had to ditch them when he joined the army. He was your classic 2007 emo.
• Donut sings Sinatra songs when he’s in the shower because “who doesn’t love classical music?”
• Carolina was a dancer throughout her childhood. She did ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, you name it. She felt it helped her fight more smoothly.
• She was giving York lessons in secret. His favorite was Lindy Hop swing and they’d spend hours just wheeling and whirling in the training room and in the red room.
• Sarge didn’t run out on Boomstick and his mom. He got drafted and redeployed but couldn’t bear to put his wife through it, so he just left. “Don’t say goodbye.”
• Caboose has nightmares a lot. They’re a little cartoonish when he explains them, but when Church is inside his head for one for the first time, he is terrified by the 50-foot-tall Tex that threatens to crush him.
• Carolina does, too. About everything. Project Freelancer, the Meta, Tex, even Chorus. She sits up in bed, sweating, and immediately pulls on her sneakers and goes for a run around the camp. Wash had Kimball give the watch guards orders not to disturb her.
• Wash doesn’t sleep more than 5 hours a night. Once he slept for 20 hours straight and was throwing up. Sleeping too much makes him physically ill.
• Wash drank a 5 Hour Energy for a bet and ended up in the hospital. Dr. Grey had to sedate him to slow his heart rate.
• Simmons’ cyborg parts shorted out when the EMP went off. It took Sarge a week to get him back to 100%.
• Doyle lost his daughter and wife to the war. That’s why he hates fighting and never wanted to be a general. He just wanted closure.
• Kimball lost her husband. She was pregnant, but lost the baby.
• Felix was almost always flirting with the volleyball player on Simmons’ squad.
• Simmons does not like being called Dick. He’s always afraid Donut will hear.
• Grif took Kai to her senior Prom after her boyfriend dumped her the day of. He also beat the crap out of him.
• Wash keeps a photo of the Reds and Blues and Carolina inside his armor.
• Carolina has a photo with York. In it, she’s in a simple white bathing suit and he’s in deep red shorts, a lifeguard tube under his arm. They are laughing, and her face is nestled under his. That was their third real date. He kissed her shortly after.
• After Church deconstructs himself, Carolina was depressed. She wouldn’t eat or sleep or drink. She’d just sit in her quarters in a stupor. All of the Reds and Blues and Wash and the Chorus squad tried to help but she’d just lock the door. One day Caboose came by to drop off a piece of a PFL tech for her and asked her why she was sad. She told him. He patted her hand and said “it’s ok to be sad. I am sad, too. But it’s not so bad. Tucker and Washington and the Reds are sad with me. Sometimes when you share the sad it gets lighter. We are all sad. But if we are sad together then we can make the sad less heavy. I don’t think church would want us to be sad. He would want us to think about his good stuff. Like his leading and being best fiends with me. You can be sad with us, if you want. You don’t have to be sad alone.”

A few days later, she took him up on that offer.