Confession of the Month - September

So here comes the confession of the month (it’s actually 2 but got posted in one post), and it didn’t surprise me that it’s scarlet heart: ryeo, cause it’s really populer recently, and it got 94 notes . 

Here the confession(s):

“People need to stop criticizing IU’s speech in Moon Lovers. Her character literally time traveled from the modern period to the Goryeo period and woke up in a different body. She has an excuse to speak like that, and in episode 3, there’s a scene of her practicing her saeguk speech all alone. If anyone should be criticized for speaking too modernly in a saeguk drama, it should be Baekhyun and Jisoo since their characters are actually situated in Goryeo yet they use a modern way of speaking. “

Similar Confession about her Acting:

“Yeah, Knetz aren’t a monolith, but they sure are funny and hypocritical when it comes to IU. They praised her for her performance in Dream High and her emotional acting in LSS and Producers, yet are now saying she can’t act at all? It’s like they have selective memories. “

Lee Joon Gi And IU Get Close In Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Kiss Scene

Lee Joon Gi And IU Get Close In Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Kiss Scene

Footage from the making of Lee Joon Gi and IU’s emotional kiss scene from SBS’ “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” has been released!

In the video, Lee Joon Gi is seen handling the scene professionally, even helping IU find the right angle for her face.

IU cracks up when he eagerly advises in between takes, “Don’t pull [your lips] away.”

External image

With the filming day falling on IU’s birthday (May 16), Lee Joon Gi…

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