project frank

Frank Sawyer Headcanons

Making a moodboard for Frank currently and bc I love him so much I’m coming up with some headcannons:
1. Frank’s favorite song is Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald
2. He loves Motown music and Aretha Franklin (his grandma always had it playing when he was a child)
3. Before joining the Marines he was a huge activist who went to rallies all the time but has toned it down since then because being around lots of people can be overwhelming and it makes him nervous
4. He reaaaalllllyy loves watercolor paintings but trying to get the hang of it is so frustrating so he’s never put enough time into practicing it but he would love to try to get better one day when his hands stop shaking enough for him to paint again
5. Sometimes he takes aesthetic photos of dirty paint brushes on his phone that he will never show anyone but the sight of them just makes him really happy
6. He has a really good fashion sense - like REALLY GOOD
7. He wears lots of COLORS
8. He loves flowers - sunflowers are his favorite
9. Chloe bought him a bouquet of sunflowers after his first job interview
10. He also loves picking wild flowers that grow in the summer
11. His favorite painting is Untitled (Rooftop View) by Hughie Lee Smith
12. He loved “Moonlight”
13. He gets very emotional when he watches movies (most recently he cried a lil bit when he watched “Hidden Figures”)
14. His smile is SO BEAUTIFUL
15. He wears makeup his favorite thing is colorful eyeliner
16. Gaaaah there are more but this is already soooo long




That’s Mikey talking at the end of the song “Futura Free” 

We (Illegal Civ) really appreciate Frank as an artists, a human, and friend. We really appreciate him involving us in the entire project. Frank is a living walking breathing legend who cares about his work and puts time into it, that’s the reason it comes out great. His attention to detail is remarkable. If you ever run into him or go to his concerts, respect him. Thanks again.