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We are now accepting applications for our writing team!

We are now accepting applications for the #ProjectAoGG writing team. Members of the writing team will work collaboratively with the Head Writers to create all scripts, transmedia and other story elements.

Submissions open today, January 17th, 2014, and will close at 9PM PST (what time is that for me?) on Monday, February 3rd, 2014. Any submissions received after this date will not be considered.

If you wish to write for us, instructions for how to apply and what to submit can be found in this google doc. Please review the requirements carefully before preparing your submission so that you do not miss anything. We would hate for your submission to be disqualified based on a technicality.

Important dates:

Submission Deadline:   9PM PST on Monday, February 3rd, 2013

Returned Notifications: March 3rd through March 12, 2013

The final writing team will be announced here on or around March 12th.

We wish all applicants the best of luck.

Note: If you are wondering about roles outside of writing, please be sure to read this post.

PS - our tumblr theme has recently been updated, have a peek when you can! 

Why you should check out Project Green Gables

New show alert: Project Green Gables! And it’s one worth checking out.

To begin with, I’m tagging Green Gables Fables here for the obvious reason: PGG is another webseries adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, and I suspect that many fans of the books will also have an interest in this adaptation.

And now the content (in bullet-points, because I’m tired and lazy):

  • Modernization! Anne isn’t an orphan (something which is fairly rare today, certainly as regards both parents), rather she’s a foster kid. It’s a subtle and important change, and it fits Anne’s personality (and bookAnne’s perspective of “home” into much better context).
  • The production is Finnish, but the vlogging is in English! I’m curious if the whole show will be in English (which is not implausible, given that most international vloggers opt for English as their language rather than their native languages which will garner fewer viewers).
  • Anne is not a milk-skinned redhead, but a black girl whose unhappiness with her hair takes a whole new meaning. Furthermore, Anne addresses her race quite explicitly at times (when waxing poetic about “olden times”, Anne notes “I realize my situation as a black woman wouldn’t be brilliant” which is probably one of the best meta quotes I’ve seen in the genre for a long time), and the origin post the creator and lead actress posted on the PGG Tumblr is explicit in addressing the importance of having a black Anne and its relevance in modernizing the story. In the context of the conversation we’re having on racial representation in webseries, I cannot help but point out that not only do we have a fan-made show here showcasing a WOC (and created by one), the show is also clear on the fact that it’s a relevant part of the story. And that’s pretty awesome.
  • The show is funny, and it feels like Anne - chatty and rambly and friendly and passionate. If you’re an AoGG fan, you will probably enjoy this first episode.
  • I’m genuinely curious if the show has decided to skip the rather outdated “we wanted a boy” plotline from AoGG (Marilla is already at the talkative stage, so my guess is that they’re just skipping past it?), and I sort of hope they modernize other aspects as well. So far they’re doing a great job.
  • Like I’ve said about GGF in the past: AoGG is one of the best books to adapt because it is very episodic. Anne’s story isn’t technically plot-heavy, rather each chapter follows another mini-adventure in her life. That’s a model that works brilliantly for webseries, and while it may be somewhat disappointing that webseries are still working from the same very (very) limited canon in terms of adaptations, AoGG is actually my top pick in terms of getting a free pass for more adaptations. All the webseries!

So yeah, based on the first episode alone, check it out! I think it has a lot of potential and I think that a lot of other webseries fans will enjoy it too. Here’s the link to their Tumblr: projectgreengables

You know what the coolest thing about GGF Anne versus PGG Anne is? They’re different modernizations. I don’t just mean the structure or even the physical changes (by which Anne’s hatred of her hair takes on other meaning in PGG), but quite literally the two girls are not the same. And nothing emphasizes this more strongly than their Tumblr accounts.

GGF Anne is an aesthetics sort of girl, lost in her imaginary future and the beauty of nature. She’s the sort of girl to flood her social media with her own artsy photos (of herself and of nature), who loses herself to the natural beauties of the world.

PGG Anne is much more of a straight up fangirl, also reblogging pretty flower photos too, but also lots of posts and gifsets about beloved (geeky) TV shows and books. She also talks in the tags, loosely and familiarly with the same comfort you might find from any other fangirl you may follow.

What I love about these differences is that they create two distinct characters who are nonetheless obvious and native descendants of the original Anne Shirley. Both are slightly disconnected from reality and seek a more romantic existence, both have an ingrained loneliness which is slowly altered, both seek love in the purest way, and both ultimately have the necessary spunk that any Anne Shirley must contain. But these are all expressed differently. Anne could just as easily be a fangirl as she might be an aesthetics blogger in the modern era, it’s just two different forms of romantic idealization. Anne is different, but she’s also Anne. And that is awesome.

anonymous asked:

I was really really hoping that the next project from Pemberley Digital was going to be Anne of Green Gables (before they announced Emma) and I was a little disappointed it wasn't. I'm so so happy this is happening.

