project 88


So…I may have to rescan the Zeta article. Looking at them again, they weren’t flat as I was hoping, which is making some awkward looking scans as a result.

In the meantime, please accept these - an early article regarding Legend of the Galactic Heroes and an old reader-voted character poll. The result of which…actually kind of surprised me (good surprised, but I digress.)

“East Trenton grew me, had me skippin’ school”

Jay-Z with DeHaven Irby and friends in East Trenton in 1988.
Hov and Irby had known each other since they were children, living on the same floor of the same building in the Marcy Projects. Early ‘88 Hov moved to East Trenton to live with DeHaven at his Aunt’s house. They had promised Gloria Carter they would attend Trenton Central High School, but neither graduated - instead choosing to spend their days hustling crack cocaine on the streets.

my intent was to shoot this project primarily on film, at least initially. i will say i am glad i decided not to do that exclusively. otherwise i would have about 10 pink telephone shots due to user error of said film cameras. luckily, this one turned out 

this is my pink telephone project. i found an old pink telephone and it got me thinking a lot about how we communicate now versus how we communicated back when i was young. it used to be that a family had a rotary telephone, and one could be reached if you were at home, or not.

then technology has stepped in making it easier and faster to communicate. we went from simply talking on our telephones to running businesses on them. the amazing leaps in technology and social media have changed the way we communicate forever. 

i feel a lot has been lost, and some other things gained. i gained an entire community of friends and colleagues through the photo sharing site Flickr. in fact, i feel like this project would have never happened had it been for the fabulous people that i have met there that have changed my life forever.

i decided to place the pink rotary telephone alone in incongruous locations and situations. friends, family and strangers are photographed in unlikely and humorous situations to explore the concept of our constantly changing world and the way we communicate with each other in it.