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Swords of Damocles

I cannot believe it took me this fucking long to figure out why the big swords of the Seven Kings are called Swords of Damocles.

Damocles: A servant who adored his King and called him the luckiest king alive, who was then put in the throne by said king.

King of Syracuse: Damocles’ King who, to teach his servant a lesson in life (I think) put him on the throne.

Sword of Damocles: A heavy sword the king hang above Damocles’ head by a horse hair to teach him that everyone’s luck must run out eventually and that there is always danger lurking.

So basically:

The Seven Kings are Damocles, who borrowed his Kings powers

The Slate is the King who lend his powers to someone below him.

The Swords of Damocles are the threat of death always hanging over Damocles’ head and that no one knows when and if it’s gonna fall and kill those below.

And the horsehair keeping the Sword up is the King’s psyche, which can be pretty damn fragile because they’re still human.

I knew the legend but sheesh, that took me way too long.


Sword of Damocles (ダモクレスの剣, Damokuresu no Tsurugi) is the symbol of the Kings.

The sword shows the truest image of its King’s condition.

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oh my goddd season 2 is so good I love project k so much I want to die pls tell me when you start watching it also this crossover will kill me bye

Ahhhh~~~ I’m dunno if I can watch it anytime soon tho ;.; currently being pinned down by studies and homework…so I don’t know if I can binge watch/commit time to it.

But…hmmm, I really am if the crossover can work? I’m having Lucii kings feels today, started writing, and it sort of resonated with k project a little. I know who might be the Kings, and who might be the clansmen. But how do I mesh these two worlds together, worldbuilding-wise and story-plot-wise?

*ignores lab protocol to sit and think on this*