project 26.2

Project 26.2

I am entering a competition through a UK based magazine called Women’s Running to be part of a small group of runners who if successful will win:

  • A free health check, expert training, injury and nutritional advice
  • Bespoke training plans tailored to your marathon goal (be it a PB or a first-time marathon)
  • All essential training kit
  • Ongoing support from experts

They are looking for social media savvy people to blog about their experiences and be featured in the magazine to talk about their marathon training.  Pretty amazing eh?!

I was going to keep my entry a secret in case I don’t get picked, but then as I was writing my entry I thought that I could really do with some feedback from the people that read my tumblr and who know about my running so far.  Below is my final statement (there is other info to send to but I have completed that) and I would be grateful for any feedback - positive or negative to help me tweak it.

The deadline is Friday.

Completing the Edinburgh Marathon is the next step in my challenge to become both a healthier and happier person.  In early 2010 I suffered from depression and found myself withdrawn, unfocused and overweight.  Luckily around September time as I was starting to recognise and accept what I was going through I discovered the health and fitness community on tumblr.  I signed up and became inspired by all of the people sharing their stories and race recaps.

I was never a runner at school and I shyed away from any form of running as I just didn’t get it! Now that has totally changed and I can’t imagine not running.  I have just celebrated my 1 year running anniversary and I couldn’t feel more proud and ready for the marathon challenge.

Running is my medication.  It clears my head, gives me focus and enables me to achieve great things.  In a time when I was at rock bottom it gave me a sense of purpose.  I know that the marathon challenge is going to need me to pull on all my mental and physical strength and the opportunity to do this alongside other Project 26.2 runners would be fantastic.

Since having a few too many wines, signing up for Edinburgh and posting about it on my blog ten of my good tumblr friends from across Europe have signed up to run with me.  It is the supportive nature of runners to their fellow runners that I would really like to share through blogging in the lead up to the race, as well as the physical training sessions and preparation.

I run alone and do not currently belong to a club, so I would be really interested in the training tips and guidance that being part of Project 26.2 would bring to my preparation.  Also having people to share the highs and lows of training with would be invaluable.

Writing this application has me got me both scared to death and excited about the challenge and I would love the opportunity for the readers of Women’s Running to join me on this and I look forward to showing them my finishers medal!

Project 26.2 Feedback

Thank you for all the suggestions through comments and messages.  Some of your points have been covered in earlier questions, but some of the suggestions have really helped to flesh the statement out.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed people!