Reina is ready to move on from her life on the streets and into the lap of luxury.

Actually, the lap doesn’t need to be luxurious, just comfy and attached to a nice human!

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue in Springfield, Oregon say that Reina is a little shy, but once she trusts you, she’s a purr machine! She’ll curl up on your lap or sit with you as you brush her gorgeous (and very fluffy!) coat.

She gets along well with nice, calm cats, but not bossy kitties.

Call  541-255-9296 to meet Reina!


Arya thought she had a nice, wonderful home, but that home had another cat who wouldn’t accept Arya.

Arya’s mom, who was very sad and very much wanted BOTH her cats to be happy, reached out Emily’s Legacy Rescue in Wichita Falls, Texas to help them find a perfect home for Arya.

This cat is a sweetie. Do you have toys? Because Arya loves toys. She also loves to be pet and snuggled, and would make a great lap kitty.

And she lives with cats at her foster home! So it was really just that OTHER cat that had a problem.

Call 940-249-4280 or email to meet Arya!

Klaine Moments Project

mimocca: How can I choose ONE? The class room scene(the box thing!), was awesome. Scene between Blaine+Elliott! I bet your Elliott would b so cutee!

New New York was so good that I want to draw everything of it! I asked what would be the best to draw, and the always sweet mimo gave me the best idea.