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Illustrations for A Home for Fire: Part One - Ember, by @xthecherryx

A legend is what has brought Sabo, Robin and Koala to a long lost city hidden deep within the jungle. What will Sabo find, though, when he sneaks into the city’s temple? Because every tale holds a shred of truth - and sometimes that truth turns life upside down.

To see the full illustrations, please check out A Home for Fire on AO3!  Or see below links–due to size and length, I’ve posted the full illustrations on this blog in batches:

[ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

I have had the most fun ever collaborating with J on this project for the last eight months for the One Piece Big Bang event.  Thank you to Bea for hosting this; I couldn’t have known that participating would lead to all of this!!  It was an adventure and a learning experience and I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborating partner than J!

We pulled all the stops to make A Home for Fire what it is, so we invite you to give this Part I a read!  J’s writing is simply masterful, and there are so many scenes that make my heart swell–so many more scenes I wanted to illustrate!  It’s just too cinematic not to!  


“She’s just like you, especially about holding grudges.”
“She’s not like me at all.”
HBO, BBC One Order ‘Shibden Hall’ from Sally Wainwright
HBO and BBC One have teamed up on a new project: “Shibden Hall,” an eight-part drama created and written by Sally Wainwright (“Last Tango In Halifax,” “Happy Valley&#8…
By Debra Birnbaum

HBO and BBC One have teamed up on a new project: “Shibden Hall,” an eight-part drama created and written by Sally Wainwright (“Last Tango In Halifax,” “Happy Valley”).

Set in West Yorkshire in 1832, “Shibden Hall” is the story of landowner Anne Lister. Returning home after years of travel, Anne determines to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home in Halifax. To do so, she must marry well. But she has no intentions of marrying a man — she plans to marry a woman.

Spells/Curses Masterlist

break the chain by eroticgropefest 

simon and baz get in a fight during 7th year and end up magically handcuffed together

Cat by chapter-61

Penny was out on the Lawn, trying out some spells for her eight year project, when she suddenly heard a yelp.

Good Fortune by arituzz

Baz hasn’t come back for their eighth year at Watford. Simon is too busy adoring the mysterious little feline that has taken possession of Baz’s bed to care.

How you cast a spell by carry-on-larkyn

This is not how it’s supposed to be

Magic in the Midnight Sun by Suncoldskin

Simon is struck with a fairytale curse.

Only Time Will Tell by andonewillbringhisfall

Agatha goes to the future and finds something rather unexpected…

Prankster by andonewillbringhisfall

Simon pranks Baz the Normal way, using flour, and hair dye, and a fake love letter

Sign Your Name Across My Heart by arituzz

The name of your soulmate will appear on your chest the day you turn eighteen. Simon is taken aback when he sees his. Baz doesn’t know whether to feel hope or drown in his own sorrow.

Speechless by arituzz

The silence of your enemy is better than their words. Because sometimes, silence speaks louder than your voice.

Talk To Me by arituzz

In which Simon is trying to come up with a new spell but he ends up speaking only German

The Most Powerful Magic by arituzz

 Words are very powerful. That’s what we’ve always been told. But what are words? Are they really just a combination of spoken sounds? No, they are clearly much more. Words are meaning. Words can be written. Words can be said with our hands, or with our body. And words can be left unspoken.

The Spell Challenge by bazyounumpty

Penny and I are just mindlessly ambling. We set out to finish Christmas shopping but we finished hours ago and the next bus our way is another half an hour. We’ve already had two coffee breaks, and we’re currently wandering through the market.


final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.


You’re up next ma dude. Hope you’ve prepared yourself to brought out into the spotlight. Well, ready or not, here comes the light!

I found you thanks to @ronqueesha. One day I was just scrollin on down and I noticed this menacing looking dude in a suit and a pretty dope pistol. I thought to myself,“ Holy shit, that’s badass”, and so I had to follow for more good stuff like that. Going tbrough your posts was really entertaining due to Richter, your friends/mutuals and your work in Fallout 4.

Richter is hands down my favorite Great Khan thanks to you. Before, I didn’t think much of the Khans due to how they were portrayed in NV. Seeing how you handled his story and motivations, I started to wonder why the Khans couldn’t be more like Richter. Then when you and @keyismykitty created the all female crime fighting group, I was hyped and couldn’t wait to see more of that.(But you didn’t.😣 Y u no make😠 more?)Even your settlement builds were cool and half the time I wondered if you’d make a video of you going through the process of building.

