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Ok so I hate myself so, any insecure lance headcannons?

I have so many and almost all of them are based off of my own insecurities so this will be a fun ride.

  • While Lance was super extroverted in elementary school and he was always trying to make friends, he hit a wall when he realized that his peers were more prone to laughing at him rather than with him. He shut down when he hit fifth grade, keeping mostly to himself. It wasn’t until high school that he started to open up again, despite it being a slow and scary process.
    • He only had a couple friends during middle school. One of them turned out to be a pretty shitty friend when it came down to it, cue the impending trust issues. 
      • Hunk was the first person he was able to trust after this.
  • He clings to his friends pretty desperately, terrified of being left alone again. Despite everything, he still finds it hard to believe that people care about him. He knows it’s irrational but he can’t help it.
  • It’s because of his insecurities that he’s so competitive. It’s due to his lack of self-confidence that he’s so desperate to prove himself to others. Because maybe if they realize that he’s good at something they’ll care.
    • He’s so competitive it physically hurts sometimes, it’s a crushing pain in his chest that makes him despise his own competitiveness.
    • The fact that Keith engages in these competitions makes him feel a hell of a lot better about it.
  • He cries himself to sleep more often than he’d care to admit.
  • When he’s angry with himself he either shuts down or becomes louder. The second option is typically worse for him because it means that he’s focusing all of his energy into his voice in order to avoid breaking down.
    • When he’s shutting down his actions become more rushed and he curls in on himself.
  • Blue means everything to him because she accepted him for who he is. Despite this he’s terrified of loosing her and he tends to become super defensive whenever she’s being discussed.
  • He’s had multiple anxiety attacks out of a warped belief that his friends hate him and only tolerate him for appearance’s sake. Most of these fears come from his friends seemingly acting exasperated or ignoring him. In reality he tends to multiply their reactions to him and make it something that it isn’t.
    • Hardly any comforting words from his friends ever help with this because he’s been lied to before and he has no doubt that it will happen again.
  • He finds it sickeningly hard to move on. Instead he feels desperate to prove himself to those that let him down.
  • He feels useless because he has a hard time getting things done. Sometimes he just wants to sleep and ignore the world and hope that things will be better when he wakes up.

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPinmotion

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal this weekend is to capture movement in creative ways.

Here’s how to get started:

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPinmotion hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.


// Work in progress: Capoeira eMotion

These photos are test shots of different light source attached to the arms and legs of Capoeira fighters. It is an abstract glimpse of my new project of capturing the energy that fuels the game of Capoeira. 

Wonderful to see how the different kinds of light sources attached to the human body create completely different structures. Compared to the somewhat mathematical mapping with LEDs the colored images rather give the impression of fabrics moving through space. The testing continues. Stay tuned Stay tuned for the final series!

// Work in progress: Capoeira eMotion

Hier seht ihr eine Testreihe verschiedener Lichtquellen, die an den Armen und Beinen von Capoeira Kämpfern befestigt wurden. Es ist ein kleiner abstrakter Vorgeschmack auf mein neues Projekt, in dem ich die Energie, die das Capoeira Spiel beflügelt einfangen möchte. Es ist wunderschön zu sehen, wie die unterschiedlichen Strukturen, die durch die verschiedenen Lichtquellen entstehen lassen! Verglichen mit der eher mathematischen Karte der LEDs erzeugen die farbigen Bilder eher den Anschein von Stoff, der sich durch den Raum bewegt. Die Tests gehen weiter. Die finale Serie folgt, also seid gespannt!

Calendiles Episode Aesthetic #1: I Robot, You Jane


Fukushima exclusion zone looks like a post-apocalyptic wilderness

Four years have passed since the devastating Fukushima nuclear leakage accident, yet only 40,000 of the 160,000 people displaced from the 12.5-mile exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant were able to return, as many areas are still considered to be too dangerous to enter.

The exclusion zone today looks like a forgotten, ghost town, with tons of contaminated soil lying untouched and hundreds of abandoned vehicles and homes engulfed by an overgrown forest.

Polish photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski’s stunning photo project has captured haunting scenes from the zone, offering an insight into how an area devastated and abandoned by man can be reclaimed by nature.

From the National Museum of Health and Medicine: “Take a look: NMHM is hosting a unique art show from artist J.J. Lendl: “The X-Files Poster Project.” Lendl’s posters capture the show’s unique tone, blending art, entertainment and science. The posters first debuted on 20th Century Fox’s official social media channels as part of the “201 Days of The X-Files” campaign celebrating the first nine X-Files seasons and promoting last winter’s 2016 season. Posters will be on display at NMHM through October. And “The X-Files” will be featured in this month’s #SciCafe with the show’s science advisor Prof. Anne Simon.”

Dutsen ado Munduwa || Reference Piece

Wakandan Bead Bracelets

Wakandan bead bracelets, also known as Wakandan tech bracelets, are advanced pieces of “invisible” Wakandan life-style technology. Its predecessor, the kimoyo card, an extremely powerful and versatile PDA comparable to the modern-day Stark Phone, was completely phased out in 1998 when it was replaced by the bead bracelets. The vibranium technology used in the bead bracelets is an upgraded form of what was present in the kimoyo cards.

The bead bracelets are modular devices that are completely customisable, and they are capable of holding up to twenty-five beads, excluding the prime bead. The function of each bead can be programmed to suit the needs of its wearer – examples of popular bead functions include AV holographic projecting, digital photography capturing, storing, and sharing, and text and voice messaging.

The prime bead that is placed at the centre of the bracelet differs visually from the rest of the beads, and its design is symbolic of its wearer’s social status or profession. The prime bead is given to all Wakandan children at the time of their birth, and it has only one function – the storage of vital medical records. The prime bead is the only bead whose data can be read via radio-frequency identification (RFID) scanners, making the information it holds accessible to medical professionals outside of Wakanda.

T’Challa’s Bracelet

The majority of T’Challa’s bead bracelet is constructed from the same black reverbium vibranium that composes the Panther Suit, whereas the prime bead is anti-metal vibranium, the same silver vibranium from which his claws were forged. With this, T’Challa’s bead bracelet is equally as durable as his armoured regalia, ensuring that it will not sustain damage in combat.

T’Challa’s bead bracelet is also a unique build – there exists no other pure vibranium bracelet construct within Wakanda. With pure Wakandan vibranium priced at $10,000 per gram, it is also the most expensive bead bracelet in Wakanda, with an estimated value of $1,200,000 when all twenty-five beads and the prime bead are worn.