projared fan art

Last time I drew the glorious Joof Stab, but this time, I decided to draw the whole team! @projared, @spacehamsterg, @brutalmoose and @peanutbuttergamer are all here in their majestic glory!! Still loving every second of Jared’s FF3 gameplay :>

Hey, @projared! Sorry in advance for this, but I’m re-uploading my fanart of Joof to this page since I don’t post on my old art page anymore. Just wanted to clarify since you might see this post and think, “Wait…didn’t I see this piece already?” So yeah, just showcasing it here instead.

Fan-art I made because of hanbanrevsofficial’s amazing story “The Mall”! From left to right: BrutalMoose/Ian, Jontron/Jon, SpaceHamster/Jeff, PBG/Austin, Caddicarus/James, and ProJared/Jared.
Drew them in their Asagao Academy outfits because I didn’t know what to draw them in.