project 365 2013

Day 1/365: Flew lanterns wt my baby for ze New Year☺

I never thought this would happen really, everything is unexpected. So I got lanterns from my friend & his family bought one also, so when he went here at our house for the new Year we decided to fly those lanterns. We have 3 lanterns, first 2 was so fail HAHAHA then the 3rd one was a success.

We went to the court so there’s an open area. I was praying that nothing will burn down because of our Lanterns HAHAHAH I was so scared. But it was a success so yeah, it was fun. Aaahhh, definitely the 1st highlight of my year. Thank to my baby. :)

We wrote our wishes in a paper, mine was the purple one then the one yellow one was Carl’s. We tied it to the lantern then both of us let go of the lantern so it would fly. Aaahh, it was so fun & romantic. I was glad to spend my New Year wt the one I love & wt my family.  He also wrote in the lantern, “Carl ♥ Nicole FOREVER”. My baby is definitely the sweetest. :) It was a Tangled moment hehehe ♥

Forever thankful & gratreful. I’m so blessed that I started the year right & I know this 2013 will be my year. Thank you to Superfriend. :) I love you Carl Miguel B. Sabido, I love you 5ever!! Hehehe so how was your New Year? ;) 

Day 4/365: Starbucks date wt Iggypogi!!! ☺

Si Iggy naman ang nanlibre sakin para sa starbucks stickers!! Yayyy, ang bait ni Iggy super!!! 2 beses nya ko nilibre, bago kami magpractice at after ng practice namin!! Hahahaha tas ayun sabay na kami pumunta ng practice. :) Tas sinundo ulit ako ni Carl after. Hay nako my baby, bantay sarado ako palagi eh HAHAHAHAH thank you iggy sa apat na stickers!!! God bless you!! See you at school. ☺☺

This little cow was supposed to meet up with her God mothers at a cafe in town. Unfortunately the weather won’t cooperate so we stayed at the house and asked them to come over instead. She started crying the minute they arrived up until they left. For a whole 30 minutes. Imagine how exhausting that was for her, my poor baby is going through the “stranger-anxiety” phase.

Day 2/365: Bonding date wt my bebelavv ♥

So the day after new year, nag punta ako sa bahay nya. HAHAHAHA ayun naplano na namin gagawin namin for that day. Buti nga natuloy eh… HAHAHAHHAHA if you know what I mean. :p So yun, sabi ko sakanya gawa kami ng wicked oreos sakanila at luto ng french fries since yun ung mga paborito kong pagkain haha

Pero bago yun, grabe super sarap pala sa feeling… HAHAHAHA sinundo nya ko gamit Pajero nila!! Hahahah okay 1st time kasi. Dati kasi papa nya nagddrive tuwing nasakay ako dun tsaka Rav4 at Soul palang yung talagang nasakyan ko tas sya nagdrive, pero ngayon Pajero na eh!! HAHAHAHA ang saya promise. Sarap pala sa feeling ang malaking car. HAHAHA sorry ang babaw. =))))

Then yun bumili kami ng oreos, tas pagdating namin sakanila ayun na gumawa na kami tas nag COCOL. HAHAHAH cuddle out cuddle out lang ;) Hahaha tapos yun pinagluto nya ko ng french fries, eh wala akong tulog that day so nakatulog ako sakanila. Hahaha nag afternoon nap kami. Tas paggising nagpakavain nalang. :)

Ayun pinagsama sama ko na lahat ng cute pictures namin. HAHAHA hay sarap maging in love. Grabe noh? Sobrang baliw namin hahahahha wacky kung wacky eh. Hahaha pag tapos nun nung mga 6:30 na hinatid nya na ako pauwi. Hay ang saya ng 2nd day of the year ko!! Thanks baby boy. I love you 5everrrr. >:D< :* :* Next time ulit ha? Bake naman tayo ng cupcakes hehehe. Mwatsuppp!! >:*<

Day 3/365: Starbucks & Lasagna ☺

Had a starbucks date wt Jeff Esteban!! One of my batchmates back in Highschool. He bought starbucks for me because he knows I need it for the planner. Such a great friend. Carl met him too!! Since Carl was going to pick me up at Town after going out wt Jeff. He also took that picture of us, haha! Then he brought Lasagna for me because the other day, I saw there’s lasagna at their house but then we had to leave already so i didn’t get to eat. HAHAHAH it was so delicious!!! Aaahhh, my fave 5ever!! Thank baby boy for the lasagna & bringing me home. ☺ & to Jeff for the starbucks!!! ☺