projared fan art

Last time I drew the glorious Joof Stab, but this time, I decided to draw the whole team! @projared, @spacehamsterg, @brutalmoose and @peanutbuttergamer are all here in their majestic glory!! Still loving every second of Jared’s FF3 gameplay :>

I had to draw Hana after playing through Asagao Academy for the first time yesterday, I ended up choosing @peanutbuttergamers route and I got the best ending, it was awesome! I’m coming for you next, @projared!

Seriously, if anyone is a fan of Normal Boots or just of adorable visual novels, DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. You will love it. 

Ever since I first saw @unicornism tweet about making this game, I’ve been so excited, watching her beautiful sprite artwork evolve over time has been amazing. And @cheratomo has worked so hard on this wonderful creation too! 

Just.. play it, it’s such a joy!

Fan-art I made because of hanbanrevsofficial’s amazing story “The Mall”! From left to right: BrutalMoose/Ian, Jontron/Jon, SpaceHamster/Jeff, PBG/Austin, Caddicarus/James, and ProJared/Jared.
Drew them in their Asagao Academy outfits because I didn’t know what to draw them in.

That’s all of them! Matchy Matchy shirts for Nick, Josh, and Paul. It took me forever, but it’s finally finished. The Master, Moosey, Brit Face, ProSlayer, Bread Guy, Chien, King Greg, Peebin’s, Spacey, Jimbles, Yungins, Satchy, Jawn (+bird), and Them 3.

Now I’m aware that the fate of Game Squad is unknown of something like that, but that doesn’t stop me from making fan art! From the episodes that I’ve seen, I really enjoyed it, very good editing and a really cool villain. I just found it to be one of the most entertaining “Let’s Play” series thingy sort of thing… I guess I could call it that.