Aside from your characters(and builds), I like how you always hadlve fun with your friends and mutuals by poking fun at each other or collabing. I think my most memorable moment between yourself and your friends was when you posted a shot of Richter all geared up for the Institute and @ronqueesha was like"Institute buddies", or something like that. Seeing how well you get along with other’s makes me think that you’re the one who fits in with everybody. On top of that, you always have a good attitude, at least to me you do.

I appreciate you and your friends/mutuals for being such great people. And again, thanks.

Good Girls are Bad Girls (3/4)

Originally posted by wearemarvel

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1724

Warnings: None

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff

Note: There are four parts, tell me if you want to be tagged

Requested: Nahhh

Part 1 (x)
Part 2 (x)


Peter’s POV

“Tony please, this means a lot to me.”

Tony stops tinkering with his suit and ponders for a second before speaking,

“You want me, to go into a strip club and confirm that Y/N is a stripper or not and offer her a paid internship at Stark Industries?”


He looks at me for a second and rubs his face while pinching on the bridge of his nose.

“And you don’t think it’s suspicious that, one, Tony Stark is going to some random strip club. And, two, the youngest stripper is given a random internship?”


Yeah, I didn’t think about that.

“Does she even qualify for an internship?” Tony asks.

I nod, “She’s smart. Very intelligent, you know those webslingers you made for me? She mimicked them with her own supplies by just watching YouTube videos of me around the city. We don’t know if it works because she’s still trying to figure out how to make the webs.”

I show Tony the pictures of her webslingers on my phone.

He looks at the pictures carefully, nodding, clearly impressed.

“This girl means a lot to you, doesn’t she?” Tony asks.

“She’s a good friend.”

“I’ll see what I can do kid,” Tony says as he stands up and walks over to me.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Stark, sir, just thank you.”

Tony ruffles my hair,

“So what does she look like anyway?”

“Oh, I brought my yearbook to show you.”

I reach for my backpack and shuffle around until I feel the yearbook and pull it out.

I flip over to a page with a bent corner and scan the page quickly before pointing her out.

Tony looks at her for a second while I stare at the picture.

“So…” Tony starts, moving my finger so he can get a better look.

“Yeah?” I look up at him, to see him smirking.

Uh oh.

“She’s pretty.”

I look down as my face heats up,

“Uh huh.”

Tony laughs, “this isn’t just some girl, is it?”

“W-what do you mean, Sir. She’s just a friend.”

“Does little Spiderling have a crush?” Tony says, as he takes the yearbook out of my hands to look at Y/N’s picture more carefully.

I play with my sleeves,

“Look it’s not like that! I mean, I just, I don’t kn-”

“Ohhhh Boy!” Tony lets out suddenly, I jump a little.

“I have an idea, a perfect way for you to get with her and for her to get that internship.”

“Alright, what’s your plan, Mr. Stark?”

“Well, first, don’t call me Mr. Stark, Spiderboy. Second, just trust me.”

“It’s Spiderman.”


I wait at the front of the school for Y/N so we could work on our project at my house.

We’ve been spending all week together, not only afterschool, but between classes and lunch time as well.

Honestly, it’s great that I’m getting closer to her. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get close enough to her that she’ll tell me about her double life.

I still couldn’t believe it.

I mean, what would a sixteen year old be doing at a strip club?

It may be obvious that she’s a stripper, but I wouldn’t believe it. I won’t.

Y/N was smart, reserved, and shy. She wouldn’t be doing something like that. Not that stripping is something that should be looked down on, but it just wasn’t her personality.

Someone taps my shoulder and I turn around to see Y/N.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Yeaup! Let’s finish this bastard!”

I look at her wide-eyed and let out a little chuckle.

She glares at me playfully,

“Is it really that funny when I curse?”

I nod while laughing softly.

“Gosh, Parker, let’s just get this project done with.”


Eight PM comes by quickly and Y/N and I had finished our project.

“Well, looks like we’re done.” Y/N says, leaning back onto the balls of her feet to look at our end product.

“Yeah,” I say, wondering if Y/N would still talk to me after this project is over.

“We’re, um,” Y/N starts before stopping herself.

I look over at her,


“We’ll still talk right? After this project?” She asks, not looking at me and playing with her shoelaces.

“Yeah! Yeah of course!”

She smiles and leans over to hug me and I freeze up.

She pulls away quickly at my reaction and I want to kick myself.

She gets up to pack her stuff and I look around the room awkwardly.

My eye catches my Spiderman bag and I smile.

“How about this weekend you come over and we can try out the web slinger of yours. We never go the chance,” I suggested.

She turns around quickly with her eyes wide and bright,

“Yes! That would be great!”

I can’t help but laugh a little at her enthusiasm.

A few minutes later she leaves, hugging Aunt May goodbye and hugging me once again. This time I did respond, even though my legs were shaking.

