project blitz

the gang in group projects

- Sam actually tries to get things done

- Magnus sometimes forgets to show up to help

- Alex does show up, and spends the entire time fuming about how nobody is helpful

- when Magnus actually is there, he and Alex spend the entire time flirting

- Blitz is the only one with nice slides

- Hearth did it all the night before

- his slides were memes

- most of them face the unholy wrath of Samirah Al-Abbas because she did almost everything


With and Without Background!

A gift to the CallieMacn channel for reaching 10k subs! Every member of it should feel acomplished. Callie, Mike, Jewel, Blitz, Marcus, Kitty, and Marlee! Each and every video makes my day better. This channel is very well my favorite YouTube channel (if not the best channel in the world). Thank you for making these entertaining videos, and I cant wait to see what happens next! ;3

Callie’s Channel:


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: for the DIY lover | 12.11.15

featured: make your own bubble tea kit by sandyleaffarm

sandyleaffarm’s food-related DIY boxes range from intoxicating beverages (read: WINE and beer) to tasty cheeses to molecular gastronomic ones like this bubble tea kit! do YOU like boba? i love it … and i’d love to try this superfun project.

5ifthave  asked:

I need some places other than eBay to find supreme online once it's been sold? Helpppppp!

Resellers (US/UK/Canada):

Resellers (Asia):


Facebook Groups:


There are tons more, I’ll update this list as necessary. If I’ve missed anything or you’d like to be added, feel free to message me.

Enter Box Logo: Want It. Got It. Over It.

This picture is the culmination of rejection, hard work, and no bills. I remember in 2013 I tried for the first time to get a box logo from the supreme online drop and of course struck out. I was determined to have a box logo hoodie before the 2014 drop. I was new to the market so I did not know where to look and thought it was hard to find these guys resale. Sure enough I got my Grey CDG as my first Box Logo in July of 2014 from 3PeatLA. The 2014 drop came up and I once again had no luck copping (in hindsight that was fortunate because those tonal box logos are trash). In early January of 2015 my friend tagged me in a post from Rif showing a box logo and that’s when I found my first real store that will sell box logos throughout the year on consignment. So I ended up buying the Teal Box Logo I have from them in late January. I remember they said it was gonna come out the next day and i thought people were gonna go line up for it so i convinced my brother to come with me 3 hours before the store opened so we could be first “in line”. Sure enough, nobody else lined up and we looked like damn fools, but it was a good experience none the less. Better to be safe than sorry. After buying that hoodie I jokingly declared this the year of the box logo. I said jokingly, but subconsciously I knew I was serious.The year wears on and I come to find out that a lot of the Supreme Instagram resellers are actually legit and do not sell fakes (just gotta know who to deal with). I stayed away from buying on Instagram for a long time because I was scared to get a fake or be scammed. Also, I found out about Grailed and that opened my eyes to a whole new world of reselling that I had never even heard of. The combination of Instagram resellers and Grailed certainly put a big dent in my wallet. At first it started as “One for every day of the week”. Once I accomplished that, it was “oh well I gotta complete the CDG set”. Following that, there was no justification; I was just racking them up as much as i could. After buying so many of these I started to realize they are just clothes. They look cool, but they do not give you super powers or any thing. I have come to the point that I do not care for them too much. I’m not gonna resell them or give them away, but I don’t see myself being a fiend anymore. 

Enter: The Pink Box Logo

From the very beginning my affliction for Supreme stems from Tyler, The Creator. With a quick glance through my blog you’ll quickly find out that I am obviously a huge Odd Future fan. Seeing him wear the Teal Box Logo in the “She” video made me want it so bad. As mentioned earlier i was fortunate enough to cop it from Rif, but what i didn’t mention earlier is that i asked the cashier if they ever get the Pink Box Logo in. He said, “Pink Box Logo? The T-shirt where the Box Logo is pink colored?”. I said, “Na. The Pink Box Logo Hoodie. Like the one that Tyler, The Creator has been taken pictures of in.” And he told me, “Ah, na man. That’s a one-of-one. Supreme just made it for him.” That had already been my holy grail of clothing, but to find out it was one of one was heartbreaking. I remember I would always make jokes like, “I’d trade you [my girlfriend at the time] for a Pink Box Logo” or “I’ll trade my coachella ticket for a Pink Box Logo”. I tweeted jokes about it a lot, but I ended up erasing them some months back. I wish I hadn’t.  Fast forward past all the Box Logos I bought this year to the Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook drop, and sure enough there was a Pink Box Logo. It was like God was personally telling me, “I love you”. Granted it wasn’t a hoodie, but I’ll take what I can get. And I knew I was gonna get it. 

Enter December 10, 2015: The Third Attempt at a Box Logo

So the date had finally come for me to try to buy my holy grail. At 8AM I would try and probably fail to buy that stupid Pink Crewneck. But wait! I had my first final ever as a college student at 8AM and i had to decide where my priorities were. The choice was easy, I would try to buy the crewneck then go late to my class and hope my teacher is chill about it (he was by the way). At 7:59 I start logging in hoping to get in early. After numerous attempts I got in early and immediately checked out with an XL Pink Box Logo. While waiting for it to process i can only hear my heart beating through my chest. After a few seconds the screen changes. I had been cart jacked. hahahaha whatever. twas to be expected. I knew I could get it for sure through resale. Later that night I bought it from Project Blitz for $660. Kinda sucks knowing i could’ve got it for $500 less, but I have it all the same. Money comes and goes. Thus ends this chapter in my life where I’m some gay box logo fag. I’ll still wear them, but I’m just kinda over them. I like to go through phases where I obsess over things and go way too far. Previous obsessions include: Fun Run 1 & 2 where I cracked the top 25 in world rankings for both, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 where I got 10th Prestige Level 70 legit, Bape where, well just look at the pictures of my closet. Now that I feel like I’m done with this obsession, I’m curious to see what I’ll obsess over next.