Ego Coloring Book Project, Part 2/? !!!
This time, featuring some of @therealjacksepticeye ‘s Egos: Jackieboy Man, Antisepticeye, Chase Brody, and Marvin the Magnificent!! 

********Feel free to print out and color these - but if you want to color and repost them, PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST! Also, Always give me proper credit for the line art. *************

Also, please don’t remove the watermark. 

Otherwise, Enjoy! Hope you have fun~ :D



Do you want to take part in a huge Miraculous fan project? Then go no further!

I’ve always enjoyed fan reanimation projects, and I thought it would be a fun thing for ML fans to take on to celebrate the show we all love. Artists will sign up to recreate individual shots from the chosen episode, which will all be edited together to create an awesome collaborative piece containing different styles, mediums, and ideas!

The Episode: Dark Cupid

Sign Up Deadline: August 31, 2018

Who We Need: Animators, Filmmakers, and Illustrators

Details: Recreate your shot in any way that you like: 2D, 3D, stop motion, puppets - heck, dress up in cosplay and film yourselves! It doesn’t matter what medium or style you choose, just make something! Even if you don’t have much experience with animating or film making, but want to try out something new, sign up - there are plenty of beginner shots that you can learn with. This is meant to be a fun project, so don’t stress about it. There are also some still shots illustrators can take on, as well as slots for end credit illustrations.

Take on a shot alone or gather a team and collaborate, just make sure it’s your own work and that you have fun with it!

Click Here to Sign Up!

*It is recommended to sign up and view the shot list on a desktop or laptop, it may be difficult to navigate on mobile.

If you can’t work on it, please spread the word - we need A LOT of artists to make this thing happen! If you have any questions, feel free to email mlreanimatecollab@gmail.com (I will not be responding to questions on this post or through tumblr).


Some sprites for my upcoming class project revolving around CUPP, lemme tell you that Piru and Momo were definitely not designed to be animated, so much detail!!! Other than that, this project is another game-prototype like my SKZ one, this demo is sidestroller visual novel. (Grimm was a scrapped concept)

Cheer up, Pill Popper © ValeriaM
Patreon: [https://www.patreon.com/lunaartgallery]

🌼A little something different but for one of my classes we had to choose a simple character. I decided to use Hollow Knight. Then we had to emulate different game styles. So the ones I chose I wanted to be distinctive. 
Don’t Starve Together
Sly Cooper
Night in the Woods

If you have not played these games before I highly recommend them all! Anyway back to doing some WTU art :D <3 

How Jacksepticeye and Markiplier Comunnity looks like? {Demographic/Statistic}

I remember this question very clearly.  

How our community looks like?

Not Mark’s or Jack’s separately but as one big fandom of both. I was curious how many people have problems with making friends in here and as also who have a lot of them. How old they are. From which part of world they came from, everything. So around May I decided to make a questionnaire, with few questions about you know, basic stuff.

You have no clue how scared I was.

You may think what was the cause of that, but I am gonna tell ya. I was afraid of being ignored, still I am but then Jesus Christ I was prying for this project to worked out.

And it worked.

Not by my preys, but thanks to you and your power.

Yes, you have an incredible power which you don’t know about, yet.

And together, you are amazing. You are able to defeat all inconvenience, that you can make other person more alive, bright and confident about themself.

Because of you and your will, you made this project even possible. Without you and your encouragement, nothing like this would ever happened.

I didn’t do anything, it’s your work and you should be proud of yourself. Like for real!

Thank you so much, If I could, I would hug every one of you!

Now I will show you how each one of us, is wonderful, beautiful and astounding in on own way.


I apologize that some of charts look differently from each other, but I assure you that data in them is accurate.

Role in Comunnity

I honestly never made someone I could call bestfriend or just friend. I have people I know, but not that I would tell them my biggest desires and secrets. No I am non an agressive person, I have problems though. I hope that doesn’t make me look bad.

It wasn’t a new thing for me to see, a lot of people can’t afford trips to another city, country or to just buy one ticket. I had even on mind creating a post, thing which was supposed to be about not mentoning that you, as a person is going to tour, posts like “Hey guys I am going to Jack show tonight!”, I mean cool that you or someone else can be there but I think about the others. I don’t mean in it in rude way, I am just afraid that because of posts like that, somebody will think of themselves as a pathetic person, get more depressed. I remember how many times I cried because of that, I blamed myself that I am not good enough, I deserved to be not a part of it and other horrible things . Although I didn’t do anything about this idea, cause I was scared, scared that people would yell at me and call me evil. And again I didn’t have any bad intentions in mind, I just thought about those who couldn’t and still can’t go see Jack or Mark.

