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Embedded in that very question is the idea that privilege does not apply. For me to say no — in my mind, there may not be another chance. There’s a natural tension with anyone to keep the chance for the open door. When you add to that issues of representation and marginalization that go on top of the artist’s feeling of, “Can I get my thing made?” it becomes challenging for me to say no. I get an opportunity from Netflix. “Do you want to make a doc?” “Yes, I want to make a doc.” Apple: “Would you like to make a commercial?” “Yes, I will make that commercial.” I’m running around doing everything because I love it, but also because there is the fear that any artist has that there won’t be another question asked to say no to. And on top of that, the fear that the industry might shift in terms of its attention to women right now or the current renaissance regarding people of color, specifically black folks on TV, and then you’re left with nothing.

Ava DuVernay on saying “No” to projects


I just want to talk about female directors as well: Gina Prince-Bythewood, Amma Asante — we have to celebrate these women. [Selma] is about embracing the vote, utilizing the vote. Support these women, vote for them at the box office

David Oyelowo accepting the NAACP IMAGE Award for Best Actor for Selma

David Oyelowo directed by women filmography

Circles dir. Sonia Castang - 2001
Tomorrow La Scala! dir. Francesca Joseph - 2002
Shoot the Messenger dir.  Ngozi Onwurah - 2006
Rage dir. Sally Potter - 2009
96 Minutes dir. Aimee Lagos - 2011
Middle of Nowhere dir. Ava DuVernay - 2012
Selma dir. Ava DuVernay - 2014
9 Kisses dir. Elaine Constantine - 2014
Five Nights in Main dir. Maris Curran - 2015
Nina dir. Cynthia Mort - 2015
Queen of Katwe dir. Mira Nair - 2016
A United Kingdom dir. Amma Asante - 2016
August 28th: A Day In the Life of a People - Ava DuVernay - 2016
Untitled Hurricane Katrina Project dir. Ava DuVernay - ????

Do You Hate Me? (Part 4/?)

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A/N: Hey guys! I’m back! I don’t really know what to say, but as usual, I hope you guys keep supporting this imagine (aND ALSO EXO OF COURSE), I LOVE YOU ALL! Oh! Also, feel free to request imagine, or anything, really! also feedback would be nice heheh 

Summary: (y/n) and Park Chanyeol used to be friends, chat with each other, until one day, he keeps ignoring her, what could possibly happened between them?

Warning: a lot of crying, a lot of angriness (also grammar mistakes and bad english, forgive me, i’m not a native speaker)

