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Not Going Anywhere

In which Annabeth stuck by Luke’s side through his decision to support Kronos in the war, and now works for Kronos as a school scout – finishing her education in the process. Of course, she’d run into a demigod from Camp Half-Blood. And, of course that demigod would be incredibly attractive.

A good murder always managed to ruin a manicure.

Annabeth sighed and began to chip away at the red polish, watching the slivers of color land on the dark carpet of Kronos’s office. He was keeping her waiting, yet again. She had eventually found herself bored of snooping through his drawers, and had plopped down on his leather swivel chair, propped her legs up on the desk, and toyed with a pen. The tricks she could do with her dagger carried over especially well.

“Took you long enough.” She breathed out the words when the figure at the door had been silent for long enough.

“Get out of my chair, Annabeth.”

She examined her nails again, holding them up to the light. “I think I need to get these redone. The dracanae in my French class screwed them all up.”

A Titan with a striking resemblance to an old friend strode over, placing a dagger on the table. “Looks to me like you screwed them up yourself.”

Annabeth grinned down at the carpet.

His voice suddenly turned to business. “How have things been?”


“Has it slowed down at all since school started?”

“No,” she replied breezily, taking her feet off his desk. “In fact I’m finding more and more. Magical blood within the mortal.”

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art by @zycrie

That Summer

(parts one and two found here)

Summary: Life is short, and summer is infinitely shorter. (They are seated in Percy’s bedroom when it all begins– when that summer begins to reveal what it has in store for them, when it begins to crack open and reveal itself. From then on, the summer pours out.) (told in four parts)

Word count: approx. 6000 (total)

The Middle (iii)

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saarcasmqueen-deactivated201501  asked:

Percabeth headcanons,please ? *-*

  • years before they have kids, they joke about what they’ll be like, and argue over what they’ll name them, what they’ll look like, etc.
  • they actually get engaged seriously young- like after high school graduation young- but they don’t get married til after college
  • when annabeth finds out she’s pregnant, percy has a horrible relapse of the tartarus aftermath- constant nightmares, separation anxiety, etc., because now he has everything to lose
  • percy’s job ends up being like ‘chiron/mr. brunner’ in the lightning thief- he becomes a ‘mythology’ teacher in new rome, and eventually, after years of studying, he actually knows more about the myths than annabeth
  • and he never lets her forget it
  • when annabeth gets carried away on a project at work, percy will physically go to her building, enter the office, and start tapping her repeatedly
  • yeah they shower together a lot

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I don't know if this happens that much elsewhere, but here in my cityt there's this awful tendency to design a building and the adding a second facade to it. Like they make a normal building with regular windows and then add the second skin! why do they do that?! there are architectural solutions to regulate light and ventilation. Idk it frustrates me a lot.

This might be a local trend that will outgrow itself or mutate to something else, happens all the time in architecture. Maybe the second facade is the most cost effective way to regulate light and ventilation at the moment. Can’t really comment without knowing the city in question.

In the meantime not all is lost, you can design some interesting successful architecture using second/double facades, like in these projects:

Zamora Offices Alberto Campo Baeza

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Can the Indian Super League wake a sleeping giant?

By Greg Lea

An initial glance at the latest FIFA World Rankings yields few surprises: world champions Germany sit top while Argentina, the runners-up in Brazil, are second. However, as you scroll further down the list, one name sticks out above all others. Way down in 158th place, below Puerto Rico, Curacao and Kyrgyzstan, are India.

In Soccernomics, Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski argue that population, football experience and per capita income are the best indicators of the strength of a national side. With 1.2 billion people and the world’s tenth largest economy, India – all set for the launch of the Indian Super League on Sunday – are undoubtedly the planet’s biggest underachievers.

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Mutual Hatred

“We’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me I don’t know how to act around you now.” @shady199100

Hope you enjoy this one! :-D

What was there to say about Killian Jones? The more Emma thought about it, the fewer good things she had to say. Sure, the guy was a hard worker, had a way with words, and was hot as hell.

He got things done, and that was one of the things Emma appreciated, especially when it came to crunch time.

He was also an obnoxious flirt. Most of the women fawned over him, and as much as he seemed to enjoy that, he also seemed to enjoy pestering Emma. She was the only one who rolled her eyes when he laid the charm on thick.

They had a fairly volatile working relationship.

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Akai Gurley

“He didn’t do nothing wrong…he was just standing there, and they shot him.” -Melissa Butler, Akai Gurley’s Girlfriend

This is Akai Gurley.

Akai was shot and killed by a “startled” NYPD rookie officer performing a “vertical” patrol in the hallway of a Louis H. Pink Housing project building in East New York, Brooklyn.

The officer was performing the patrol with his gun drawn when he encountered Akai and his girlfriend.

The NYPD has called this a “tragic accident”.

The problem with that explanation is that it is the same one they gave when Timothy Stansbury was shot and killed by a “startled” officer in 2004. It also the same explanation NYPD gave when Eric Garner was choked to death. It is also the same explanation given when Sean Bell was shot death.

What no one in the NYPD seems to want to address is this:

“Unfortunately, a fairly consistent finding is that punitiveness and hostility almost always increase when people are primed-even subliminally-with images or verbal cues associated with African Americans. In fact, studies indicate that people become increasingly harsh when an alleged criminal is darker and more "stereotypically black”; they more lenient when the accused is lighter and appears more stereotypically white. This is true of jurors as well as law enforcement officers.“ –Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

When it comes to Black men AND WOMEN…it’s always an "accident.”
But no one seems to want to admit the level at which the police are PRIMED to shoot and kill black men and women. No one wants to address just how heavy handed the treatment of black men and women approached by the police is and has always been. Make no mistake, this is not a new development. NYPD has a long and storied history of this kind of brutality. Akai Gurley is just the latest victim. I wish I could say with confidence that something will change as a result of Mr. Gurley’s death I know better.

Here in New York outrage over police brutality is handled like this:

1. We are asked not to “rush to judgment” by the Mayor.
2. We are asked to be “peaceful” in our protests by some community leader.
3. We are asked to be mindful that “not all cops are bad” by some representative of the cops.
4. Al Sharpton is called and he is asked to “demand answers”
5. The protests (if any) are quelled and people go back to being passive in their demands for justice until another black person is shot and killed.

Since Mr. Gurley’s death, I have encountered a number of black men with the same response “That could have been me.” Absolutely.

According to reports, Akai was planning on surprising his family in Florida with a visit on Thanksgiving…he wont be making that trip because a person who hired to protect him saw him as a threat and killed him instead.

Akai Gurley was 28 years old. He should be alive today.

Justice is in order and we shouldn’t be polite in demanding it.

RIP Akai Gurley.