YAY! I love those books so much. I saved my allowance to buy a new one each week until I had them all, because taking them out of the library wasn’t good enough. I needed to be able to reread them 50 times.

We’re having great fun transforming the story into something new and modern, while trying to be true to the spirit of the original. Now I just need to sort out how to write a trillion scripts while also writing a novel and possibly writing for someone else. But it keeps me off the streets. So.

April 1, 2014

We thought we’d share some of our working ideas with you:

Meet Anne Shirley, Vampire Whisperer. Our Anne doesn’t slay vampires (but she’ll stake you if you insult her hair.) She retrains vampires to be polite, non-human-blood drinking, tidy members of any household. “They have poetry in their souls,” says Ms. Shirley. “Once you get them to stop smashing furniture and nesting in it, the rest falls easily into place."  ANNE OF GREEN FATALS will follow our feckless red-haired heroine as she tackles all manners of undead, quasi-dead, and straight-up dead fantastical creatures. With verve and a wicked wooden ax (fashioned by her retainer, Matthew Cuthbert, in his wood shop) Anne hopes to redeem all the creatures the world has declared dastardly and dark. "Her methods are unorthodox, but she’s our Anne,” Marilla Cuthbert muses from the front porch of her farm Green Fatals, where she grows organic, sustainable belladonna for all your poisoning needs.  Even Avonlea’s sharpest tongue, Rachel Lynde, can’t help but admit Anne’s skills. “She found a great way to use slow moving zombies. They make fabulous mobile vases as they stumble around your home clutching posies like drunken flower girls.” Watch Anne tackle her greatest challenge yet: housebreaking werewolves. “It can be done,” she says, while donning a huge padded sumo wrestling suit and goalie’s mask. “They’re just really angry dogs. I’ve sprayed this suit with extra strength capsaicin. They’ll only bite it once.” It’s dangerous work, but Anne will do anything to heal the heart of her best friend Diana Barry, whose fiance Fred Wright was dragged into the Haunted Wood by a pack werewolves during the last full moon. Bigger problem? The Haunted Wood is exactly that - haunted. Ghosts and poltergeists can’t be reasoned with and must be exorcised. Ms. Shirley commented, “Of all the undead, they are least capable of making a human connection. Even zombies have better table manners."  How far is Anne willing to go to help her bosom friend? And is her own heart safe with the enigmatic ghost!Gilbert Blythe trying to spook her at every turn?
Project AoGG Q&A

We’ve received quite a few questions regarding the writing submissions today. Rather than answering each one individually, I’m working on answering them in one large master post.

If anyone else has any questions, please send them to my ask box or the #projectaogg ask box and I will answer as many as I can. Questions do not need to be limited to the writing application process. 

I’ll make this post here tomorrow to give you time to get your questions in. 

Good luck to everyone who is planning to apply for the writing team. I’m really looking forward to reading your submissions. 

Are you a GGF fan currently recovering from the void left by your favourite show?

Have you been curious about Project Green Gables?

Are you an Anne of Green Gables lover, who just needs more Anne in their life?

Are you an LIW fan on the lookout for something new?

Are you simply someone looking for something lighthearted with diversity and some good banter?

The second season of Project Green Gables is coming out 5th of August, which means, that now is the exact time to be consuming the entirety of the first season in one swift go, so you’ll be all caught up and ready for Anne’s new adventures next year.

Us, the crew of PGG will be marathoning the entire 1st season this week’s Friday and live streaming it. You are all very welcome to join us to hear our comments, ask us questions and just enjoy each other’s company. In our opinion, this is definitely the best way to get to know our show, that we have put so much love in.

It goes without saying that all of our old viewers are so warmly welcome there as well, to be the hipsters who say “I liked this before it was cool” and to share their favourite moments on twitter.

Are you excited?

We will start at 7 am Eastern Standard Time
The estimated viewing time of the entire season is 4 hours and 20 minutes and we will be watching the whole time.
You are welcome to tune in and out as you please and we will make it as easy as possible to get on the saddle if you come in late. Some of us will be coming in late and leaving early as well, but somebody will always be there with you :)
We will finish the marathon around 11.30 am Eastern Standard Time. Afterwards we will have a live Q&A we have wittily decided to call “The Question Hour”. The Question Hour will take place between 11.30 and 12.30, but if there are no questions coming in, we will call it quits early.

The whole thing will be uploaded to youtube, so if you’re worried about not having 4 hours to waste (though, what better use for your summer holiday, we ask confusedly), you will be able to watch it later. If you have a question, but are not able to take part you can ask it early on twitter, and we’ll answer in the live stream.

We will also be communicating with you on twitter during the entire stream, answering questions and comments throughout. Just use #PGGsummerstream, for all your live stream related needs. Heck, use it right now to tell everyone how excited you are, and maybe they’ll join us!

If this changes, we’ll info you on all our social media sites.

Now, dear kindred spirits, we ask you to spread this notice as far and wide as you can, so no one with interest towards PGG will miss it, and everyone willing gets a chance to join our wonderful family.

We just want to thank all of you wonderful humans watching and supporting our show. You are in all ways more amazing that we ever could have dreamed back in the day when this project was just some odd ramblings on a memory card.

Let’s share the love.


With love, a bouquet of violets, and the biggest bear hug,

The PGG Team

So I applied for Project AOGG. I don’t understand why I’m so nervous about that–probably because I realized I completely BABBLED in that survey. But better to say everything right away I guess? Even if I’m not one of those selected though, I’m going to be squealing with anticipation while waiting to see the finished product. I just really want this to be a thing.

Hello everyone! It’s lovely to be here! I am Emily Hope.

I’ve decided to create this blog for my work on Project AoGG, in whatever capacity I end up working on it. As this post from the official Project AoGG blog states, I helped out with the initial brainstorming, which was a blast, and if it’s any indication of what’s to come, you are all in for something incredible. It seems likely that I will be helping out on the musical end of things in the future, and I plan on auditioning to be part of the writing team as well. (Fingers crossed!)

Many of you already know me from the other blog I run. Many of you were probably directed here by a post I made on that blog. Those of you who did now know my secret identity! Honestly, though, I’m not too worried about people knowing that this blog and my fan blog are run by the same person, but as a general practice, they will be run as two separate entities. My fan blog will continue on as it always has, and this will be something different, focused on Project AoGG.

So about the name.

Emily Hope is actually my name. It’s not what I would put on, say, a tax form, but it is mine. As for the “bunny” part of it, it turned out (not surprisingly) that when I was trying to come up with a tumblr url, “emilyhope” was already taken (as was “emily-hope” and a few other variants I tried), so I was thinking of what kind of url I could use as a creator, and I remembered a children’s book that my mother wrote and illustrated (but sadly hasn’t published) that is about a bunny. I won’t say any more about it, but it’s very cute and imaginative, and it was a big part of my childhood. And if my mother does ever get it published, you can bet I’ll be promoting it in every way I can, including on this blog.

This blog probably won’t be very active for a while, and really, a lot depends on whether the showrunners choose me to be a part of their writing team. There are things I know that I really can’t share because of spoilers, but there’s also just a lot that I don’t know right now, because I haven’t been involved with it for the past month or so. But eventually, I hope to be able to use this blog to talk about the project and answer questions, and just generally share the great love I have for our favorite red-headed dreamer and her world.

What to expect from this tumblr

So I’ve been trying to decide how I want to use this tumblr, and I made a list in case anyone is curious: 

1) I’ll reblog stuff like art, quotes, writing tips, various things that strike my fancy.

2) I’ll write about writing - my process, the things I’m working on, random bits of research, other things that relate to how I function as a writer.  

3) I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at several of the projects I’m working on. Right now I have several things on the go. projectaogg is the biggest, of course, but I also write two articles a month for, I’m editing a YA novel I hope to eventually get an agent for and submit for publishing and I write various other things (short stories, fanfic) all the time. 

4) I’m also a teacher by trade and sometimes I may wish to write about education in general, particularly literature and writing in education although what I post/reblog may vary

5) I’ll happily answer any questions you may have for me about myself, my writing, my travels, my life (within reason). 

Aside from that, is there anything else you would like to see on this blog? It’s still just starting so now is a good time for new ideas and suggestions. Feel free to share your thoughts with me as a comment or in an ask.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Awesomeness TV - Runaways, “Before they were Runaways”, lots of other stuff

Badumtss Pictures - High’rd Help (they have an indiegogo for s2!)

Black Elephant Productions - teenagers

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Yulin Kuang - List of her shorts films , I Didn’t Write This, upcoming cwseed short


TVFPlayPitchersPermanent RoommatesAadha 24Ladies Room Bakchodi 

Them Boxer Shorts Just for Better Life Foundation, this is the greatest channel ever to exist.

Tales n’ Talkies - Bihari Game of Thrones.

Terrible Tiny Talkies A collection of short films. Could be interesting.

Girliyapa Women-centric content from TVF

YFilmsLove ShotsMan’s WorldBang Baaja BaaratLadies Room

AIB Often too crude and not funny enough for my tastes. A few good shorts (aka Rape: It’s Your Fault, Honest Indian Weddings)

Elaborate description of the above mentioned shows (and others) here

List of LGBT webseries here

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