High School AU

Park Chanyeol x Female Readers

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

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Conquering a World: Part 2

There were only three other houses, putting us at a total of thirteen people. The youngest was a 5th grader, and the oldest was Chad’s father, Mike Findlay, who was about 58. We had two construction workers, two landscapers, an OB-GYN, a nurse, a farmer, and a Veterinarian. Add to that Ava as a secretary with excellent managerial skills, and my weird combo of degrees as a Forester and Botanist and we had enough skills to allow us to survive for a good stretch of time if we worked together.
“You’re a what?” Chad asked.
“Forester…and botanist. I deal with plants and nature. The purple grass here tastes like lemon, and smells like lemon pine-sol, if you were curious.” I stroked Gigi’s ears, keeping myself distracted. “Guess they actually had some method to their madness. A plant person, an animal person, two medical personnel, two construction workers, a farmer, and someone with excellent organizational skills. They plan for us to be out here. To conquer this world for them.”
“They said settle it. I don’t know how much more settled we can get, other than getting a lot more food in the works.” Patricia Ledford, the veterinarian, was holding her youngest daughter, Kelsey—the fifth grader. She seemed to have a nervous disposition.
Granted, normally I couldn’t form a coherent sentence when I was in a group this size. I was just so…done.
“It’ll take us a while to figure out what’s edible here. We’ve got some stray corn that came with our house, and our vegetable patch. We also have a bunch of seeds. Our garden needs to be weeded, desperately, but I can probably identify the weeds and discern what can be used first. I know we have some food. Generator is solar powered, sump pump is powered by the water that runs through it…not that it matters since we have no idea what they did with the pipes…”
We were in the Findlay’s house since they had the biggest area to gather in, and I could tell that their construction business had been successful.
Walter McNeal, the OB-GYN and single dad of Juliet, who was a freshman in high school, shook his head, “We don’t even know if we’ll be here long. What if we get put back tomorrow?” He was rubbing his forehead.
I glanced at Ava, wondering if she remembered the story that my brother had told us of the…problem that came about when some aliens had taken an entire city. By the time it had been returned…twenty years had passed.
Chad shook his head, “The Fraxaplilliiannun race stole a city thirty years ago, it took twenty years for the government to get them back and the city was a major thing. Four random houses and thirteen people? Low priority, especially since none of us are politicians or celebrities. None of us are working on government projects. We’re…”
“Dispensable.” Ava got up and got another scoop of ice cream.
“Thirteen people. We have to survive until we do get out of here.” Mike Findlay frowned at the ceiling, “We’ll have to see if the wood here burns. We’ve got enough to power our wood heater for a couple months, but we have no idea how long we’ll need it.”
I glanced around at everyone, then shrugged, “No point in sitting around, I’m going to go set up a place to test the local flora. Here’s hoping that tests that worked on earth will work here.” I got up and headed for the door.
“You should assess the plant life we have from home first.” Ava caught my arm, “I’ll start looking at the pantry, fridge, and freezer, but you’re better with plants than landscapers would be. You’re always ranting about how landscapers use invasive species.”
I tilted my head in a sort of nod, “True, never thought I’d be grateful for invasive species like the ones in three out of four of the yards. I’ll let you all guess which yard doesn’t have invasive plant species. Fine, I’ll look at what plants are in the yards, make a list and then give it to you. Then I’ll set up a testing lab.”
“I’ll go with you, write down what you list. It should make things faster.”
“I have a list of the trees and flowers planted here,” Chad offered.
“Give it. I’ll still need to look at the weeds, but that should at least help.” I waited while he got that.
“I can look at the animals we have, make sure they’re all healthy before moving on to trying to find local animals.” Patricia offered.
Ava nodded, “Just be careful going into our house. We have three cats, and a dog in there.”
Patricia nodded.
“I suppose I should see what medical supplies I have,” Walter rubbed his head again.
“I’ll help.” Beatrice Findlay said softly. She was the nurse. “Permission to go through the rest of your medical supplies?”
“Go ahead, anything to help.” John Ledford put an arm around his wife.
“I’ll look at the houses, make sure they’re sound. Same with the barns or sheds. Andy can help,” Mike said, nodding to his younger son.
“Juliet, Kevin, can you watch the girls?”
Kevin nodded, “Sure mom, we’ll keep them in the basement. Safest place right now, right?”
We were all nodding.
“Yeah, we can have them color or something for a while. And I have a portable DVD player that should still be fully charged. We can at least get two movies out of it.” Juliet got up, pulling Talia up with her.
“I’ll walk them over,” John told the rest of us. “Just holler if you need me to do anything.”
I nodded sharply, taking the list from Chad and glancing over it. “Norway maple, of course.” I headed out the door with Ava right behind me.
“Were you serious?”
“Making the aliens pay?” She asked, glancing back toward the house.
“Mostly,” I responded, “But I guess I was also just thinking about how…what the heck is that?”
She followed my gaze to the monstrous pink and purple fuzzy thing that was about the size of an elephant, and looked like a dolphin had grown legs and fur, gotten a rhino horn, and a second mouth, as well as a tongue the size of a compact car.
“Heavens to betsy…” I breathed, “Patricia! Get out here!”
Everyone came. Everyone stared.
“Mom…how do we find out if it’s friendly?” Talia Ledford asked. She was in seventh grade, so about twelve years old.
“We see if it attacks us.”
Ava nudged me, “Fred is coming around the house.”
I groaned, “Stupid rooster, we need him.”
Fred Astaire, our rooster, spotted the large thing and crowed, then started his attack on the thing that was about a thousand times larger.
The thing followed Fred’s movement, then went back to sniffing our garage.
Okay…thirty seconds. Thirty seconds of insane bravery. I just needed thirty seconds.
I went forward, slowly. Still holding my baseball bat.
The creature must have smelled me, it looked my way, then boomed closer.
I looked up at it, still moving myself.
It moved when I kept moving, staying a few feet away at all times.
Finally, I stopped, and turned toward it.
It moved closer, just a bit. Then carefully leaned down to smell me.
I held out a hand.
It didn’t move back.
I stepped forward and touched it’s furry snout. It was like those super fuzzy blankets.
It finally straightened up, and walked off, careful to avoid me and Fred. It lumbered into the forest, making a path that we could easily follow.
I turned back to the others, “Good news…it didn’t eat me.”
They were all looking at me like I was insane.
I was starting to think they were right.
Ava came over, “That was stupid.”
“I know,” I said, “I’m scared out of my mind, I think. Let’s focus on our job. I need to focus on something.” Plants were a good distraction. They were what would probably be keeping us alive. For once it was a good thing we hadn’t waited to get out canning supplies. Ava had wanted to do pickles and try to can tomatoes, maybe pickle some peppers. Make salsa.
Ava pushed me toward the house, “Come on, before we do anything, let’s put some of our canned foods into the panic room. I’ll explain why later.”
I nodded, “I think I understand why, but it’s best if we get on the same page later.”
We moved the canned goods that had the furthest expiration dates into the panic room and closed it off.
“You still have the pain killers from getting your wisdom teeth out?” Ava asked.
I frowned, then nodded, “Yeah, they’re in my nightstand. Think we need to put them in here, for emergencies?”
“I’m expecting full blown panic.” She froze, “What’s that sound?”
I shook my head and darted up the stairs and outside.
I froze as an alien transported to the spot in between our yard and the Findlay’s.
This one was different from the species that had been in our back yard earlier today. That one had been like a praying mantis and a Jaaarskil had a demon. This one was more like a Triwlkaan, which was like a gecko and a springer spaniel, but it also looked like the cheetah-like race of Riichalka.
“Greetings, I am Traaiillooonn. I am a documentarian for the Pqnxallaxis Domain.” The alien had a breathy voice, and finished it’s statement with a whistle.
“That’s not a word,” I said, officially fed up.
“Documentarian is not a word. You’re a documenter, not a documentarian.” I folded my arms, “Let me guess, we’re supposed to feed you and house you? Well, guess again. We were brought here against our will, we’re not going to cooperate with anything you try to force on us.”
“Interesting first statement,” Traaiillooonn murmured, marking something on it’s device. “But did not your government authorize the Pqnxallaxis Domain to select their team to settle this world?”
“What?” Ava asked.
“It says in the Richter Accords, the Pqnxallaxis domain may select a team of four households and all things therein to settle planets of interest provided they give the information previously collected to the residents selected.” Traaiillooonn was consulting it’s device.
I closed my eyes, realizing exactly what the alien was saying.
We would never go home.



Top 10 solos of the 2016 season so far


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