After she leaves, I run up to my room and change into my Spiderman Suit to follow her.

I silently swing from  building to building above her, watching her  walk down the street with her backpack swinging slightly as she moved.

I continue following her and just as she is about to cross the street at a rather deserted area, two men in dark hoods jump out.

Y/N let’s out a scream and stumbles backwards falling onto the ground.


My eyes were closed and my palms stung from the impact of falling on my bum.

“Where the hell did you come from?” one guy asked.


I open my eyes to see a guy in red spandex in front of me.

Holy shit, it’s Spiderman.

He points at the roof,

“Up there.”

If I wasn’t so scared, I would have laughed.

“Listen, kid, just get out of our way. Wouldn’t want to hurt a little guy in spandex over a girl,” the other guy says, gesturing at Spiderman to get out of the way.

He shakes his head ‘no’ and the two guys come at him.

Spiderman in live action was a sight. He dodges their punches with ease and kicks a guy down to his knees, quickly trapping him with webs before moving on to the next guy.

The hooded man pulls out a gun and points it at Spiderman, glaring at him menacingly,

“Just get out of our way, tights.”

Spiderman shakes his head no before shooting out a web at the man’s gun with his hand and pulling him forwards. As the guy tries to get out of Spiderman’s web, Spiderman quickly and continuously surrounds the man with webs until he is cocooned inside.

I stare in awe as he finishes and picks up the two guys effortlessly, leaving them against the wall for the police to pick up later.

I am in such awe that I don’t notice he is in front of me, holding out a hand to assist me up.

“Oh! S-sorry,"I say as I quickly grab his hand and stand up. My knees shake as I realize I am touching The Spiderman and I lose my balance.

He quickly catches me and helps me stand up.

"Are you alright?” He asks.

I shake my head yes, hopefully not too frantically.

“Do you need me to walk you to wherever it is you’re walking to?” he asks.

“I-if that’s not too much trouble.”

He nods and I stare at his mask wondering what he looks like without it.

“Alright pretty lady,” he shoots out a web and pulls on it, holding out an arm, “where to?”

Wait, is he asking me to swing around the city with him?

Wait, did he just call me ‘pretty’?

Wait, am I dreaming?

I stare at him and gently pinch my arm.


Spiderman chuckles a little.

“Don’t worry, I won’t drop you.”

I nod, trusting him completely walking closer to him as he wraps his arms around me and we swing off.

I let out a little squeal as my feet leave the pavement and we’re soaring through the buildings of New York.

The wind howls in my ears and the chill bites my skin. The lights around me blur and all I can focus on is Spiderman.

He must have noticed me staring because  he chuckles a little more, and tightens his hold on me.

His laugh is familiar…

I push the thought away as he asks me,

“Where to?”

I let out a laugh as I point at a building,

“That one, the one with the purple lights.”

He nods and swings me to the roof of the building.

He looks around a bit and lets me go, but I still hold on.

I stare at his mask for a little longer.

His height, voice, laugh… they’re all too like… someone…

As I try to think of why Spiderman seems so familiar, my hands were caressing his jawline gently.

I realize this and pull away quickly, my face burning up.

“I-I’m sorry! I d-didn’t mean to, um, oh god,” I apologize as I stare at my feet.

“It’s fine, really. Don’t worry about it. It’s all good.”

My head shoots up at the word 'good’.

“Is everything okay?” he asks.

“C-can you say the word 'good’ for me, again?” I ask.

“Good?” He says, unsure of my intentions.

I shake my head.

“Sorry, you just sound really familiar.”

Spiderman nods slowly and turns around, but the sign of the building catches his eye.

“A strip club?” he asks, looking back at me.

I squeeze my eyes shut.

“Um, I don’t mean to be nosy, but aren’t you a little too young to be going to a strip club?” he asks.

“Please, please don’t tell anyone. I work here, okay? I couldn’t find a better place to work at that pays as well. And I know it’s not ideal, but please don’t report me,” I practically beg.

I expect him to ask more questions but he doesn’t.

He steps over to me and pulls me into a hug.

Surprised, I hug him back and I inhaled deeply.

He smelled like Aunt May’s cookies.

I pull away to look at Spiderman’s mask,



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New Rotation of Artists’ Books!

This week’s shelf includes Martha Carother’s eight-volume project, CAPITAL LETTERS. She uses texts from Beatrice Warde and Bradbury Thompson to develop a satire on the history of letters, literacy, education, and class.

Stop by and take a look at these and the other items this week!


xN7433.4.C357 C36 1992

Carothers, Martha. Capital Letters. Newark, Del.: Post Press, 1992.