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Auditions for the Seven (excluding Annabeth and Percy), Reyna, Thalia and Nico start October 13!

Choose a few lines from the book, record your audition (try to keep it 30 seconds or less), and send it to our email:

Deadline is December 21! Good luck everybody!


my favorite musician and my favorite director meshed into one beautiful project
Spike Jonze is Filming A Secret Project With Frank Ocean and Brad Pitt — Watch
Jonze may or may not be making his first feature since “Her” in 2013. Regardless, we’re very, very curious about what he’s up to.
By Zack Sharf

“The wait for a new project from Spike Jonze might be over sometime soon. The Oscar winner was spotted at FYF Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend filming portions of Frank Ocean’s appearance.

The R&B singer performed covers of Carpenters’ “Close to You” and the Jackson 5’s “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Brad Pitt appeared just off stage and was filmed miming a telephone conversation. The live shoot is the second time Jonze has appeared filming Frank Ocean this month. He was at the Lovebox festival in London two weekends ago.”

………just fuck me up

You know what today is?? Ace art day! Happy Ace Awareness Week everybody!

To contribute I decided to draw my favourite ace ot3, frazeleo ft aromantic Leo. His shirt was supposed to be the aro flag but I only managed to get three of the colours in. (also there seems to be three versions of the aromantic flag? anyone know what that’s about?) Frank’s shirt design is an actual shirt you can buy right here.

I kind of gave up near the end of this, I realized I don’t know how to draw curly hair so sorry if it looks weird /: