project aeon


Pride Afterparty Benefit Show, The Vera Project, Sunday evening

Featuring (in set order):

  1. Celibacy Now
  2. Seaside Tryst
  3. Aeon Fux aeon-fux
  4. Nightspace nightspaceband

There was complementary self-serve cotton candy.

This event was sponsored by urbanoutfitters with all proceeds benefiting veraproject:

VERA is an all-ages volunteer-fueled music and arts venue. By engaging participants at all levels of music production and community organizing, Vera fulfills its mission to foster a participatory creative culture through popular music concerts, arts programs, experiential learning and volunteer opportunities for all ages, especially young people.

Well then.

I don’t see the point of it, but I had a hunch of requests to put up the images I made for GC update vidyas and stuff. There you go.

And this one below was actually cooked for future update, but I am not sure if I will ever get down to that.

As a bonus, a little school project thingy I did aeons ago… and Darkest Dungeon fanart as well. Made when I was feeling a little masochistic and played that one. It has amazing art and sound direction, if you ask me.

Yes, of course I had to toss some personal touch in~ *smugface*