Sexual Orientation


I was up again, surprised especially with the male part. I thought that it will be 50/50 but nope, it seems that we, fangirls, rules in comunnity. Just kidding everybody no matter  what gender, sexuality is, they are also an important member of comunnity.


Disorders, illness etc

t was the toughest part of chart to make, not only I had a problem to put this in some logical way, but also having number before my very eyes. I am myself an Aspie (person with Asperger Syndrome) so contacting with people can be sometimes not at easy tasks, not mention that I can’t it (depends on second person) hold relations for very long, but I am learning you know, I am trying to be more confident or social, but sometimes Social Anxiety, gets on me.


I am in shock, how many countries are here. In some cases one person belongs from one country and another one from different one. I wasn’t surprised to see U.S at top, but seeing few people from Poland made my heart fluttered.

I hope that what I said earlier made any sense, my hands were shaking full of excitement while writting it.

And here are people which made this project real, who decided to take their time to do questionnaire. Hug them, respect, reblog their stuff, like support, show that they are a great people.

((Sorry guys that I tagged you but I have to make sure that you get a notification about it and not everyone has open PM or Ask Box))

















































































































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((I am so so sorry if I forgot to put someone’s name on the list ;-;))

People who are amazing not only for what they do but also for who they are and I think they would like this project a lot. 



















































































anonymous asked:

how does one press flowers?

pressing flowers is actually super easy, a lot of people are intimidated by it but you really only need a big book, some printer paper, and flowers

✿  flower pressing tutorial

  1. get yourself a big, heavy book, with fairly thick pages (bibles and dictionaries usually have paper that’s too thin)
  2. go out into your garden/park/forest with a pair of scissors, smaller ones are usually better, make sure they’re sharp for clean cuts
  3. cut yourself some flowers! preferably you want ones that will lay flat nicely, as they will keep their shape better, but you can also take whole petals. cut as close to the flower as possible, you don’t want stalk 
  4. you can also press leaves, clovers, some types of grass, if it’s a plant and you can get it flat then you can probably press it! beware of pressing things that are too ‘3D’, like whole roses - they won’t keep their colour or shape because they are too thick to press
  5. place a sheet of regular printer paper, or art book paper (so long as it’s absorbent paper it will work fine, but you should avoid kitchen towel as they often have patterns that will mark the flowers) on the open book, and arrange the flowers on it, leaving space around each
  6. place another sheet of paper over the flowers and shut the book. put as many heavy books/objects on top as possible, the more weight the better! 
  7. in two weeks, your flowers should be sufficiently dry to use. If not, just leave them for another couple of days or until they are dry

✿  tips ✿   

  • you might want to use multiple sheets of paper layered if you have particularly large/fleshy flowers as they can bleed slightly onto the book
  • lay your flowers out indoors because a single gust of wind can ruin your whole arrangement!!
  • don’t be tempted to take your flowers out early because they can and will just fall apart :(

i hope this helped !!

project partner starters

for school, work, wherever. Enjoy and feel free to make any changes !


  • “Just sleep over and we’ll finish it.” / “What’s another all-nighter?”
  • “Stop making me laugh! We need to concentrate.”
  • “You’re the only person I trust to not ruin my grade/reputation/etc.”
  • “I love you, but you’re doing this all wrong.”
  • “If we’re doing it together, then it won’t feel like work.”
  • “Your handwriting/powerpoint style/etc. is so shitty.”


  • “So, we’re partners..”
  • “Hey, what’s your number? Need it for the project.”
  • “We should get together for this.” *bonus if the project doesn’t require the partners to get together
  • “Your place or mine? [pause] For the project.”
  • “I bet doing this with you will be a breeze~”
  • “Oops, dropped my pencil.”


  • “I can’t believe I got stuck with you.”
  • “That’s the wrong color/font!!!!”
  • “Are you an idiot? Wait–yes, you are. Answered my own question.”
  • “You’re a control freak!” / “I’m not a control freak!”
  • “Let’s just split this up and talk to each other as little as possible.”
  • “I know what this is!! You don’t have to explain it to me.”


  • “I don’t want to do the entire thing by myself.”
  • “What did you DO?!”
  • “I wish I could just work alone…”
  • “I don’t want to fail because of you.”
  • “Where’s the poster/bibliography/etc. that I told you to do?” / “It’s somewhere…”
  • “Pay attention!”


  • “Come on, let’s take a break.”
  • “What do you mean ‘did I read it’? Do you not believe in me?” / “You didn’t answer my question.”
  • “You’ve got it covered, right?”
  • “I’ll do the last part.” / “I’ll just present it.”
  • “Wow, I guess I’m doing this all wrong…”
  • “Please help me out. I don’t want to fail.”