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Miserable Lester, Part 20: Dropping Some Eaves On Crime (3)

Marius follows Jondrette for a while, but then he kinda loses him, plus also he decides a more prudent course of action would be to take advantage of the man’s absence to return to the apartment building without being seen or arousing suspicion. He arrives just as the landlady is leaving for the evening and slips inside. He goes up to his room, sits on his bed, and waits.

And waits.

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(Inspired by the SPN vs JB conflict)
(Second posting in case you guys missed the first.)

Doctor Who and Sherlock were waiting when Supernatural got back.

The door opened with such a force that the walls trembled, and Supernatural walked in with a large grin and an unfocused yet gleeful look in his eyes.

“Hey,” he drawled out the word over several seconds, “what are you guys doing here?”

“We heard about what happened and wanted to make sure you were okay,” replied Doctor Who. Sherlock was leaning against the wall, quiet and calm as ever as Supernatural snorted and made a flopping sort of motion with his hand.

“‘m great. Look at me, I look great!” he made his way over to the couch and promptly face-planted into Doctor Who’s lap. “You’re warm,” he mumbled. “Why’re you here ‘gain?”

Sherlock sighed and went to the cabinet, rummaging around for a blanket. “Ever since your little confrontation with JB, you stopped responding to our messages, and Merlin could not get a decent read of your location because of your, and I quote, ‘irritating bouncing around the country like a clotpole’. We knew you would come back here eventually.”

“Too many words,” Supernatural groaned, burrowing deeper into Doctor Who’s lap. “Tell ‘im to stop.”

“I’m afraid I can’t,” Doctor Who said bemusedly. “You know how he is when he is worried.”

Ignoring him, Sherlock pulled out a fleece blanket and flicked it over Supernatural in one graceful twist of the wrist. “Congratulations, you made the headlines in the six o’clock evening news.”

“What cannae say,” said Supernatural, his words blending together as his eyes began to flutter shut. “Broke a new record. Kicked that little shit’s ass all the way to next Tuesday.”

“God help us,” muttered Sherlock. Doctor Who simply smiled and began lightly combing his fingers through Supernatural’s hair. The younger fansonae hummed in appreciation, slowly drifting off to sleep with every stroke.

“Sherlock,” Doctor Who began, but the other fansonae was already heading for the door.

“I’ll tell the others.”

“Thank you.”

Sherlock looked pointedly at the sleeping fansonae. “Don’t thank me yet. We both know it’s going to happen again.”

“Such is the life of one of us,” said Doctor Who. They exchanged a look before Sherlock nodded and went out.

Doctor Who relaxed and continued to watch over the younger fansonae sleeping peacefully in his lap.

Such is the life of a fansonae, indeed, he mused.


I feel so guilty for Keith being my fave sometimes like, it feels like I’m doing smt wrong when I post about how much I love him??? Probably because I don’t post nearly as much about the other Paladins (save for Lance bc he’s my BF just as much as Keith is my son)

But at the same time?? He makes me rly happy. I project on him so much and it helps me out a lot with coping with stress so I don’t wanna try to stop.

In the end my url is a Keith url and people follow me for Keith/keith shipping content and I’m gonna provide and I’m gonna gush over my red gay son

anonymous asked:

I think it's odd that she's been talking about the next album for months (even if shes not sharing much about it anymore) because it takes away momentum for her current projects (not that DW/DWT had much momentum to begin with lol). She moves on from stuff before it's even over. You can tell she's checked out of DW mode like it's been done for her. But at the same time I think she almost needs to keep talking about it because more people would unstan without the hope of a better era coming soon.

She shouldn’t have made a new album so soon- she knows what she’s like. At least with My Everything, she recorded stuff on the tour so she was still into the music while she was performing and could drop it after. 

I don’t think she’s worried about people unstanning, I think she’s contractually obligated to see this era through with the tour etc- a company isn’t going to pay to produce her album for it to tank because she’s a lil brat and doesn’t want to sing her old music. But I think at this point it’s the fans who keep talking about it- she hasn’t said anything about it herself in a long time- it’s the fans at the m&g who keep asking. 


Ever wonder what might have happened if things had been just a little different? If that virus hadn’t been released? If that wrong turn hadn’t been taken? If that lever hadn’t slipped?

Well why not find out? Timestream is an extended, advanced Doctor Who RPG set in an alternate multiverse. Become your favourite characters, step into the shoes of a historical figure, seize control of races and organisations and stage your own invasion. Write your own episode and see it play out in front of you. Craft that backstory, fix that death, secure that lever. Travel back into the Time War itself.

Now reopening on Jcink for wider access, Timesream is part character study and part new series reboot. A new collaborative writing project in the form of a text-based RPG,  we aim to explore and re-imagine the extended world of Doctor Who. We’ll provide explanations, background information and corrections and fill in plot holes, through the creation and development of our own ‘alternate multiverse’.


Doctor Who Clock

Finally, after two weeks of hard work developing this clock design for my Teaching Technology course at university, I have finished the final product!

The blue paint probably could have been a little darker and the smaller cogs glued on a bit lopsided, but given that the whole project was due today, I think I did pretty well.


Doctor Your Valeyard is Showing | Dark Doctor in New Who

↳ The Waters of Mars


Doctor Who meme: Five Quotes

[3/5] “When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.”